Dawn of Light is a post-apocalyptic horror drama crossover series with The Walking Dead, Revolution, Falling Skies, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, Resident Evil and The Maze Runner by Draft227 and Fredball14

Season 1 (2010)

The season follows former sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from his coma into a post-apocalyptic world filled with flesh-eating zombies, dubbed as "walkers". Rick goes on a search to find his family and to discover the origins of the walker virus.

Main Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes- A former sheriff's deputy from King County, Georgia, who awakens from a coma into the apocalypse. (6 episodes)
  • Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh- Rick's best friend and former colleague who helped Rick's family escape the apocalypse and is the leader of the Atlanta camp. Shane has a sexual relationship with Lori, believing to be dead, and has a fatherly relationship with Carl. (6 episodes)
  • Billy Burke as Miles Matheson- A former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant who becomes dependent on alcohol over guilt of his brother's death. (6 episodes)
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes- Rick's wife and mother of Carl. Lori is an emotionally fragile woman who has a sexual relationship with Shane after believing Rick to be dead. (6 episodes)
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson- Rachel's daughter, Danny's sister and Miles's niece. Miles described her initially as unusual, insisting that it's not meant as an insult. Charlie has strong remorse for the things around her in the new world and is very caring, but is increasingly at odds with trying to find a balance between concern and self-preservation in the zombie apocalypse, often choosing to emulate her Uncle Miles more than her own family. After Ben's death, she took responsibility for looking after her brother, Danny and attempting to reconcile with her estranged mother. (6 episodes)
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson- Charlie and Danny's mother, who wants to reconcile with her children after Ben's death and often fights with Miles. (6 episodes)
  • Laurie Holden as Andrea- A former successful civil rights attorney and sister of Amy. (6 episodes)
  • Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee- A former pizza delivery boy who is often sent on dangerous missions. (6 episodes)
  • Connor Jessup as Ben Mason- Ben is only 14 years old who is friendly and kind to everyone. He doesn't like the new world and never touched a weapon before. (6 episodes)
  • Sarah Carter as Maggie- Maggie has been a fighter all her life. At age 16, Maggie was diagnosed with brain tumor and given a 50/50 chance to live. She survived the cancer after three operations and chemo therapy. She has 3 holes in her head. (6 episodes)
  • Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes- Rick and Lori's son. (6 episodes)

Recurring Cast

  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath- An old man who owns the RV around which the survivors have formed a community. (6 episodes)
  • Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier- A friendly yet soft-spoken wife of Ed and mother of Sophia who is frequently abused by her husband. (4 episodes)
  • Daniella Alonso as Nora Clayton- A woman who has history with Miles. Her primary expertise is in explosives. (6 episodes)
  • Graham Rogers as Danny Matheson-Charlie's brother, Miles' nephew and Rachel's son. Danny is asthmatic and is constantly watched over by his sister. Similar to Charlie, Danny feels sympathetic for various people. (6 episodes)
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes Delgado- Lourdes was pre-med at Wellesley College when the apocalypse began, abruptly ending her education. Before the apocalypse, Lourdes lost her family in the Jamaica Plain Riots. She soon found her way into the Atlanta camp and began to use what medical training she had to help the wounded and sick. Unlike others, she keeps her faith in God because she is hopeful. (6 episodes)
  • IronE Singleton as Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas- A fellow survivor in the Atlanta group. (6 episodes)
  • Emma Bell as Amy- Andrea's younger childish and innocent sister. (4 episodes)
  • Jeryl Prescott as Jacqui- A member of the group who is the only survivor of her family and a former zoning officer worker. (6 episodes)
  • Andrew Rothenberg as Jim- A mechanic and a quiet yet tortured member of the group who saw his wife and children killed and eaten by walkers. (2 episodes)
  • Madison Lintz as Sophia Peletier- Carol and Ed's daughter. (4 episodes)
  • Adam Minarovich as Ed Peletier- Carol's abusive husband and Sophia's father. (2 episodes)
  • Lennie James as Morgan Jones- Duane's father who gives Rick shelter which saves his life. (1 episode)
  • Adrian Kali Turner as Duane Jones- Morgan's son. (1 episode)
  • Juan Pareja as Morales- Another member of the group who knows the city's infrastructure and puts his family first. (4 episodes)
  • Tim Guinee as Ben Matheson- Miles' brother, Charlie and Danny's father and Rachel's husband. (3 episodes)
  • Noah Emmerich as Dr. Edwin Jenner- A pathologist in the Atlanta CDC looking for any kind of cure. (2 episodes)
  • Viviana Chavez as Miranda Morales- Morales' wife. (2 episodes)
  • Noah Lomax as Louis Morales- Morales and Miranda's son and Eliza's younger brother. (2 episodes)
  • Maddie Lomax as Eliza Morales- Morales and Miranda's daughter and Louis' older sister. (2 episodes)


1. 1 Month Later

Deputies Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) are hiding behind their squad car and Rick gets up to shoot at the escaped inmate but he is shot. Shane then shoots the inmate dead and goes to Rick's side. He shouts for Rick and he wakes up from his coma. Rick then calls for the nurse but nobody comes. He gets up and goes outside his room only to find it abandoned. He then finds a door that has a message scrawled across in black paint: "DON'T OPEN DEAD INSIDE" and a bunch of hands reach through the cracks and fiddle with the padlock and chains. Rick then tries to use the elevator but it doesn't work and then uses the stairs. Once, he gets to the stairs he opens the exit door and finds a bunch of dead bodies wrapped in sheets in rows. He then decides to go home and find his son and wife. He spots a bicycle but is horrified when he sees a mutilated woman who turns and reaches for him. He takes the bicycle and arrives to his home. He finds the door open and abandoned. He calls out for Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) and starts questioning if this is real or a dream. He heads back outside and is hit by a boy (Adrian Kali Turner) with a shovel. He calls him Carl and the boy shouts for his father (Lennie James). Rick wakes up and the man introduces himself as Morgan and his son as Duane. Morgan asks what the wound is for and Rick says he was shot. Rick asks what happened and Morgan explains what has happened so far. They eat dinner and they hear a car alarm go off. They then see 3 women and 3 men and Rick says they have to help them. They then open the door and Rick uses a baseball bat to kill a walker. A walker attacks Rick but Morgan shoots it in the head, killing it. They all go inside and block the doors. Rick and Morgan asks for their names and they introduce themselves as Miles Matheson (Billy Burke), Charlie Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos), Rachel Matheson (Elizabeth Mitchell), Ben Matheson (Tim Guinee), Danny Matheson (Graham Rogers) and Nora Clayton (Daniella Alonso). Walkers then start banging on the doors and Rick says that they have to fight through them. Rick and the others then use their weapons to kill some to get to a car and leave. Rick asks if they know where his family might be and Morgan says that his family could be in Atlanta. Rick and the others then go to the King County Sheriff's Department where they take showers and grab a few guns, ammunition and Rick changes back into his uniform. Morgan tells Rick that him and Duane will stay behind until Duane learns to shoot but Miles and the others decide to go along with Rick. Rick and the others then go back to the spot where Rick saw the undead woman and he shoots her in the head, killing her and he apologizes to her. They then get in a car and drive to Atlanta. Rick uses his CB radio to contact anyone and Amy (Emma Bell), Dale Horvath (Jeffrey DeMunn), Ben Mason (Connor Jessup), Lourdes Delgado (Seychelle Gabriel), Maggie (Sarah Carter), Shane, Lori and Carl rush to answer. They try to warn Rick to stay away from the city but Rick cannot hear them and they run out of gas. Walkers then surround them and Rick says to the others they have to fight their way through the horde of walkers. They all manage to fight through the horde but Ben is bit in the process. They all meet Glenn (Steven Yeun) and they enter a department store where Andrea (Laurie Holden), T-Dog (IronE Singleton), Morales (Juan Pareja) and Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott) are being held. Andrea then says that they brought all the walkers to them and the walkers then bang on the doors.

