Death Camp is a horror-thriller-slasher movie starring Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Demi Lovato, Taylor Lautner, Chelsea Staub, Joe Jonas, Emily Osment, Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas


Erica, Amy, Erica's older sister, Danielle, Amy's best friend, Chloe, Amy's other best friend, Jake, Amy's boyfriend, Kyle, Evan, Danielle's boyfriend, Jade, Erica's best friend, and Tyler, Chloe's boyfriend are on summer vacation. In the woods, they tell scary stories, Jake tells the story of the Camp Redrum murderer name Joseph Campbell. 10 years ago, Joseph was 11 years old he went to Camp Redrum, he was bullied one day he couldn't take it any more. So he killed all the campers that were mean to him.

After his counselor caught him, he ran away and no one ever saw him again, he swore to this day, he would kill all the naughty campers. In the morning, the group go to head back to their cabin, Evan and Danielle stop to have sex, as they are having sex Evan does a loud weird sounding moan and stops, Danielle notices a knife through his chest she sees Joseph and runs, Joseph chases her she runs as fast as she can but trips.

Danielle begs for her life, the killer picks her up and stabs her. In Danielle, Amy, Evan and Jake's cabin, Amy gets worried about Danielle and Evan. Jake and Amy go in the woods to look for them, Amy has a blank stare on her face, Jake tells her whats wrong, Amy sees Evan and Danielle dead and they both scream. She falls to the ground in tears, Jake has a sad look on his face, they run back to warn the others and to leave.

Meanwhile in Chloe and Tyler's cabin, the two are having sex, Jade, Erica and Kyle ask if they want to play UNO but they decline. Erica and Jade argue, Jade go into the woods and Erica and Kyle go back to their cabin. Jade sees Joseph in the woods sharpening his knife, she says his name and he hears her, she hides behind a tree and he looks for her but can't find her and leaves, Jade goes to warn the others.

Tyler goes to take birth control pills in the back room but is killed, Chloe goes to the back room to get Tyler but is also killed. Amy and Jake come back to the house and tell them that Joseph is back and killed Evan and Danielle, they go to get Chloe and Tyler but find them dead, Kyle and Erica go to find Jade.

Jade comes back to the cabin and tells Jake and Amy the same thing Amy and Jake told Kyle and Erica, Jake and Amy tell her that Kyle and Erica they go back to the woods but Jade stays until Erica and Kyle come back. As Erica and Kyle are walking, Erica goes into Joseph's cabin she is knocked unconscious, she wakes up and sees Joseph, he kisses her and has sex with her.

They stop having sex, Kyle comes in and rescues Erica as they are about to leave, the door is locked. The two ask Joseph why is he doing this, he replies he was bullied his entire life and kills the naughty campers, and to bring back Jake and Amy so he could kill them or he would have to kill Erica and Kyle they think it's over and agree to bring Amy and Jake but trick him.

They run into Amy and Jake and tell them that they have to leave, Erica asks where Jade is and they reply that she waiting for Kyle and Erica to come back, Erica and the others are about to leave to get Jade but is stopped by Joseph. He kills Jake, and Kyle fight him off. The sisters run and go back to the cabin, they find Jade sitting they go close and see her wrist cut they try to escape and leave but are stopped by Kyle who is stabbed he falls unconscious.

Joseph is about to kill the sisters but Kyle decapitates him with an axe and Kyle falls to the ground but the sisters pick him up. As they are about to leave, Jade walks up to them still alive. The next morning, Kyle wakes up in the hospital with Erica sitting next to him, she leaves, Kyle sees the lights flicker and sees Joseph next to the door, he screams for help. He wakes up from his nightmare, Erica asks him if he's alright and he replies yes.


Selena Gomez as Erica

David Henrie as Kyle/Joseph Campbell, The Killer and Erica's Boyfriend towards the end

Demi Lovato as Amy

Taylor Lautner as Jake, Amy Boyfriend

Chelsea Kane as Jade

Joe Jonas as Tyler, Chloe's Boyfriend

Emily Osment as Chloe

Miley Cyrus as Danielle

Nick Jonas as Evan, Danielle's Boyfriend


Erica, Amy, Kyle and Jade


Evan- He is stabbed through the chest

Danielle- She is stabbed to death

Tyler- He is stabbed to death

Chloe- She is stabbed to death

Jake- He is stabbed to death

Joseph- He is decapitated with an axe by Kyle


Kyle wakes up in the hospital with Erica sitting next to him, she leaves, Kyle sees the lights flicker and sees Joseph next to him, he screams for help. He wakes up from his nightmare, Erica asks him if he's alright and he replies yes.

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