Death (or the Grim Reaper) is a supernatural entity who haunts Annabelle Sullivan and Kyle Sullivan and is a ghost, just like Jeannie Sullivan. He is voiced by Jason Anthony Griffith.


Death is a genederless ghost who sends greedy people to the Netherworld. After when people met their demise, have died and has been dead for many days, many weeks or many years, Death reaps the souls and sends them to the Netherworld, a land where people go to after their own death.


Death is a grim reaper who is only a spooky, scary skeleton. He first met his own first victim, a woman who died from a freak accident, Jeannie Sullivan, who has been dead for 4 years (possibly in 2011). Death decided to reap her soul first.



Death is a cynical, merciless ghost who loves murdering humans and reaping souls. He may be a homage of Death from Regular Show.


Death is a ghost wearing a black cloak with glowing red eyes. He is also a skeleton with skeletal features.



  • Death (Teen Titans Go!) - Both are soul collectors and have the same personalities.
  • Death (Regular Show) - Both are also soul collectors.
  • Death (Final Destination) - Both like murdering people.
  • Grim (The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) - Both are grim reapers.


  • "Now it's time to eat the greedy one's juicy soul!" -Death trying to eat the soul.


  • He has a paternal cousin named Nocturnia and has a paternal aunt named Serana.
  • He reaps the souls of people who have died or have been dead.
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