2. Blood and Guts

It starts off with the survivors watching the walkers at the doors and Andrea (Laurie Holden) asks what they're going to do. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) asks if there is away out and Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott) suggests using the building's subbasement sewer system. They all stand at the top of the ladder and Andrea asks who is going down. Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Miles (Billy Burke) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) volunteer but Glenn says that he'll go down and Andrea says that they will be right behind him. Glenn says that he'll take Morales (Juan Pareja) while Rick, Andrea, Miles, Charlie and Nora (Daniella Alonso) watch the door since they have weapons and Jacqui will stay at the top of the ladder to warn them of danger. Charlie, Miles and Nora go to Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Ben (Tim Guinee) and Danny (Graham Rogers) and asks them if Ben is alright. Ben says that he's holding on and Charlie says that she will never leave him. Ben says he wants to be alone with Charlie and they all leave the two alone. Ben says "Charlie, I'm so glad that you are a strong girl but you will always be my little girl. I want you to look out for Danny, your mother and Miles and make sure they're safe. You have to promise me." and she promises. Glenn and Morales are walking in the sewer until they reach a grated barrier. They discuss ways to cut through, but abandon the idea when they see a walker devouring a rat on the other side. The walker reaches at them through the grate and they step back. Andrea is looking at a necklace with a mermaid pendant and tells Rick that her sister Amy (Emma Bell) loves mermaids. Rick encourages her to take it, insisting shoplifting rules don't apply anymore. She takes the necklace and walkers break through the exterior glass doors and begin pounding on the interior set. The walker holding the rock leads the pack. Morales, Jacqui and Glenn arrive to report that the sewer is not an option. Back at the camp, Amy tells Shane that the others should be back by now and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) and Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) try to calm her down. Maggie (Sarah Carter) says that she'll go find them but Shane says he doesn't want anyone going and Amy slaps him across his face and says "that's for leaving them." The rest are on the rooftop and Rick spots a cube van at a nearby construction site but it's a few blocks away and the street is overrun with zombies. The group discusses the difficulty of moving past walkers undetected because they know the difference between their scent and human scent. Rick says he has an idea and he begins to discuss the plan. Rick, Charlie and Morales then go outside and manage to kill the 3 walkers in the alleyway. They bring in one walker and they close the door. Rick is about to butcher the corpse with a fire axe but pauses and decides to search the body. They acknowledge the man's lost humanity and his name was Wayne Dunlap and had a picture of a girl. Rick begins hacking the dead body to pieces with the axe. After a few blows, Rick, Miles and Glenn smear guts on themselves, disgusting everyone, especially Glenn. Rick tells him to distract himself and Glenn vomits. Outside, Rick, Miles and Glenn crawl under the bus blocking the alley and lumber into the streets, blending in but a few walkers sniff the air curiously, the guts that the three smeared on themselves earlier seems to be camouflaging their scent effectively. Charlie, Morales, Andrea, Nora, T-Dog and Jacqui race to the roof to follow Rick, Miles and Glenn with a pair of binoculars, and T-Dog tries again to radio the others. T-Dog finally gets in contact with the camp and they all surround the radio while Shane asks where they are. T-Dog tells them that they're surrounded by walkers and trying to find a way out. They then lose contact and Ben (Connor Jessup) says they should go for them but Shane says they need to stay here. Maggie says to him if they die their blood is on all of their hands and walks away. Rick, Miles and Glenn are walking and it starts to rain really hard. The scent then goes away and the walkers start chasing them. Rick, Miles and Glenn manage to kill a few walkers and reach the cube van. They take off the coats from the department store and Rick and Miles shoot at the walkers while Glenn looks for the keys. He finally finds the keys and they drive away in the cube van. As the van drives away from the department store to avoid the horde, the group still on the roof worries that they're being left behind. But Rick orders Glenn to radio the group to get ready for pick-up, and mentions that they will need a way to lure the walkers away from the department store, eyeing a red Dodge Challenger sports car. Rick smashes the driver's side window to gain entry, causing the car's alarm to blare loudly. The group grab their bags while Morales and Danny carry Ben and rushes toward the loading dock. The walkers break through the final set of glass-pane doors and enter the department store. Outside the loading bay at the back entrance of the store, with the walkers lured away by Glenn's car alarm, Rick pulls the van up and the group piles in, catching their breath as they drive away from the city. Charlie tells Ben that he is going to be okay and he then dies. Miles, Nora, Andrea, T-Dog and Jacqui become saddened while Charlie, Rachel and Danny start crying and Miles then stabs Ben in the head to prevent reanimation. The last shot shows them all driving away while Glenn screams in celebration.

3. Death All Around

It starts off with Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) with Carol (Melissa McBride), Miranda (Viviana Chavez), Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) and Amy (Emma Bell) washing laundry while Carl (Chandler Riggs), Sophia (Madison Lintz), Louis (Noah Lomax) and Eliza (Maddie Lomax) are playing, Jim (Andrew Rothenberg) is teaching Ben (Connor Jessup) how to fix a car and Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), Maggie (Sarah Carter) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) are guarding the camp. Lori then goes to the woods to look for more firewood for tonight and leaves the women folding laundry. Lori grabs the firewood and is about to leave but hears a sound. She looks around and Shane comes up behind her. They start laughing and begin kissing. They remove their clothes but Lori takes off Rick's wedding ring on a necklace and has sex with Shane. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Morales (Juan Pareja) are talking about the camp, just so Rick can make sure it's safe, and they then arrive at the camp. They all exit the truck and Rick finally reunites with his family. Lori looks at Shane and he looks away in shame. Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Danny (Graham Rogers), Miles (Billy Burke) and Nora (Daniella Alonso) bring out Ben's (Tim Guinee) body and they all have a funeral for Ben. Rick, Nora and the Matheson family share their stories and they all start eating. Ed (Adam Minarovich) then starts a fire but Shane tells him to put it out because it will lead the walkers to them. Ed tells Carol to put it out and Shane asks Carol and Sophia if they want to join them but Ed says no and Carol and Sophia kindly turn down his offer. The next day, Rick, Glenn and Shane are getting ready for the run but they hear the children, Jacqui and Carol screaming and they run to them. They see a walker and Rick, Glenn, Shane, Miles, Danny, Jim and Morales beat it up but Dale decapitates the walkers' head and the walker is still alive. Miles then stabs it in the head with his knife and they ask the kids if they're alright. Lori tells Rick that she doesn't think he should go out on a run since he just got here and Shane says that Rick should stay here. Rick then says he'll stay while they go on a supply run and Dale comes over and say they have a problem. He brings them to see Jim digging graves and they all start worrying. Shane then goes on a supply run with Glenn, T-Dog and Maggie and the rest of the survivors hope they come back. Andrea and Amy are fishing and an argument starts over the type of fishing knot their father used. They realize that their father taught them different fishing knots based on Andrea's need to catch the fish and Amy's need to throw them back. They then begin to cry but remember their dad's rule "no crying in the boat. It scares the fish" and Amy asks Andrea if she thinks that their mom and dad are alright, suggesting that "maybe Florida wasn't hit so bad." Andrea and Amy then hug and continue fishing. At night, everyone is eating and Ed hits Carol and tells her that she better listen next time. Rick tells him to calm down but he punches her and grabs Sophia but Rick, Miles, Morales, Danny and Jim beat him up. Rick says he better not lay a hand on his wife next time and punches him in the face. Ed goes to his tent and tells Carol and Sophia not to bother him. Walkers come through the woods and attack the camp. Walkers start to scratch on Ed's tent and once he opens it they devour him. Amy comes out of the RV with a baseball bat and manages to kill two walkers but one walker bites her in neck. Andrea runs to her and stabs the walker in the head. Andrea tells her "I don't know what to do" and Amy dies in Andrea's arms. Shane, Glenn, T-Dog and Maggie arrive at the camp and finish off the remaining walkers. Jim says "I remember my dream now. Why I dug the holes" and there are dozen of dead bodies (walkers and humans) all over the campsite and the group looks at the bodies, shocked.

4. Downfall

It starts off with the group burning the walkers, putting down the deceased survivors with a pickaxe and burying them while Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is trying to warn Morgan (Lennie James) away from the city. Andrea (Laurie Holden) cradles Amy's (Emma Bell) dead body next to the RV. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) tries to comfort her but fails to convince Andrea to let them take Amy's body away and she leaves Andrea alone. Miles (Billy Burke) is about to put down Ed (Adam Minarovich) but Carol (Melissa McBride) says "I'll do it. He's my husband" and he hands her the pickaxe. She stabs him multiple times, initially in a hesitant but then furious manmer, venting out the anger that she had kept inside of her for many years. Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) sits beside Andrea to pay his respects for Amy's death. He tells her about his wife's battle with cancer, how he dragged her to every specialist even though she'd accepted her fate. Her death left him feeling angry and cheated. "Since she passed," he says, "You girls were the first people that I cared anything for." Andrea smiles and pulls out the mermaid necklace, wrapped in pink tissue paper. Today would have been Amy's birthday. She tells Dale how guilty she feels for having missed so many of Amy's birthdays. "She'd call all excited. I always said that I'd make it home, and I really always meant to. But I never made it past that phone call," she says. Dale tells her not to add guilt to how hard things are for her already. Andrea clasps the mermaid necklace around Amy's neck and Dale leaves her alone again. Amy then reanimates and Andrea says "I'm here now, Amy. I love you." Andrea pulls out her gun and shoots her reanimated sister in the head. Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott) and Jim (Andrew Rothenberg) pile up bodies, and she notices blood on his shirt. He tries to convince her he just got some blood on him by moving bodies but she presses. "Please don't tell," he begs her, but Jacqui's too terrified not to. "A walker bit Jim," she announces, as Jim insists that he's fine, but he grabs a shovel to press the group away from him as they demand to see his stomach. T-Dog (IronE Singleton) runs up behind him and grabs his arms as Miles (Billy Burke) runs in and lifts his shirt, revealing a bite wound on his abdomen. "I'm okay," Jim says, with far less conviction. The group is discussing what to do with Jim but Rick refuses to kill the living. Rick says that the CDC is Jim's best chance of living and they all agree to go to the CDC. Charlie is in her tent crying and Glenn comforts her. Charlie says she is afraid she'll lose her family and Glenn tells her that she will not lose her family. Charlie then kisses him and they break away. Glenn then kisses her and they have sex. Rick, Shane, and Dale depart to sweep the forest for walkers. Alone, Shane tries to convince Rick to change his mind about the CDC. "I've gotta do what's best for my family. If it was your family, you'd feel differently," Rick says. This offends Shane. "I kept them safe," he snaps at Rick. "Looked out for them like they were my own." Rick tries to calm him down. "You're hearing it wrong," he says, as they're interrupted by a sound in the bush and draw their guns. Rick walks forward, and from a distance, Shane's aim lands on Rick. He holds it there for just a few seconds, glaring, his breath heavy, but he hears a sound and his focus breaks. He drops the gun and then notices Dale's been watching him. "Jesus," whispers Dale. Shane shrugs it off, musing that they need to get reflective vests for the woods. Back at camp, Shane announces that he thinks they should trust Rick's instincts, and those that agree will be leaving for the CDC in the morning. As the group is preparing to leave, Shane is giving instructions on how to stay with the caravan when Morales announces that his family won't be joining the group. They have family in Birmingham and want to be with their people. "I gotta do what's best for my family," he says. Rick hands Morales a .357 with Shane's terse assumption that the rest of them will fare no better out there, anyway, and they part ways. Everyone says their goodbyes to the Morales family and the group leaves the campsite behind for good, Glenn with the map and Jim's fever worsening in the bedroom of the RV. En route to the CDC, the RV's radiator hose bursts. While Shane and T-Dog drive ahead to find replacement parts, Rick checks on Jim, who is in agony. "My bones are like glass. Every little bump - this ride's killing me. Leave me here," Jim says. "I'm done." Rick suggests he's delirious, but Jim insists his head is clear: "I want to be with my family" he says. They say their goodbyes to Jim and the group departs.

