Deadly Blessing is a 2009 American Horror film written by Anna BodenRyan Fleck and Scott Kosar and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck starring Cobie SmuldersAbbie CornishLizzy CaplanJamie DornanSebastian StanTreat WilliamsRuth WilsonFrances FisherChristopher LeeLupita Nyong'oDaniel BrühlEbon Moss-BachrachShane West and Liam Neeson.

The film serves as a remake of the original 1981 Wes Craven horror film of the same, Deadly Blessing.

The film is produced by Andrew Form, Brad FullerMichael Bay as well as the original's writer/director Wes Craven and his longtime collaborator Marianne Maddalena.

The film differs heavily in certain plot points to Craven's original, changing the names of the three girls and the storyline which includes how the girls come to their demises.

The Stohler family names are maintained though several other originally featured Hittites cult members are added.

The film went on to garner Chainsaw, Empire, People's Choice and Saturn Award Nominations for Best Horror/Thriller film 2009.

The film was shot on a budget of $24 million on constructed sets on a bought hillside in Hells CanyonIdaho.

The film began shooting on February 22nd, 2008 and concluded production on March 12th, 2009 before being released theatrically on March 24th, 2009 to generally positive reviews from critics and praise from audiences.

The movie is rated R for Strong bloody horror violence and gore, sexual content, grisly images and pervasive language. 

The film was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures in correspondence with Universal Pictures and Platinum Dunes who both helped finance the creation of the Hittites village.


The film begins in the small village of the Hittites community, a community of Amish like townspeople who are few in number after a large big storm of which the remaining villagers apart from two youths believe themselves to be survivors as a result of one particular psychotic family's abduction of a teenage girl, who ultimately perished as the big storm hit and when fleeing from the house of the Falaine men was crushed by the town's large silver ornament bell.

Directly following her death the storm cleared away and the terrible drought which had hit their village ended leaving with them the most prominent produce in their village's hsitory.

The year is 1975 and another storm has rolled over the hills to their peaceful village prompting the crazed, devout Hittites worshipping an unforseen god known as the Incubus to offer up another sacrifice in the name of their god.

They believe the sacrifice must be female and young like the girl the Falaine family of the Hittites village had kidnapped.

With the storm rushing in and the town deliberating in a town hall meeting which excludes the Napper family's two teenage kids who aren't complete followers of their ways they state the sacrifice must be that of the Napper daughter Arlene as she is the only teenage girl within the village.

The Napper parents plead with the village's shepherds Isaiah Stohler and Louisa Stohler for them to find someone else but as lightning begins to strike they claim there is no time and they must.

The Napper son Royce who had been standing outside the doors of the town hall and overheard the whole discussion rushes back to the Napper cottage to warn Arlene.

After informing her what their parents and the other villagers plan to do the two attempt an escape fleeing into the woods planning an escape around the Forbidden section of the woods which leads to a lake surely connected to a road.

As they make their way the three rapist psychotic Falaine brothers and their equally disturbed father Zachariah catch up with the two as Royce shields Arlene from them, biding time for her to slip into a hollow tunnel and crawl away.

As they try to pass him he strikes the eldest Falaine son Joseph igniting rage among the three who with their father's nod of permission proceed to beat him to death with large rocks despite the screaming of mother Ellen Napper being held in her husband Walter's arms.

As the Falaine brothers finish their execution of Royce Arlene has already well and truly gotten out of the hollow tunnel and made it to the lake in the Forbidden part of the woods.

As she begins to tredge across hearing the villagers closing in Zachariah appears before her and strikes her down.

The Falaine sons then catch up and come over to a barely conscious Arlene.

Joseph and Theodore Falaine proceed to gently unbutton Arlene's dress before middle son Robert the most violent of the three pushes in and begins to tear at her dress only to be stopped by the Stohlers who push them away along with Ellen and Walter Napper.

Ellen lets go with tears as gently strokes her daughters' head.

Arlene then awakens in the village square being chained by her arms to the pillars of the platform holding the large village bell.

Arlene pleads with father tying the chains to stop and for her teary mother watching the crowd.

Isaiah then begins to chant as Ellen approaches and puts a necklace made out of the bones and teeth of the girl previously kidnapped and raped by the Falaines who died in the storm.

