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Dead House is a horror home invasion starring Christian Hall, Nico Tortellea and Anna Hutchinson


On March 17th monday night to 8:00 P.M. March 18th one of the most shocking home invasions that followed Robbie, Tucker and Sydney Klum there ordel lasted 24 hours based on a true story.


Robbie, Tucker and Sydney Klum arrive at there new victorian at 5:20 P.M. when  there ordell started. They settle into there new bedrooms. Christian leaves his parents and goes paddle boating in the lake. Tucker here's noises from downstarrs and goes down there with a flashlight and a man with a sack on his heas comes up behind them and knocks him out with the flashlight. After Sydeny is done setting up in the kitchen she goes into the basement to see where Tucker is at. Sydney finds Tucker lying on the ground unconsious and looks up just as the same man knocks her out with the flashlight.

Robbie forgets to tie the boat and it floats away from the dock as he walks to the house. He notcies that the door is wide open and he can see that the lights are out. The man then steps into the doorway and Robbie screams and runs twoads the dock and jumps in the water. Robbie swims out to the middle of teh lake and see's the man standing on the dock starring at him. The man then points the bow and arrow at Robbie and goes unde the water.

Tucker wakes up and he's in one of the rooms downstairrs. He leaves the room and looks for Sydney and can't find her in any of the rooms downstairrs. But then he finds her under one of the tables with plastic over them and she as him who'se doing this and Tucker says it's probably a squatter and they look at the wall and see the squatter sign spray painted on the wall. Robbie swims under the dock and the man starts walking back on the dock again. The man stabs a pitchfork down the dock almost hitting Robbie and tries to stab him again but he falls in instead.

Robbie swims to shore before the man can get to him and runs to the car just as it gets dark. Fortantley the car is unlocked and he gets in but he dosen't have the keys. Robbie locks the car doors though and here's crunching of leaves and looks out the window and the man comes up and bangs on the window and Robbie jumps back and see's the man behind the car. Robbie freaks out and runs into the house locking the door behind him.

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