5. Somewhere We Belong

It starts off with the group driving to the CDC and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tells Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies), Carl (Chandler Riggs), Carol (Melissa McBride) and Sophia (Madison Lintz) that they are going to be okay. The RV then stops and Rick, Lori, Carol and the kids are confused. Rick opens his window and sees a group of walkers surrounding the RV. Rick, Shane (Jon Bernthal), Miles (Billy Burke), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Maggie (Sarah Carter), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Nora (Daniella Alonso), Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn), T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Danny (Graham Rogers) manage to kill them. Rick says that they got to move the bodies off the road so that they can get through and everyone helps out. They manage to clear off the roads and continue down the road. Rachel is then attacked by a walker and Rachel's arm is twisted. Rick stabs the walker in in it's head and forcefully puts her shoulder back in place. Shane says they need to keep moving and they all get back in the vehicles. Rachel tells Charlie and Danny "I want you both to know if I die I want to say that I love you both and I am so proud of what you've both become." and Charlie tells her "you're not going anywhere. You are not leaving us." Rachel hugs her kids and cries. Jacqui tells Andrea "I realized that there isn't any hope anymore." and Andrea tells her "There was never hope and I didn't want to face that it was true but after Amy died. It just doesn't feel right anymore." Maggie tells them "That's bullshit. If you don't think there is hope then you need to believe that you can make it through another day. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with brain tumor and there was a 50/50 chance that I was going to live. I survived after three operations and chemo therapy but I got 3 holes in my head. There is always hope. You just got to believe it and accept it." Rick spots a food store and tells the others. Rick, Shane, Miles, Charlie, Glenn, Nora, Maggie and T-Dog go inside and start taking food. 24 walkers then come out from the back room. They all run outside and manage to kill the walkers. Rick says that they got food and just need to get to the CDC. They all get in the vehicles and drive to the CDC. They then find a man (Noah Emmerich) outside the CDC and two walkers get near him but Rick and Shane shoot the walkers. Rick asks for his name and he says that it's Dr. Edwin Jenner. Dr. Jenner invites them inside and they all enter the building before the doors close. The lights turn on and Dr. Jenner welcomes them to the CDC.

6. Nothing Left

It starts off with the survivors eating dinner and everyone is happy to finally feel safe. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) makes a toast to Dr. Jenner for giving them a new home and they all say thank you. Dr. Jenner (Noah Emmerich) excuses himself from the table and leaves to cry. He then flips on a switch and you see everyone who worked at the CDC are walkers. He stares through the glass and turns off the switch which closes the door. Everyone then goes to sleep and Rick tells Jenner that he wants to thank him for everything. Rick tells him that he is glad someone still has hope of fixing things how they use to be and Jenner smiles. Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) hears Andrea (Laurie Holden) in the bathroom throwing up and goes to comfort her. Andrea tells him that there is everything is gone and Dale says that they have an opportunity to make a fresh start but Andrea says "There's nothing left." Glenn (Steven Yeun) goes to his bed and lays down but Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) comes in and kisses him. Charlie says that she is glad she met him and likes him a lot. Glenn tells her that he likes her too and they continue making out. Glenn flips her over and they have sex for the night. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) comes in and asks Carol (Melissa McBride) if she found any good books to read. Carol tells her that she could read them all and tells Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Sophia (Madison Lintz) it's time for bed. They go to bed while Lori looks at books and Shane (Jon Bernthal) enters the room. Shane tells her that he thought Rick was dead when he left him and would've brought him back himself if he was still alive. Lori says that you shouldn't tell someone their family is dead and let them find out that they're alive. Shane apologizes and says he loves her. He forces himself onto her but she scratches his face and throat. She is horrified by his behavior and he leaves while Lori sobs. The next morning, everyone eats breakfast and Rick asks Shane why he has scratches but Shane tells him that he must've done it in his sleep while he looks at Lori and looks away. When Jenner arrives in the kitchen, Miles (Billy Burke) asks Jenner if their is a cure and Jenner says that they should eat first. Rachel and Andrea says that they want answers and he tells them to follow me. They follow him but Carl and Sophia see a door and run to it. Jenner explains to them that his wife was infected and allowed the process to be recorded. He explains how the walker virus works and tells them how it started. They then see a bullet file through his wife's head in the video playbac and Andrea remembers putting down her own sister. He admits he doesn't know what the disease is or how to treat it, and that he's lost contact with other research facilities. Dale interrupts the stunned silence to ask Jenner about a clock on the far wall, which is counting down from an hour. At that point, Jenner says, "the basement generators, they run out of fuel." At zero, Vi explains, plant-wide decontamination will occur. Lori and Carol notice that Carl and Sophia are gone. Carl and Sophia flip the switch and scream while looking at the walkers. The others run to them and find the walkers in another room. Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) asks who the walkers are and Jenner tells them that they all worked here. Rick, Miles, Shane, T-Dog (IronE Singleton) and Glenn head to inspect the generators. While they're in the basement, the building's emergency lighting switches on, bathing the foursome in darkness. Upstairs, Lori and Carl are in their room when the building's air cuts off. In his office, Jenner stares at a photograph of a woman, asking her to understand that he did the best he could in the time that he had, and he says he hopes she'd be proud of him. With the lights now shutting themselves off inside the panicked survivors' rooms, they confront Jenner in the hallway, who explains that the building is shutting itself down. Rick, Miles, Shane, Glenn and T-Dog return from the basement and Jenner says the system is designed to keep the computers running until the last possible second. "It was the French," Jenner says. They stuck it out the longest before they too ran out of power, he says, but the building would decontaminate in thirty minutes, and it was too late to stop it without any fuel, he assures them. Rick yells at the group to grab their things and run as the emergency alarms start blaring, but Jenner locks them inside the control center. There's no point in struggling, Jenner explains. Everything topside is automatically locked down. "When that door closes, it wouldn't open again - you heard me say that," he points out as Rick tries to demand he open the door. "It's better this way," Jenner says. When Rick presses him about what happens when the clock gets to zero, Jenner reminds the survivors where they are. To prevent strains of disease from getting out if the building's security was ever compromised, HITs would deploy, setting the air on fire. It would decimate the building and everything inside. Death would be instant, and painless, Jenner points out as he tries to convince Rick to accept his fate. "There's no hope. Last night you said you knew it was just a matter of time before everybody you loved was dead," Jenner argues. He calls the Outbreak humanity's "extinction event." Rick's family and friends look on fearfully. Miles and Shane attempt to break through the door with axes and guns. Rick, T-Dog, Charlie and Dale throw Miles (who is holding an axe) off Jenner then Rick talks down Shane as he points an automatic in Jenner's defeated, unaffected face. "If you kill him, we'll never get out of here," Rick reasons with his partner. Jenner agrees to open the door, but maintains they still won't be able to get past the lockdown upstairs. The group rushes, panicked, to the open door. Before Rick leaves Jenner whispers something in Rick's ear which frightens him and the group head for the exit but Andrea, Jacqui (Jeryl Prescott) and Rachel decide to stay. Rachel tells Miles to take care of Charlie and Danny (Graham Rogers) but Charlie says "You are not staying here. You are coming with us. I need you. We need you. Please, I don't want to lose you too." Rachel then hugs Charlie and tells her "Lets get the hell out of here." Dale tells the others to go along and they do. Dale tries to talk Andrea out of it but she made her choice and wants to stay. a resigned Dale sits in front of Andrea. "If you're staying, I stay too," he tells her. She's furious, but he continues tearfully as Jenner and Jacqui look on in silence. "You don't get to do that. Come into somebody's life, make them care, and then just check out." In the CDC lobby, the group finds the doors locked and they pound helplessly on the windows. Shane shoots a rifle at the glass, to no avail. "I think I have something that might help," Carol says, fumbling in her purse while Shane cracks, "I don't think a nail file's gonna do it." Carol ignores him. "Your first morning at camp," she tells Rick. "When I washed your uniform? I found this in your pocket." She pulls the hand grenade that Rick found in the tank from her bag. Nervously, Rick detonates the grenade, blasting out one of the windows with mere minutes to spare. The survivors run to the cars while Rick, Miles, Charlie, Nora (Daniella Alonso), Rachel and Shane are shooting walkers as they go. The survivors run to the cars, shooting at walkers as they go. They pile into their cars and are getting ready to drive away when, from inside the RV, Lori sees Dale and Andrea emerge from the building. Just ten seconds left, Jenner and Jacqui hold hands, smiling hopefully, resigned, as they watch the survivors evacuate on the security monitor. The CDC erupts in a fiery explosion, and Dale and Andrea take cover behind a military blockade. Andrea looks numb, but follows easily as Glenn desperately beckons them to the RV. Shaken, Rick starts the engine, and the caravan drives away from the smoldering rubble, thick black smoke rising up behind them.

