De Stor Jungel (English: The Great Jungle) is the Crusant dub of the Canadian series The Mighty Jungle. It premiered on 1 January 2011 and finished on 14 May 2011 on Råmsburg. The series was formerly released on 2015.


Season 1
Original Title Crusant Title Translation
Planet Crazy Merklíg Planet Strange Planet
Babysitting Kico Babypånser Babysitting
Tag that Sloth Tag de Sjold Tag the Sloth
The Magic Hat De Mægís Hæt The Magic Hat
The Ice Cream Castle Eventry for Ís Krem Adventure for Ice Cream
Dress-Up Tea Party Klædup Dåges Dress-Up Party
Babu's Missing Ball Var is min Ball? Where is my Ball?
Watch That Egg! Pog de Egg Watch the Egg
Bruce's First Sleepover Overnyter Sleepover
Bananas for Bananas Frugt Spil Fruit Game
Queen Rhonda Dronner Rhonda Queen Rhonda
Spot the Giraffe Gemmespil Hide and Seek
(It's Not Easy) Being Stinky Stinked Bløstom Stinky Flower
All That Sparkles Píråter på Eventry Pirates on Adventure
Mighty Juice Jungel Jús Jungle Juice
Jungle Picnic Jungel Piknik Jungle Picnic
Jungle Snow Day Jungel Sne Dag Jungle Snow Day
Beehive Boogie Bíkúbe Dåges Beehive Party
Jungle Campout Kampud Campout
Wand-a-Rhonda De Mægís Tryvellstyl The Magic Wand


  • This is the only Germanic dub of the series.
  • This is the only dub to use children to voice the main characters.
  • Some episodes from season 1 were never dubbed in Crusant these being Mighty Jungle Club, The Flower Picking Rules, Chocolate Marshmallow Monkey, Rhonda's Candy, Rhonda's Birthday and Silly Day In the Jungle.
  • Season 2 was never dubbed.
  • Rather than dubbing the original theme song, a new one was created for this dub
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