Louisa then approaches with her daughter Faith and lights a flame on the bell's toll which becomes blue and Faith lets the bell go by a set of pulleys as the Falaine brothers circle and touch her with an evil grinning Zachariah overlooking, the town's sheriff and his wife and the former principal of their ways walking away.

The bell comes down with its' blue flames and sets Arlene alight as she screams in pain and is incinerated to death.

The film's title then comes screeching on.

We are then introduced to May Stevenson and James Louis, an engaged 19 year old couple who come to settle into a rented out hillside home called the "Our Blessing" homestead.

The house is set up for the arrival of May's bestfriends Lara Markus and Vicki Simmonds who will be arriving for an engagement and planned bachelorette party.

Over the news they hear of the discovery of two teenage corpses: brother and sister Royce and Arlene Napper.

The news unsettles May and shortly afterwards Lara and Victoria arrive as James goes to out collect his brother Johnathen from a nearby bus stop.

The group settles in and are spied upon by an unseen individual.

They come to befriend the nearby Amish like village people the Hittites who are very welcoming and have a demeanor which both May and Vicki find to be strange.

Over a set of four nights May, James, Lara, Johnathen and Victoria are terrorised by break-ins as someone keeps cutting off the power to the house.

After the fourth occurence May and James decide to call the police and introduced to local officers Samuel Ryker, Kendra Walker and Kevin Wanderash.

It turns out Officer Ryker had been the officer in charge of the case of the missing girl Chaelene Harris whom had been abducted by the Falaine family and is one of the acting officers along with Walker overseeing the case of Royce and Arlene Napper.

Officer Wanderash is a new officer of the town.

James on a day following the group's interviews with the three officers talks over in private with his brother about the Hittites and comes to sneak off to their village to meet with Isaiah the village shepherd and his wife Louisa.

Isaiah denies his accusations though Louisa seems to show signs that she knows about the break-ins and attacks in the dark.

When confronting her she refutes him politely as daughter Faith stares at him menacingly.

He passes out of the village as the other villagers watch evily in particular the Falaine family.

Isaiah then that night calls a meeting to the town hall and proposes a recruit or disintegrate policy as their ways will die with them not enough people to properly procreate.

Isaiah also summons Zachariah to him and talks over his sons reckless actions of breaking into the Our Blessing homestead over the hills for their own sick perverted means.

He states his source of knowledge for them being the culprits from his wife and daughter who have seen the boys sneaking out at the restricted hours to head over their way. That night James is killed tragically before the eyes of May as Lara, Vicki and Johnathen are at a local tavern celebrating the engagement.

James is beaten by the three hooded Falaine brothers who then smash his head against the tractor from the barn which James had fixed up outside the house.

May tries to stop them after attempting to call the police but is pushed down to the ground beside James at the end of the muddy driveway as the tractor is let go down the hill and runs over James killing him.

The Falaine brothers then flee as Louisa Stohler appears and pretends to come to her aid.

The power to the house returns and Louisa calls the police as May emotionally breaks down.

May refuses to come to the station as Officers Ryker, Walker and Wanderash arrive.

May watching James' mutilated body being taken away on a stretcher then proceeds to call Lara and the others return to the homestead to grieve with her.

It is questioned wether or not May seeing as she suffers from Insomnia and is medicated on a powerful dosage of pharmaceutical drugs which induce hallucinations and paranoia wether James death was the result of an accident rather then a murder.

Johnathen protests it to be an accident trying to cover for something whilst all three girls state it to be murder.

Officer Ryker informs himself, Walker and Wanderash will be keeping an eye on them and assures they will catch the people responsible.

The Hittites are interviewed after evidence left leads to the Falaines and Isaiah issues to Zachariah they be removed from the picture as they are interfering with the will of the Incubus.

Reports then come in of a large storm as James' murder hits the news and becomes the talk of the town.

May wants to leave but Officer Ryker states she can't as she is a key witness to the crime, a potential target and potential suspect.

The others vow to stay beside her whilst Johnathen confronts the Hittites himself and begs for them to stop.

The Stohlers and Falaines protest no involvement and tell him to leave.

Johnathen returns that night after discovering that day with the girls they have all been seperately attacked by hooded assailants who escaped the clutches of their protecting officers and left bizarre occult markings all over the Blessing homestead barn and house.

Ryker pulls up the substance used to create the markings and discovers it to be a mixture of human and animal blood.

Some blood belonging to James Louis, some to missing girl Chaelene Harris and the rest to the recently discovered Napper siblings.


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