Death Note is a 1996 film series with only three films. This is the story of Light Yagami, a brilliant but bored student whose supernatural notebook turns him into a justice-seeking god wannabe.

Death Note (1996 film)

A brilliant but bored student named Light Yagami (Brad Swaile) hacked into a police files and was angered that criminals are not being prosecuted for crimes they commit. However on a rainy night, he finds a mysterious book called the Death Note.

At home, he reads the rules that claims it gives him the power to kill a person by writing their names in it but if he doesn't write the cause of death with in forty seconds, the victim dies of a heart attack. He tests it on a criminal named Yosuke Kaonuma, who kidnapped and murdered a girl named Tae Taeyama in Nagano. However, he turns off the T.V. and goes to bed. The next morning, he reads a newspaper but finds out Kaonuma has died in jail. He goes to the book and finds out it works.

While walking outside, he continues reading the rules but sees Takuo Shibuimaru and tests it on him. 40 seconds later, it works. A horrified Light leaves the scene and looks at the book in horror but encounters a Shinigami named Ryuk (voiced by Brian Drummond). However, Light is not scared by him and wants to give it to Ryuk but is given ownership over it and can lose his memory of it if he gave it up. He decides to use it but is warned that human owners can't go to Heaven nor Hell when they die.

Together with the book, he becomes a god-like hero known as "Kira" and people worship him. In his civilian life, he gets a girlfriend named Shiori Akino (Neve Campbell).

At the ICPO department, Light's father Chief Soichiro Yagami (Gary Oldman) talks to Commissioner Kitamura (Ian McDiarmond) about it but it's already investigated by L (Kenichi Matsuyama and voiced by Alessandro Juliani), a mysterious detective known for solving numerous cases around the world. They can contact him through Watari (Michael Caine), L's caretaker. Chief Yagami is put in charge of the Task Force.

At Light's house, Light and Ryuk check out the Kira website but then see a message on T.V. from a man named Lind L. Tailor (Matt Lagan), who is calling himself L. He starts showing disgust at Kira's actions but an angry Light writes his name in the book. 40 seconds later, he dies of a heart attack but the real L is alive and the decoy was an inmate who was sentenced to death. L reveals his goal to bring Kira to justice and sentence him to death.

At the ICPO department, Soichiro disapproves of having sacrifice a criminal for an investigation but continues the case.

The next day, Shiori and Light's younger sister Sayu (Kristen Fairlie) seem to disapprove of Kira's actions. Shiori goes into Light's room but Light keeps Sayu out. The couple have an argument about Kira and justice but decide to out for a walk.

At the ICPO department, they make a report to L about the chart of each victim and it resembles "The Law of Large Numbers", a theorem Bernouli created in observing nature. They realize Kira could be a student.

At Light's house, Sayu and Mrs. Yagami (Courtney Cox) bug Light about his relationship with Shiori but it's interrupted by Soichiro talking about Kira. However, he forbids Light from joining the Task Force.

In Light's room, he uses his Death Note to continue his business while Ryuk laughs about Soichiro leading the case.

At the ICPO department, they are starting to believe he is among them.

The next day, Light finds out he's being followed by an FBI agent named Raye Iwamatsu (Christian Bale). Ryuk claims this has been going on for three days.

In Light's room, Ryuk offers Light the Shinigami eyes and needs half a life span but Light refuses and makes a plan.

The next day, three criminals have died in prison. One of the them drew a star on the wall with his own blood, the other made a suicide note, and the final one escaped his cell but died in the bathroom.

In Light's room, he finds out the police are covering up the deaths. However, he hears the news about three criminals robbing the Teikai Bank, which left three employees dead. Two of them were captured but one of them escaped and is identified Kiichiro Osoreda (Brian Dobson), a 36-year-old criminal with a history of assault and drug charges. Light then decides to use him for a plan.

The next day, Light and Shiori are going on a date and take the bus but are followed by Raye. On the bus, Light tries confronting Raye over following him for the past three days but calms down. However, Kiichiro enters the bus and hijacks it. Raye reads the newspaper and finds out who he is. Kiichiro threatens to kill hostages unless he is given $100 million dollars. Light writes a note to Shiori and Raye about him planning to find a chance and grab him. However, Raye tries talking him out of it because it's risky and should leave it to him but Light questions about trusting him and claims he could be an accomplice. Having no choice, Raye reveals his identity to Light. Deciding to make his move, Light purposely drops his paper and lets Kiichiro read it, causing the criminal to threaten him. However, he sees Ryuk and freaks out. It's revealed Light used a piece of the Death Note and made Kiichiro touch it in order to see Ryuk, due to knowing that whoever touches the book can be able to see a Shinigami. He tries to shoot him but fails because Shinigamis can't be killed by bullets. He runs out of bullets and leaves the bus in fear but is killed by an upcoming car. Light and Raye promise not to reveal their involvement.

At the hospital, Light promises Shiori that it won't happen again.

At Raye's apartment, his fiancé Naomi Misora (Anne Hathaway) greets him and he talks about the bus jacking.


  • Brad Swaile as Light Yagami/Kira
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Misa Amane
  • Brian Drummond as the voice of Ryuk
  • Kenichi Matsuyama as L (voiced by Alessandro Juliani)
  • Gary Oldman as Soichiro Yagami
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt as Matsuda
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