Death Depends (British film) Action-Drama 2021 film.


  • Alberto Nuñez as Captain Pilot U.S David 'Davis' Williams (Evan's oldest son)
  • Albert Bodden (facial likeness only) as Oliverio Wells (mentioned / flashbacks only; coffin name)
  • Al Ebanks as Colonel Captain Evan Corell \ Dr. Mitchell Corell; twins siblings.
  • Tatiana Juardines as Tatiana Williams (David's and Mitchell's half-sister)
  • Tyson Tatum as General Yuni Silva
  • Yamile Swaby as Grace Williams (David's and Tatiana's half aunt)
  • Vanessa Williams as Juile (Spain Girl)
  • Ernesto Laurance Peaz as Erne Peaz (singing only)
  • Maikel Ebanks as Captain Joe Wells (Homenaje by Albert Bodden)
  • Yolanda Swaby as Franny Wilson
  • Luis Amador as Luis Amador (himself)
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