Season 2 (2011-2012)

The season follows the group is on the road trying to survive the new world, when a member gets hurt they come across Hershel's farm and they must work together to get through this new world. In the second half of the season, the group inhabits a large, fortified prison, but this security is threatened by the nearby community of Woodbury, led by the nefarious Governor.

Main Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes- A former deputy sheriff from King County, Georgia, and husband of Lori and father of Carl. Rick has taken leadership from Shane after his actions almost killed them in the previous season, but finds himself struggling with his own morality as he is forced to become more brutal, especially with Shane disagreeing with many of his decisions. (9 episodes)
  • Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh- Rick's close friend, former fellow deputy sheriff. He had a love affair with Lori in the previous season, believing that Rick was dead, which has steamed into jealousy towards Rick. Shane's growing anger only deepens when he sees Rick making decisions that he thinks are reckless. (6 episodes)
  • Billy Burke as Miles Matheson- Miles is Charlie and Danny's uncle and Rachel's brother in law. He becomes Rick's right hand man and looks after his family. (9 episodes)
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes- Rick's emotionally fragile wife and mother of Carl. She had a love affair with Shane in the previous season, which has put her and Shane at odds. When she confesses the affair to Rick, causeing tensions between the three of them. This only deepens when she learns that she is pregnant and doesn't know who the father is. (7 episodes)
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson- Charlie is an active member of the group and often looks after her family. She helps her mom cope with Ben's death and protects them if she has to do it. (9 episodes)
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson- Rachel is Charlie and Danny's mother. She is trying to get over the death of Ben and often helps out with chores with the women but can definitely protect herself. (9 episodes)
  • Laurie Holden as Andrea- A former successful civil rights attorney who forms a close bond with Dale. She deals with suicidal tendencies by trying to contribute more to the group's safety by becoming a sharp shooter. However, she has also begun to lose her humanity when Shane tries to get her to listen to him instead of Rick. (8 episodes)
  • Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee- A former pizza delivery boy who saved Rick's life in previous season. He is an integral member of the group and does many supply runs for them. Glenn forms a steaming crush on Hershel's daughter Maggie who, aware of this, engages in a sexual relationship with him until they realize that they have truly fallen in love. Glenn finds himself emotionally challenged by his protectiveness of her. However, her influence helps him become tougher, while his influence makes her wiser and more resourceful. (9 episodes)
  • Connor Jessup as Ben Mason- Ben tries to prove to Rick that he can be active and wants to learn how to use a gun. (9 episodes)
  • Sarah Carter as Maggie- She is an active member of the group. She is very skilled when it comes to guns and loves to fight. She looks after Ben and Lourdes. (9 episodes)
  • Danai Gurira as Michonne- Michonne is a quiet and seemingly ruthless survivalist who immediately dislikes the Governor. (2 episodes)
  • David Morrissey as Philip Blake/The Governor- Leader of the town Woodbury, father of Penny, and the main antagonist of the season. The Governor is a ruthless, paranoid and dangerous sociopath who will murder anyone he sees as a threat to his town and seeks to eliminate Rick's group. (1 episode)
  • Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes- Rick and Lori's young son whose innocence has slowly declined due to the brutality of the world around him, even wanting to use a gun. (8 episodes)
  • Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier- A former victim of domestic abuse who has found new strength after the death of her abusive husband Ed. (9 episodes)
  • Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene Hershel's elder tomboyish daughter, who is strong-willed and determined, yet slightly stubborn. Maggie has a sexual relationship with Glenn when she learns of his crush on her; they then realize that they have truly fallen in love. Maggie is, like her father, initially ignorant of what the walkers are; but she eventually comes to realize what they really are before her family does. (9 episodes)
  • Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene- A ranch owner who has difficulty letting Rick's group live on his farm due to his own arrogance of accepting the world's new state, believing that the walkers are just sick and keeps them locked in his barn. He also disapproves of Maggie's relationship with Glenn. Despite his differences with Rick, he admires his dedication as a father and eventually comes to realize his own arrogance and regains his moral integrity and gives Glenn his acceptance of his relationship with Maggie. (9 episodes)
  • Daniella Alonso as Nora Clayton- Nora is an active member of the group. She begins dating Miles and doesn't want to see anyone she cares about most get hurt. (9 episodes)

Recurring Cast

  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath- An older member of the group who owns an RV with whom the group travels, often the voice of reason. (5 episodes)
  • IronE Singleton as Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas- A well-intentioned member of the group who feels underappreciated. (9 episodes)
  • Emily Kinney as Beth Greene- Hershel's younger daughter and Maggie's half-sister. She is shy, soft-spoken and compassionate. She lacks the strong-will of her sister and even considers suicide to avoid being killed by walkers until Andrea talks her out of it. (9 episodes)
  • Graham Rogers as Danny Matheson- He wants to prove he is useful like his sister and uncle. He is one of the weaker members of the group who is usually watched by Rachel. (9 episodes)
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes Delgado- She is religious and becomes Hershel's helping hand. (9 episodes)
  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas- A teenager who goes out on supply runs and is skilled at killing walkers. (8 episodes)
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt- Thomas' best friend who also goes on supply runs and is skilled at killing walkers. (8 episodes)
  • Kaya Scodelario as Teresa- Thomas and Newt's best friend who has feelings for both of them. She goes wherever they go and will never leave their side. (8 episodes)
  • Jane McNeill as Patricia- Otis' quiet wife and Hershel's medical aid. (7 episodes)
  • James Allen McCune as Jimmy- Beth's boyfriend. (9 episodes)
  • Madison Lintz as Sophia Peletier- Carol's young daughter. (1 episode)
  • Pruitt Taylor Vince as Otis- Hershel's ranch hand. (2 episodes)
  • Michael Zegen as Randall Culver- A teenager whom Rick, Glenn and Hershel encounter as part of another group. Fearing that he may lead his group back to the farm, his fate becomes an intensely debated matter with most believing that he should be killed. (3 episodes)
  • Chad Coleman as Tyreese- A survivor leading a small group of people to safety who finds and joins Woodbury. Tyreese is a man of morals and principles willing to do what it takes the earn his place and to find a safe haven for his sister and friends, but is hesitant to hurt people even if needed.
  • Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha- Tyreese's sister who is trying to find shelter with her brother and finds and joins Woodbury unaware of the Governor's true nature. Unlike Tyreese, Sasha has a colder survival mindset which sometimes puts her into conflict with her brother, but she is still compassionate enough to avoid unnecessary bloodshed.
  • Jose Pablo Cantillo as Caesar Martinez- One of the Governor's men. Martinez is a loyal, slightly egotistical, member of Governor's forces, but is reasonable and has honor, and is even disturbed by the Governor's actions but is willing to do what is needed to stay alive. (1 episode)
  • Dallas Roberts as Milton Mamet- A scientist and old friend of the Governor who studies the walkers believing there can be a way to restore their humanity, but is reluctant to accept the Governor for the monster he is as he knew him before the outbreak.
  • Travis Love as Shumpert- A silent bow using member of the Woodbury army who is very loyal to the Governor and a good friend of Martinez. (1 episode)
  • Melissa Ponzio as Karen- A former teacher and Woodbury citizen who disagrees with the Governor's plan to raise an army from the Woodbury citizens, which includes the children.
  • Lew Temple as Axel- A convict and survivor, found by the group in the prison, who tries to keep the peace but often speaks more than needed. (2 episodes)
  • Vincent Ward as Oscar- A survivor found in the prison and Axel's best friend who is very honorable and brave, even in the face of death, and is willing to risk his life to help those in need. (2 episodes)
  • Markice Moore as Andrew- The smallest and weakest of the prisoners which Rick's group encounters who is also the most mischievous and cunning of them. (2 episodes)
  • Nick Gomez as Tomas- A violent convict and the leader of a group of prisoners who survived within the prison. (2 episodes)
  • Theodus Crane as Big Tiny- The largest of Tomas' group of prisoners but is also the most kindest who has trouble killing walkers. (2 episodes)
  • Daniel Thomas May as Allen- Part of Tyreese's group, father of Ben, and husband of Donna, who is a survivalist willing to kill innocent people even if they show him compassion. He also has a feud with Tyreese as Donna became smitten with him after he saved her from walkers.
  • Tyler Chase as Ben- Allen's teenage son who is willing to do what his father tells him regardless of how dark these actions are.
  • Lawrence Kao as Tim- A member of the Woodbury army.
  • Arthur Bridgers as Crowley- A member of the Woodbury army.


