Dead Rise 2 is a 2015 Zombie Apocalypse Horror Film Starring Andrew Lincoln, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Mason Cook, Nicholas D'Agosto, Courteney Cox, Amanda Crew, Briana Evigan, Odette Annabelle, Bobby Campo, Chelan Simmons, Shantel VanSanten, Meagan Good, Ali Larter, Kate Mara, Katrina Bowden, Josh Hutcherson, Minka Kelly, Chad Michael Murray, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dianna Agron and Penn Badgley.




Andrew Lincoln as Dean Washington

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Maria Washington

Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Mandy Thompson

Mason Cook as Charlie Washington

Nicholas D'Agosto as Peter Crawford

Courteney Cox as Betty McDonald

Amanda Crew as Ashley Christensen

Briana Evigan as Jane Jackson

Odette Annabelle as Wendy Allen

Bobby Campo as Ben Cyrus

Chelan Simmons as Mary Valentine

Shantel VanSanten as Chloe Martin

Meagan Good as Tiffany Perkins

Ali Larter as Sarah Wilson

Kate Mara as Jade Christensen

Katrina Bowden as Sidney Anderson

Josh Hutcherson as Shane Watson

Minka Kelly as Maria Lopez

Chad Michael Murray as Ricky Johnson

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Liz Murphy

Dianna Agron as Bella North

Penn Badgley as Joe Tucker


Ricky Johnson- Dragged into closet by zombie

Liz Murphy- Slashed in the Chest with a zombie claw

Bella North- Strangled by a zombie

Maria Lopez- Eaten by zombie

Shane Watson- Hanged on hook, slashed in penis with a zombie claw

Joe Tucker- Skull squeezed by zombie

Jade Christensen- Shot in chest 3 times by Wendy, when she told Wendy she was infected and to kill her

Sidney Anderson- While killing a zombie with an axe against a tree, the tree fell on her crushing her

Ashley Christensen- Stabbed in back with hunting knife by Wendy, shot repeatedly in chest by Jane and eaten by zombies.

Tiffany Perkins- Eaten by zombie

Betty McDonald- Killed in bomb explosion with zombies


Dean Washington

Maria Washington

Mandy Thompson

Charlie Washington

Peter Crawford

Jane Jackson

Wendy Allen

Ben Cyrus

Mary Valentine

Chloe Martin

Sarah Wilson

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