Daxter and the Galactic Troop is an American science fiction action-adventure comedy animated television series created by TBD. It is produced by Disney Television Animation and will premiere on Disney Zoog on TBD.


The series follows a young man named Daxter and his galactic troop, who must save the galaxy from various villains.



  • Daxter Johnson (voiced by TBD) -
  • Dr. Johan Storm (voiced by TBD) -
  • PAL (voiced by TBD) -
  • Sandra the Space Feline (voiced by TBD) -
  • Christopher (voiced by TBD) -
  • Ace (voiced by TBD) -


  • General Jameson (voiced by TBD) -
  • Commander Sam (voiced by TBD) -
  • Lieutenant Freddy Rhodes (voiced by TBD) -
  • Flutter (voiced by TBD) -
  • Dragonhead and Pupface (vocals by TBD) -
  • Zarnon the Alien (voiced by TBD) -


  • Dr. Evil Brain (voiced by TBD) -
  • Captain Destroyer (voiced by TBD) -
  • King Tarantula (voiced by TBD) -
  • Celia Bubblegum (voiced by TBD) -
  • Negative Daxter (voiced by TBD) -
  • Hammertron (voiced by TBD) -
  • Lobster (voiced by TBD) -
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