1. Long Road Ahead

It starts off with Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Miles (Billy Burke), Shane (Jon Bernthal), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) running from a horde of walkers. Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) pulls up in the RV and they enter the RV. Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) hug Rick while Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Nora (Daniella Alonso) and Danny (Graham Rogers) hug Miles and Charlie. Carl then hugs Shane while Lori looks at him cold. Far away from the horde, Rick, Carl, Lori, Sophia (Madison Lintz) and Carol (Melissa McBride) go together in one car while Shane is in one car and the rest drive in the RV. The group encounters a blockade of abandoned vehicles, and Dale's RV breaks down. Dale and Glenn try to repair the vehicle, while the rest search for food, water, and clothing. A large herd of walkers appears in the distance, Dale lies flat on the roof of the RV as a mass collection of walkers passes through the wreckage. Shane (Jon Bernthal) spots the horde and grabs Glenn (Steven Yeun), throwing them both beneath a nearby truck. Andrea's alone in the RV and frustrating herself as she can't put the gun back together, but she stops when she catches movement out of the corner of her eye. Stunned by the sheer number of walkers outside the window, she cowers on the floor. Charlie and Danny hide together, Rachel is by herself, Ben (Connor Jessup) and Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) hide under a car together and Miles (Billy Burke) and Nora (Daniella Alonso) hide under a car together. T-Dog (IronE Singleton) cuts his arm on a broken car frame, an artery spilling huge amounts of blood and rendering him almost completely helpless. Walkers approach him and he runs behind a car, but more are coming for him. Underneath a car further up the road, Rick is calmly keeping Carl, Sophia, Lori, and Carol in his sights as the herd passes. Andrea is trapped in the bathroom of an RV, where a walker discovers her. Dale hands her a screwdriver through an opening in the truck's roof, and Andrea uses it to stab the walker's eye repeatedly. A walker approaches T-Dog but Maggie (Sarah Carter) rescues him by stabbing a walker, and they hide under nearby corpses, whose scent protects them. The herd of walkers pass by them but two walkers spot Sophia hiding under a car and chase her into the woods. Rick pursues them, catches Sophia, and urges her to seek refuge in a hole near the riverbed while he distracts the walkers. Using a rock, he's able to kill the walkers hand-to-hand one at a time, but Sophia has vanished by the time he returns. He brings back Shane, Maggie, Glenn and Miles to search the area to look for Sophia. Rick tells Shane, Maggie and Glenn to keep the group calm. While the others continue to clear the blockade of cars, Shane tells Lori he plans to leave the group on his own accord. Miles and Rick are running in the woods and Sophia then walks out. Rick tells Sophia to come to him but a walker bites her in the neck. Miles stabs the walker in the head while Rick comforts her and she dies from blood loss. The others hear two people walking and they see Rick holding Sophia in his hands. Carol starts crying and the group is saddened by their loss. Shane says they have to put her down and Carol says she cannot go through with it. Rick then pulls out a knife and stabs Sophia in the head before she turns. Carol blames him for her death and Rick then feels guilty of it. Rick, Shane and Carl go out to look for food and they find a deer. Once Carl gets close to the deer, he is shot by Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) and Rick starts yelling at him but Otis tells him about Hershel (Scott Wilson) and Rick and Shane agree to go to Hershel's farm. Rick tells Shane to go back and tell the others while he goes with Otis to the farm. Shane runs back and warns the others about Carl and the farm. Rick and Otis get to the farm and Otis calls for Hershel. Hershel Greene, Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohan), Beth Greene (Emily Kinney), Jimmy (James Allen McCune) and Patricia (Jane McNeill) enter the front porch and invite Rick inside. Hershel treats Carl, but he reveals that the bullet was broken into six fragments. Rick must donate blood to Carl in order to keep him alive. The others arrive and Lori hugs Rick and starts to cry. Maggie brings T-Dog inside to treat his arm and invites the others inside. Hershel reveals that Carl needs major surgery to live, and that he will need a respirator. Otis suggests that they might find supplies at a nearby high school, where the Federal Emergency Management Agency has set up a trailer, although the place is likely overrun with walkers. Shane, Miles, Charlie, Nora, Maggie, Otis, and Ben decide to get the supplies and leave the house. Rick and Hershel discuss the walker epidemic; Rick believes there is no cure, while Hershel has faith that there could be one. The group retrieve the supplies but are spotted by walkers. The group have no choice but to barricade themselves in the high school.

2. Trouble

After showering in the bathroom at the farm, Shane (Jon Bernthal) stares into the mirror at himself after shaving his head. As he wipes away the steam, there's a look in his eye that says something about him has changed. Earlier, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) wait patiently at Carl's (Chandler Riggs) bedside for the group to come back to return from the FEMA command post at the high school, so that Hershel (Scott Wilson) can perform the surgery that will save their son's life. Rick, weak from multiple blood transfusions to keep Carl alive, tells her a familiar story about a prank Shane pulled on the principal when they were in high school. Focused on her son's health, Lori begs him to eat to keep his strength up, while Rick tries to convince her that Carl will be fine. In the RV, Carol (Melissa McBride) is crying over Sophia's (Madison Lintz) death, keeping Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) and Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) awake. Andrea (Laurie Holden) is still trying to put together her gun and is doing much better. Rachel and Lourdes then comfort Carol and tell her that they're sorry for her loss. Carol says that she only had Sophia left and thought she would be safe for once. Lourdes and Rachel then hug her and tells her to get some rest. Shane (still with a full head of hair), Miles (Billy Burke), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Maggie (Sarah Carter), Nora (Daniella Alonso), Ben (Connor Jessup) and Otis (Pruitt Taylor Vince) are running from the horde of walkers and hide in a classroom without the walkers noticing. Shane and Otis decide to distract the walkers and leave the classroom. Otis and Shane have gotten themselves into the high school's auditorium, but they can't outrun the walkers. When Shane spots a window and suggests they try to jump through, Otis rebukes him on account of his size. He instead tells Shane to go for the windows on his own, while he draws the walkers away to the locker rooms - where the windows are larger and he can escape. Otis' plan works, and he's able to draw most of the walkers from the auditorium, growling and reaching for him as they go, while Shane shoots at the dead from the atop the bleachers. Shane makes it to the window, but a walker follows him, grabbing for him through the broken window frame. He grabs his gun and shoots the walker, but falls two stories below and lands hard on his ankle. The group then goes outside the classroom and find three students: Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario). Shane and Otis are taking too long to return and Carl's condition is growing worse. Hershel informs Rick and Lori that he may have to attempt the surgery without the equipment, and that they’re going to have to make a choice sooner rather than later. The two talk it over and Lori wonders if Carl might be better off dead, but Rick doesn't want to hear it. He asks her what's changed since the CDC, when Jenner offered them a way out. Remembering how Jacqui committed suicide, Lori sobs, "Maybe this isn't a world for children anymore. We live with a knife at our throats every second of every day." She begs him to give her a reason why it would be better to live. But Rick decides to fight for his son as Shane fights for his life at the school. Limping, Shane is about to be overrun when Otis saves his life from approaching walkers, though they both use their last rifle rounds. They start to limp away as the walkers tear at the fences. Carl wakes briefly, and talks excitedly about the deer that he saw, but he then has a seizure. His pressure bottoms out and Rick desperately offers to do another transfusion. Hershel doesn't want to take any more blood from him in case he goes into a coma or suffers cardiac arrest, but he begins to take out his kit anyway - it's the only way to keep Carl alive until Shane and Otis get back. "You're wastin' time," Rick says. As Carl sleeps, Rick returns to his conversation with Lori, having left it with her wondering if the world was worth living in anymore, and needing Rick to tell her something to hold on to. He says that Carl's reminisces about how beautiful the deer was when he woke up told him that there was still a world out there for them. But the latest transfusion wasn't enough, and Rick's hope is able to convince Lori to allow Hershel to do the surgery without the anesthetic. Patricia pulls the shade off a table lamp as Hershel sterilizes his equipment. He's getting ready to start when two cars pulls into the driveway, the headlights shining in through the window. The group arrives with the supplies, but without Otis. He tells them they were swarmed, and that Otis didn't make it. Hershel demands that no one tell Patricia until after the surgery, and Maggie sobs as Rick embraces Shane for bringing back the equipment, and comforts him saying that Otis wanted to make it right. Glenn comforts Maggie over the loss of Otis, and she tells him about her stepmother and stepbrother, who both became Walkers. Hershel is able to stabilize Carl, which leaves Rick and Lori near tears. Rick offers to help Hershel with informing Patricia about Otis. As she sobs, Shane looks on from the living room. Shane goes to Carl's room, where he finds Lori at his bedside and stands back nervously. "Stay," she says to him, but he can't. Maggie finds him in the hallway and hands him some overalls. "I brought you some clothes. They won't fit well; they were Otis'." Shane goes to the bathroom and has his shower, and with his full head of hair he finds a bald spot, where it looks as if hair has been pulled from his scalp. He remembers what happened at the high school as he looks around the bathroom for the electric razor. In flashback we see Otis pull Shane along after he collapses from his ankle injury. They manage to get to the parking lot, each of them down to their last round of ammunition. Shane tells Otis to leave him and take the supplies, but Otis refuses to leave him there and pulls him up. Shane hobbles as the walkers get closer with every step. He looks at Otis. "I'm sorry," he says, and Otis looks on, confused, as Shane shoots him in the leg with his last bullet. He grabs for Otis' backpack with the supplies inside, but Otis fights him, grabbing at a chunk of his hair and punching him, but Shane is able to overpower him, take the man's gun and get away. The walkers descend on Otis, devouring him while Shane is able to hobble away unnoticed. Shane meets up with the group and they all leave together. Back inside the Greene's bathroom, Shane shaves his head to hide the bald spot and protect his secret.

