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Deadly Laboratory is a 2016 independent horror, slasher film.


At an isolated science lab, a team of scientists have concocted a new type of performance-enhancing drug. Dr. Justin Keller, the main designer of the drug, volunteers to test it on himself. The drug, however, causes him to go into convulsions, then a comatose state. As the others are discussing what to do, he awakens as a dangerous and bloodthirsty psychopath, the drug having caused him to develop a split personality as a horrific side effect, and goes on a rampage, butchering his colleagues one by one. With no way to escape, as Keller locked down the facility and sabotaged the system so the doors and windows cannot be unlocked, the remaining scientists desperately try to find a way to find a way to either stop him or escape. Will anyone survive?


  • Brett Dalton as Dr. Anthony Pearce (the first of the four head scientists and the manager of the facility)
  • Gina Holden as Dr. Cheryl Gaines (The second of the four head scientists)
  • Guy Wilson as Dr. Justin Keller (The third of the four head scientists and the main designer of the drug who ultimately becomes a psychotic serial killer)
  • anthony rogers as Dr. Ross Winstead (The fourth of the four head scientists)
  • richard couch as Dr. Shawn Treadway (A physician)
  • TBA as Dr. Nina Mauldin (A physician and Dr. Treadway's fiancée)
  • TBA as Dr. Ian Finn (One of the scientists)
  • TBA as Dr. Peter Tarrant (The youngest of the scientists)
  • TBA as Dr. Trish Sorenson (One of the scientists and also the receptionist of the facility)
  • TBA as Dr. Casper Sinclair (Dr. Keller's closest friend, advisor, and collaborator)
  • TBA as Dr. Liz Holley (One of the scientists)
  • TBA as Dr. Mark Solis (One of the scientists)
  • TBA as Dr. Will Lightfoot (One of the scientists)
  • TBA as Dr. Rick Daigle (One of the scientists)
  • TBA as Dr. Jason Conley (One of the scientists)


Dr. Jason Conley - Burned to death when Keller dumps a jar of sulfuric acid on his face while working in his office.

Dr. Liz Holley - Stabbed in the chest with a pair of scissors after discovering Conley's corpse and running right into Keller.

Dr. Mark Solis - Slashed in the face repeatedly with a scalpel after Keller ambushes him in one of the biochem labs.

Dr. Will Lightfoot - Held against a wall and gutted with a scalpel during a scuffle with Keller.

Dr. Steve Clary - Neck snapped after Keller ambushes him while Clary is running to join the other scientists in the security room.

Dr. Ross Winstead - Hit on the head with a fire axe while trying to talk Keller down.

Dr. Trish Sorenson - Strangled with Keller's bare hands as she is trying to run away from him, having witnessed Winstead's murder.

Dr. Rick Daigle - Killed from a combination of poisoning and drowning when Keller shoves a funnel into his mouth and proceeds to pour several bottles of chemicals down his throat as Daigle is in the bathroom throwing up after seeing Lightfoot's disemboweled corpse.

Dr. Ian Finn - Dies of an air embolism when Keller takes an empty syringe and injects an air bubble into his jugular vein while Finn is guarding the medical lab as Dr. Tarrant gathers sedatives.

Dr. Peter Tarrant - Throat slit with a scalpel as he is leaving the medical lab.

Dr. Casper Sinclair - Stabbed in the eyes with a pair of pens, then has his head slammed face-first onto a desk, driving the pens out the back of his skull, as he, like Winstead did earlier, is trying to talk Keller down.

Dr. Nina Mauldin - Killed off-screen after Keller corners her in a storage closet (it is implied that he rapes her as well).

Dr. Shawn Treadway - Stabbed in the stomach with a broken broom handle when Keller ambushes him in a corridor.

Dr. Anthony Pearce - Hit in the chest with a fire axe when Keller ambushes him in the lobby as Pearce and Dr. Gaines are attempting to leave the facility after having opened the doors.


Dr. Cheryl Gaines

Dr. Justin Keller (the drug wears off and causes him to return to normal)