Day Pizzeria (Film) or Day Pizzeria: The Movie is the comedy television movie.


The film begins at the fazbear company, Cillian Darcy and his best friends are computer hackers.



Cillian meets Molly at his new home

Jake hires Cillian as the night guard

Molly reveals that the Pizzeria's on Lockdown

  • (Cillian arrived to the Night Office)
  • (Molly knocked the door as she's cheerfully waving)
  • (Cillian push the button to open the door)
  • Molly: Congratulations!
  • Cillian: Thanks...
  • Molly: Oh, C'mon, We know that the place is on lockdown, uh, no one is allowed in or out, y'know, especially concerning any previous employees.
  • Cillian: How come?
  • Molly: Look, all i want to do is to get things sorted out. My sister Jenny's working on something.
  • Cillian: What is it?
  • Molly: There's a position, It's just became available.
  • Cillian: So?
  • (Jenny walked in)
  • Jenny: When we get things sorted out, We're moving you to the day shift. But we must hire a replacement for your shift.
  • Cillian: Oh.
  • Jenny: Nice to finally meet you, Cillian.
  • Cillian: You too.
  • Molly: Look, can you hack to the Fazbear corporation to make them contact us?
  • Cillian: Sure.
  • Molly: Look, after this, can you finish your shift?
  • Cillian: Good. Okay
  • Jenny: We have our first ever event we've scheduled for tomorrow, A Birthday. You're going to work here for one day and then you can have some time off.

Cillian's final Night Shift battle

  • Cillian: Okay, here i go!
  • (Cillian hears the phone rings)
  • Molly: CILLIAN?! Listen, you do know that you don't have to work at the night shift anymore, right? We close down the place so we can let you rest. Finish your final shift and then, take some time off, two months. You're now on day shift. And then when you come back from your time off, I'm hiring someone for your shift.


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