3. The Barn

It starts off with the survivors having a funeral for Otis and Sophia. Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) go on a supply run and Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) stops them and gives Glenn a supply list. At the pharmacy, Maggie and Glenn look around for supplies and Glenn grabs what he needs for Lori. Maggie finds him on the floor and he stuffs the pregnancy test in his bag before she can see it, grabbing a random box from the floor to cover his tracks. He's grabbed a box of condoms, and Maggie asks if he's got a girlfriend she doesn't know about, or if he's just a confident guy. He sputters; he's neither, and he doesn't know how to get himself out of this mess. It's Maggie who gives him an out: "I'll have sex with you," she says to him. "It's not like our options are vast these days." She pulls off her shirt and kisses Glenn, who follows suit, dumbfounded, and they have sex. The two groups sit down to a silent, awkward dinner, and Glenn tries to cut the tension asking if anyone knows how to play guitar because of the one Dale found at the traffic snarl. "Otis did," Patricia says softly, and the silence drones on. Glenn is sitting at the "kids'" table with Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), Ben (Connor Jessup), Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), Beth (Emily Kinney), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Danny (Graham Rogers), Jimmy (James Allen McCune), and Maggie, and Maggie passes him a note under the table. "Tonight where?" it reads, and he looks up, smiling at her. He excitedly scrawls something on the paper, which can be heard throughout the dining room as no one says a word to one another. Hershel and Dale look on disapprovingly. Beth and Maggie are cleaning dishes after dinner, and Maggie sneaks away to read Glenn's note. "Ever done it in a hayloft?" it says, and Maggie's eyes go wide. Glenn is at the barn with a flashlight and a sleeping bag, finding the barn door chained and padlocked. He walks around the barn and finds a ladder into the hayloft, while Maggie runs desperately towards the barn. Once inside the barn, Glenn catches a whiff of a rancid smell, and shines his flashlight towards the barn floor when he hears the familiar growls. There are dozens of walkers below, reaching up for him hungrily. He runs fearfully for the door and right into Maggie, who says regretfully, "You weren't supposed to see this." The next day, the survivors are being taught how to shoot guns by Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) proves herself to be a natural at handling a firearm. Glenn tells Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) that Lori is pregnant and there are walkers in the barn. Dale tells Glenn that he has to tell the others but wants to talk to Hershel first. Back at the farm, Dale speaks with Hershel and brings up the walkers. Hershel argues that the Walkers are still people and that every one that is killed is, in the end, murder. Dale tries to make Hershel realize the truth about the Walkers, but he will not accept the reality of the apocalypse. Dale offers to help reinforce the barn, but Hershel rebuffs him and asks him to keep the secret of the barn to himself if he truly wants to help. The next day, Glenn tells the group about the walkers in the barn. Shane begins a tirade about how the group needs to start fighting to survive and that they need to stop wasting time on pointless endeavors like keeping the walkers in the barn. Shane, Miles (Billy Burke), Andrea, T-Dog and Charlie kill them as the Greene family watches in horror. Glenn only joins in with Maggie's consent. Rick doesn't try to stop them. Hershel's stepson Shawn comes out of the barn and Hershel goes close to him and Shawn tries to bite him but Rick shoots the zombified Shawn in the head.

4. Danger Comes It's Way

Emotions run high in the aftermath of the barn walker massacre. Beth (Emily Kinney) hurries over to her mother, Annette, to mourn, but she was still alive and attacks Beth. Andrea (Laurie Holden) drives a scythe through the zombified Annette's head to end the struggle. The survivors decide to bury Hershel's (Scott Wilson) wife and stepson and burn the rest of the bodies. Tensions worsen between Shane (Jon Bernthal) and Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn). Hershel packs his wife's possessions in cardboard boxes, and digs out an old flask from his wardrobe, searching for the means to cope with the reality that there is no cure and he had been hanging onto a fool's hope. After the funeral, Andrea and T-Dog (IronE Singleton) pile corpses into Otis's truck, saying that Shane did what needed to be done. Dale protests, suggesting that a new problem with Hershel was created in the wake of resolving the safety concern of the barn walkers. Lori pulls Shane away and tells him that she is pregnant and Shane tells her that he wants to be there for the baby and that Rick can't protect her or Carl. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) asks Glenn (Steven Yeun) if he would stay if the rest of his group were to leave, but Glenn is unsure on how to answer. Rick decides to reason with Hershel but discover that he has vanished, leaving behind his empty flask as a clue. Rick decides to look for Hershel at the local bar, and takes Glenn and Miles (Billy Burke) as backup. Meanwhile, Dale reveals to Lori that he believes Shane shot Otis and left him as bait to cover his escape, and that it's only a matter of time before he kills someone else. Beth is in her room and Lori takes her food away but once she goes downstairs she discovers that the knife isn't with her. Lori goes back to Beth's room and tells Beth to give her the knife, Beth gives Lori the knife and Lori leaves to find Maggie. En route to town, Glenn confides to Rick and Miles that Maggie told him that she loved him. Rick says that they need more good things like that in their lives, and that he should embrace those moments. At a bar, Rick, Miles and Glenn discover Hershel. Hershel reflects that he had robbed his daughters of a normal grieving process by giving them a false hope, and allowed himself to believe it too. At the house, Beth and Maggie are arguing over Beth trying to commit suicide. Lori and Andrea listen in from the kitchen. Andrea tells Lori she shouldn't have taken the knife away — Beth "has to choose to live on her own." Lori counters that Andrea got through her own death wish by shirking her chores: "You sit up on that RV working on your tan with a shotgun in your lap," she snaps. Andrea accuses Lori of taking her blessings for granted: Rick and Carl both came back from the dead, she's pregnant, she even had a romance with Shane. "The rest of us have piled up our losses, but you just keep on," Andrea says. Meanwhile, Beth tries to convince Maggie that they should kill themselves. "I don't want to be gutted," she says. "I want to go in this bed, tonight." Andrea enters the room, offering to watch Beth while Maggie gets some air. With Maggie gone, Andrea opens the door. "The pain doesn't go away," she says, leaving. "You just make room for it." They are interrupted when the bar door opens and two strange men walk in, giving their names as Dave (Michael Raymond James) and Tony (Aaron Munoz). The five men converse cordially at first, but the strangers become impatient when Rick's group will not divulge information about the Greene farm. "We can't stay out there," Dave says. "What do you suggest we do?" "I dunno...I hear Nebraska's nice," Rick replies. Dave reaches for his gun on the bar, but Rick quickly draws and shoots Dave in the head. Rick then quickly pivots, planting two bullets in Tony's chest before he can train his gun on Rick. Rick then finishes him with a bullet in the head. Unguarded, Beth locks herself in the bathroom and smashes the mirror. Lori pries open the door, but not before Beth has cut her wrist. "I'm sorry," Beth cries. Andrea runs to the farmhouse after Beth's attempted suicide. Lori reports that Beth didn't cut herself deeply. "She wants to live," Andrea smiles. Maggie disagrees in anger and tells Andrea never to set foot near her or the house again. Rick, Miles, Hershel and Glenn hear men outside the door looking for Dave and Tony. Rick then shouts that Dave and Tony are dead. This causes the men to shoot the bar. Rick tells Glenn to check the back exit. As Glenn walks down some creaky steps and approaches the door, a shadow outside reaches for the handle and begins to twist it but Glenn shoots through the glass and scares him off. Rick tells Hershel to cover Glenn while he makes a run for the car. A man named Sean, who was part of the group, sneaks up behind Glenn and attempts to shoot him but Hershel shoots and wounds Sean, who starts crying out in pain. Rick asks Hershel what happened, he says he thinks Glenn was hit. Rick finds Glenn is just frozen behind a dumpster. Walkers begin to devour Sean and he is left for dead. When they head towards the car they are shot at by Randall on the roof of a building across the street and retreat behind the dumpster again. A truck races up, and the driver, Nate, yells that walkers are heading their way and tells Randall to jump down from the roof. When he does this he accidentally falls and impales his leg on a fence spike. Nate apologizes to him and leaves him to die but Rick, Hershel, Miles and Glenn argue about saving him and how to do so. Hershel suggests to put him down from misery. The walkers slowly begin to close in on them so they decide to try to amputate his leg, but do not have enough time. Before the walkers can devour Randall, Rick forces Randall's leg off of the spike, tearing his calf muscle and reducing Randall to tears. The next morning, the group starts getting ready to go into town to get Rick, Hershel, and Glenn. Dale tells Andrea that Shane is dangerous and that Shane doesn't want Rick or Hershel to come back so he can be leader but Andrea doesn't believe him and walks off. The car with Rick, Hershel, and Glenn returns to the farm with Randall blindfolded in the backseat as a hostage. The group argues on what to do with Randall, Rick says they will fix him up and then drop him off to fend for himself but Shane thinks that he will tell his group where the farm is and this will start a war. Hershel reminds Shane that it is his farm and while he is there he needs to keep his mouth shut. Maggie pulls Glenn aside and asks him if anything is wrong, he explains how her father saved his life, and that he froze and could not do anything to help. He had frozen because she told him that she loved him, and he was afraid to die because of how it would affect her. She tries to embrace him, but he pushes her away. Carl (Chandler Riggs) awakens and Lori tells Rick that she is pregnant and Lori tells Rick that Shane thinks the baby is his, and that she thinks Shane killed Otis, that he is dangerous, and if Rick doesn't do something about it, they may all be in danger.

