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Dead World is a 2013 apocalyptic horror film. Starring Chris Evans, Odette Annable, Jesse Metcalfe, Elisha Cuthbert, Adam Brody, Keegan Allen, Aimee Teegarden, Beau Mirchoff, Connie Britton, Mackenzie Foy, Sasha Grey, Jessica Lucas, Jesse Moss, Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway and Sean Faris.


When the world has come to an end and the undead has taken over humanity. A s group of survivors must fight for their lives if they want to live.



Chris Evans as Conrad Jones- Elizabeth's husband and Audrey's brother. He is the leader of the group and takes responsibility very serious. He is brave, smart and quick on his feet. He was in the army. Becomes very good friends with Ricky and trains the group how to kill zombies.

Odette Annable as Elizabeth Jones- Conrad's wife and Audrey's best friend. She is brave, smart and kind. She cares alot about Conrad and Audrey also they're the only family she has left.

Jesse Metcalfe as Ricky Martinez- He is a police officer who respects Conrad and he becomes friends with Conrad.

Elisha Cuthbert as Audrey Jones- Conrad's sister and Elizabeth's best friend. She is very brave and always listens to her brother and doesn't want anything to happen to him or Elizabeth.

Adam Brody as Tim Walters- He is the main antagonist. He is a criminal for murder and always gets into trouble with others.

Keegan Allen as Chase Hoffman- He is a college student. He becomes a good shot along with Tony, Alice, Annie and Shawn. He is best friends with Tony and his girlfriend is Dana.

Aimee Teegarden as Dana Wilson- Chase's girlfriend. She is afraid of the zombies and to kill zombies and is always with Chase. She becomes good friends with Annie.

Beau Mirchoff as Tony Gomez- Shawn's best friend. He is funny and brave. He becomes a good shot along with Chase, Alice, Annie and Shawn.

Connie Britton as Rita Foster- Maggie's mother. She is very wimpy but protects her daughter and keeps her safe.

Mackenzie Foy as Maggie Foster- Rita's daughter. She is shy and wimpy. She is always with her mother at all times.

Sasha Grey as Alice Edwards- She is a stripper. She becomes a good shot along with Chase, Tony, Annie and Shawn. She is brave and cheerful. She mentions in a conversation with Elizabeth that she became a stripper because her mother was broke but couldn't pay her bills so she paid her bills for her mother until she turned and killed her.

Jessica Lucas as Annie Harris- Shawn's girlfriend. She is witty and becomes a good shot along with Chase, Tony, Alice and Shawn. She respects Conrad and is always with Shawn.

Jesse Moss as Shawn Reed- Annie's boyfriend. He becomes a good shot along with Chase, Tony, Alice and Annie. He is a mechanic and worked with Jerry. He respects Conrad as the leader.

Joe Manganiello as Jerry- He is a mechanic and works with Shawn. He has anger problems.

Josh Holloway as Tom- Joey's uncle. He is a businessman and respects Conrad as the leader.

Sean Faris as Joey- He is Tom's nephew and respects Conrad as the leader.





Maggie Foster-

Chase Hoffman-

Rita Foster-

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Conrad Jones

Elizabeth Jones

Audrey Jones

Dana Wilson

Tony Gomez

Annie Harris

Shawn Reed