5. Judge, Jury, Executioner

In the farm's slaughter shed, Miles (Billy Burke) interrogates and beats a bound Randall (Michael Zegen). Randall confesses that he was traveling with a heavily-armed group of 30. The men, he says, have raped women before. Still, Randall insists, "I ain't like that." Miles reports back to the rest of the group. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) declares Randall a threat, and that he must be killed, "You can't just decide on your own to take someone's life," Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) objects, begging Rick to give him time to talk to the group and find another way. Rick agrees to give Dale the rest of the day. Dale asks Andrea (Laurie Holden) to guard Randall against Shane (Jon Bernthal) while he talks to the others. He asks if Andrea agrees that Randall should be killed. "The world we knew is gone," Dale argues, "but keeping our humanity? That's a choice." Andrea agrees to watch Randall — "But not because I think you're right," she says. From inside the slaughter shed, Randall overhears Shane approaching with Carl (Chandler Riggs). Carl is curious about the prisoner, but Shane insists he let the grown-ups handle it. Shane asks Andrea, who's standing guard outside, if she would stop him if he were to try to shoot Randall. She insists she would. Shane shares his suspicion that Rick won't be able to go through with the execution. "Every time we have a problem around here," he says, "who you thinks behind it?" Meanwhile, Carl watches Randall from the rafters of the slaughter shed. Randall notices him. "I didn't do nothin'," Randall tells Carl, begging to be set free. Carl slowly starts walking toward Randall, but is halted when Shane enters. Shane shoves a gun in Randall's face and drags Carl out of the shed. "Quit tryin' to get yourself killed," Shane scolds. Dale approaches Miles about Randall. "This group's broken," Miles says, stating he doesn't care what happens either way. Dale asks Miles to stand with him anyway, but Miles won't. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) finds Rick tying a noose in the barn. He asks if she supports his decision. "If you think it's best," she says, asking about what happened on the road with Shane. "He won't be a problem anymore," Rick answers. Carl is kneeling by Sophia's grave when Carol (Melissa McBride) approaches. They'll see Sophia in heaven, she tells him. Carl snaps back that "heaven is just another lie, and if you believe it, you're an idiot." Later, Rick chastises Carl for talking back to Carol. "Don't talk," Rick says. "Think." Dale goes to Hershel (Scott Wilson), asking for his support. "I don't want to know," Hershel insists. "I leave it with Rick." Carl wanders into Miles's camp and finds a handgun. He pockets it, and heads into the forest. Carl stumbles upon a walker stuck in the mud of a creek bed. Fascinated, he begins throwing rocks at the walker, then approaches to shoot it with Miles' gun. The walker lunges at Carl, eventually freeing itself from the mud and grabbing on to Carl's leg. Carl falls to the ground, but manages to get away. Dale, meanwhile, tries to convince Shane to spare Randall. Shane gives Dale credit for the effort, and says that if Dale convinces the others, he'll go along with it. "But I'm telling you now," Shane warns, "you're wrong." In the farmhouse, Glenn (Steven Yeun) finds Hershel checking up on Beth (Emily Kinney). Hershel asks Glenn about his family and tells him about his own Irish heritage. He hands Glenn a pocket watch that belonged to his grandfather. "No man is good enough for your little girl," Hershel says, "until one is." As the sun sets, Rick again asks Lori if she thinks he's doing the right thing. Lori nods. The group gathers in the house. Rick asks if anyone thinks Randall should be spared. Dale posits that the only people who think so are himself and Glenn, but Glenn too sides with Rick. "He's not one of us," Glenn offers. Dale begs to give Randall a chance to prove himself, but the others insist they wouldn't feel safe with him around camp. "If we do this," Dale says, "We're saying there's no hope." Dale pleads with the group to do what's right. Andrea eventually sides with him, but the others stay silent. Despondent, Dale leaves the room. "This group is broken," he says, echoing Miles. Afterward, Rick, Shane, and Miles bring Randall to the barn and put him on his knees. Rick asks if he has any final words. Randall cries, begging for his life. As Rick raises his gun, Carl enters the barn. "Do it, Dad," he says. Shocked, Rick lowers his gun and orders Randall taken away. Shane storms out of the barn. Rick brings Carl back to the camp and tells Lori what happened. "He wanted to watch," Rick says. "I couldn't." Meanwhile, Dale walks through the fields. He hears the moans of a dying cow and goes to investigate; the cow had been gutted. He turns and is attacked by the same walker that Carl found in the creek bed. Back at camp, the others hear Dale's screams. Miles runs to the scene, where the walker is on top of Dale, tearing into his stomach. Miles stabs the walker in the head, then shouts for help. Dale's intestines are spilling out of his gut. He goes into shock. When Hershel arrives, he reports that Dale can't be saved. As Dale writhes on the ground, Carl sees the body of the walker he was throwing rocks at previously lying nearby. Horrified, he buries his head in Lori's lap. Andrea begs Rick to help Dale. Rick unholsters his gun, but can't shoot. Miles takes the weapon and aims it at Dale's head. Dale gives him a faint reassuring smile. "Sorry, brother," Miles says and fires.

6. Better Angels

The group holds a funeral for Dale. Afterwards, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) announces that they are going to prove him wrong by showing the group can still work together. A scene running alongside the funeral shows Shane (Jon Bernthal), Miles (Billy Burke), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Andrea (Laurie Holden), Nora (Daniella Alonso), Maggie (Sarah Carter), Ben (Connor Jessup) Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) and T-Dog (IronE Singleton) eliminating a group of walkers. Hershel (Scott Wilson) permits all but Shane to move into his house, due to Shane's antagonistic behavior. Rick plans for himself and Daryl to bring Randall (Michael Zegen) out to a nearby town and leave him there. Carl (Chandler Riggs), feeling guilty about Dale's death, goes to Shane and tells him about how he knew of the walker, and that he stole a pistol from Miles's tent. Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) tries to talk to Shane and apologizes for what she was doing to him, prompting him to tell Rick about Carl's confession. Rick declares his main concern is disposing of Randall, but talks to Carl and encourages him to keep hold of the gun, as they no longer can live without taking action. Shane goes into the barn and watches Randall, discovering that he was trying to slip out of his restraints. When Rick and Miles prepare to leave, T-Dog is sent to get Randall. He discovers the barn empty. Shane has brought Randall into the forest, informing him that he is done with Rick's group and wants to join with the others. This is merely a ruse as Shane breaks Randall's neck, killing him, and strikes his own face off a tree to make it seem he was assaulted by Randall. A thorough search of the farm shows no sign of Randall. Shane buries his gun and shouts to the group that Randall escaped and is armed. Rick assembles Glenn, Miles, Maggie, Charlie and Nora to go with him and Shane to track him down. Glenn and Miles come across where Randall was last seen and the area shows signs of a struggle. A walker appears and they take cover behind some trees. The walker is Randall and tries to attack them, but Glenn (Steven Yeun) impales a machete into his head, killing him. An examination of the body showed no sign of bites or scratches, and that his cause of death was his neck being broken. Rick picks apart Shane's story and comes to the conclusion this was a ruse to lure him out into the field, where Shane would kill him. Shane tells Rick he is a better father than he is and that him returning only messed things up. Lori then tries to stop Shane from killing Rick. Rick then fights with Shane, causing Shane to accidentally shoot Lori in the stomach. Rick then stabs Shane in the heart, killing him. Shane then dies and Rick becomes distraught and sobs. As he tries to cope with what happened, Carl appears, shocked to see Shane dead. He aims his gun at Rick, only to see Shane rise as a walker behind him. Carl pulls the trigger, killing Shane. Rick approaches Shane's body, weeping. As they examine Shane's body, they are unaware of the massive horde approaching in the horizon.

7. Beside the Dying Fire

A herd of walkers roams out of Atlanta, attracted by a passing helicopter, it looks to be the helicopter Rick saw in Season 1 Episode 1 flying past the same building. The walkers continue down a country road, attracting more walkers along the way. In a field, two herds merge and we watch as time passes and the herd grows, gathering more walkers. Eventually there are thousands of them. They're passing through a forest at night when a gunshot rings out. They follow the sound to a clearing, where in the distance two figures — Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) — march toward the farmhouse. Miles (Billy Burke), Glenn (Steven Yeun), Maggie (Sarah Carter), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Nora (Daniella Alonso) to the house and report that Randall (Michael Zegen) is a walker. Hershel asks if they found the walker that killed him and Daryl points out that Randall was never bitten or scratched, and that he had his neck broken instead. Rick and Carl run towards the house but Lori informs them of the herd of walkers. Rick, Carl and Lori run towards the barn. Rick locks them inside the barn and Lori then tells Rick to leave her here, so they can escape but Rick tells her he will not leave her behind. Lori then dies in Rick's arms and him and Carl start to cry. As the dead slam against the doors, Rick douses the ground with gasoline. Meanwhile, the others spot the herd approaching. The group notice that Lori and Carl are missing and start to panic. Miles knows that they can't simply hide in the basement, as a herd of that size could tear the house down trying to reach them. The rest of the group formulate a plan to use their guns to kill as many as they can, and use their cars to lead the rest of them away. Miles doubts they'll be able to fend off a herd of that size, but Hershel (Scott Wilson) stands firm. "This is my farm," he says. "I'll die here." Back in the barn, Rick hands Carl a lighter and sends him up to the hayloft before opening the doors. As walkers pour in, Rick hurries up the ladder and Carl drops the lighter. The barn bursts into flames. the caravan makes its way to the barn, shooting walkers as they go. Miles, noticing the fire, assumes that Rick is responsible. He sends Jimmy (James Allen McCune) to rescue Rick in Dale's RV. Rick and Carl jump onto the rooftop as walkers surround the vehicle. Jimmy shoots at the walkers and escapes the RV. Rick, Jimmy and Carl quickly run into the woods. in Otis's truck, Andrea (Laurie Holden) and T-Dog (IronE Singleton) realize the walkers cannot be corralled and they don't have nearly enough ammo to finish them off. "We need a new game plan," T-Dog says. Meanwhile, Hershel stands in front of the farmhouse shooting walkers as Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell), Carol (Melissa McBride), Patricia (Jane McNeill) and Beth (Emily Kinney) are looking for Carl and Lori. Carol convinces Rachel that they have to leave. Rachel calls after Hershel, but he ignores her and keeps firing. As the women flee, walkers grab Patricia and she is bitten while she holds on to a panicked Beth. Beth finally lets go of her hand and escapes with Rachel while the walkers eat Patricia alive and kill her. Carol gets separated from the other two and is cornered by walkers. T-Dog pulls up. Rachel and Beth get in and Andrea gets out to help Carol, shooting two walkers before a third attacks her from behind. She spins around and fires. From Otis's truck, Rachel, Beth, and T-Dog see the walker fall on Andrea. Walkers swarm the truck and T-Dog peels out with Rachel and Beth in the front and Maggie, Ben (Connor Jessup) and Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel) in the back. In Shane's SUV, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Glenn try to follow the truck but they are cut off by walkers. Glenn instructs Maggie to retreat, but she's worried about the others. "It's lost," Glenn yells. "Get off the farm now!" Back at the house, Hershel continues to fend off walkers. Just before he is bitten by a stray walker, Rick arrives and kills it, telling Hershel that they have to go. Along with Carl, Jimmy and Charlie, they escape in Hershel's SUV. Andrea, unhurt, and Nora try to flag Rick down as he drives away, but he doesn't notice them. They flee on foot with the bag of guns. Miles rescues Carol, and they drive away with Danny (Graham Rogers), Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario). The barn continues to burn and eventually collapses as the RV is destroyed. Hershel looks sadly on his farm as they drive away. At dawn, Glenn and Maggie are driving down a dirt road. Glenn instructs her to circle back to the highway, but Maggie is too paralyzed with fear. Glenn assures Maggie that her family will be fine. "I love you," he says. "I should have said it a long time ago." Rick, Hershel, Jimmy, Charlie and Carl return to the highway. Carl and Charlie want to go back for the group, but Rick is hesitant. "Why are we running?!?" Carl screams at his father. Hershel assures Rick he's doing the right thing: "You've got to get your boy to safety," he says, offering to stay behind with Charlie and Jimmy to wait for the others. Rick insists they remain together. Elsewhere, Rachel insists that they head back to the highway but T-Dog states that they should head east towards the coast. Rachel threatens to leave the truck unless he turns around. He does so reluctantly. Rick is about to abandon the highway when he hears engines rumble in the distance: It's the other vehicles. After reuniting, Rick reports that Shane and Lori didn't make it. Beth reports Patricia's fate. Carol offers that Andrea and Nora might still be alive, but Rick stops Miles from going after them. "There's no way to find them," he says. Later, the other survivors caravan down a country road. Hershel's SUV runs out of gas. Rick declares they'll camp by the road and scavenge in the morning, but the others doubt him. "We found each other" against all odds, he insists. Rick does not allow anyone to leave and risk getting a car. Glenn counters that they're already stranded. Even worse, walkers are everywhere. Rick believes there's a place where they can build a new life. "We just have to find it," he says. Daryl brings up Randall, explaining that he turned without being bitten. "We're all infected," Rick says solemnly. "At the CDC, Jenner told me. Whatever it is, we all carry it." The others are furious at Rick for keeping Jenner's secret, but Rick insists he had no way of knowing if it was true. Rick walks away from the group. Andrea and Nora, meanwhile, sprint through the woods, picking off walkers. They run out of ammunition. Walkers topple them, but before they can bite them its head is sliced off. As the walkers' bodies slump over, Andrea and Nora see standing before her a hooded figure holding a sword and leading two jaw-less and armless walkers chained at the neck with shackles. Huddled around a campfire, the others continue to question Rick's leadership. Carol tells Miles he should lead the group as a man of honor. "Rick has honor," Miles insists. Maggie, too, tries to convince Glenn to abandon the others, but Hershel shuts her down. A noise echoes in the distance. Still, Rick refuses to let anyone investigate. Carol urges Rick to take action and he snaps, saying he never asked to be put in charge. "I killed my best friend for you people!," he snaps at the group. Carl buries his head in Carol's shoulder, crying. Rick explains that Shane staged the incident with Randall so he could kill him. Shane gave him no choice. "Maybe you people are better off without me," Rick continues, encouraging them to leave him. "I say there's a place for us, but maybe it's another pipe dream." He dares them to leave, but none of them move, though they are all looking back at him in stunned silence. "No takers?" Rick asks. Then he issues a final warning: "If you're staying, this isn't a democracy anymore." Rick turns his back on the group. Up the road, a structure looms in the distance: a prison.

8. Seed

The group has been on the run moving from house to house through rural Georgia for the last eight months since the end of Season 2. Carl (Chandler Riggs) has now become more proficient with firearms. Miles (Billy Burke) seems to have officially replaced Shane Walsh as Rick's right hand man. Moving as a cohesive unit, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), T-Dog (IronE Singleton), Miles, and Carl breach a house, eliminate the walkers inside, and search the place to make sure it's safe for the group to camp out there. After the search is over, the others enter the house. After a short while, everyone starts to settle until T-Dog looks out of the window and notices a group of walkers approaching. Everyone runs to the cars and they drive off. The cars stop on a highway where Beth (Emily Kinney), Carl, Danny (Graham Rogers), Ben (Connor Jessup), Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel), Thomas (Dylan O'Brien), Newt (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), Jimmy (James Allen McCune) and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario) keeps watch whilst the group discuss where they are headed. They open a map and discuss how they have been moving in circles for months, trying to escape the herd that passed on the Greene Family Farm. T-Dog and a few others head to gather some water, while Miles, Maggie (Sarah Carter) and Rick go hunting. While hunting, they walk down a railroad, and observe a prison full of walkers. They've found shelter. Rick starts to cut the fence so the group can get within the prison exterior. Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Miles then tie back the fence so no walkers can enter behind them. They start to run, stopping at the prison gates. Rick says someone has to get past the prison yard full of walkers to close the gate on the other side, Glenn offers, but Rick says he will do it. Rick tells Glenn, T-Dog, Beth, Ben, Lourdes, Danny, Thomas, Newt, Teresa and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) to distract and kill the walkers through the fence. He tells Carol (Melissa McBride), Miles, Hershel (Scott Wilson), Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Jimmy and Carl to shoot walkers from the guard towers. Rick straps a rifle to his back and is handed some chains, Rachel mans the fence. Rick heads towards the gate. He kills a few walkers on his way there and then secures the gates. He then enters a tower and with help from the rest of the group, shoots the remaining walkers in the yard to secure it. Having taken the yard, the group sit down for a fireside meal and, at Hershel's request, Beth and Maggie sing an old Irish drinking song. Miles, while keeping watch at the front gate, starts to give Rachel a massage, as she stated her shoulder hurt. She starts to jokingly flirt with him, and then they head back to the fire. After patrolling the fence, Rick makes plans to take the prison entirely, convincing the group that it'd be safer on the inside. He tells them how there will be food, weapons, and medicine in the prison, and that "these [walkers] assholes don't stand a chance". The next day, Rick, Miles, T-Dog, Glenn, Charlie and Maggie take the interior while the rest serve as a distraction. Everything seems to be going well until they run into walkers wearing riot gear. However, they're taken out and the group advances into the prison. They enter Cell Block C, take out the few remaining walkers lurking inside, and find it to be secure. As everyone starts to set up in different cells, Carl starts to show an interest in Beth, then goes off to find his own cell. Meanwhile, Michonne (Danai Gurira), Nora (Daniella Alonso) and Andrea (Laurie Holden) aren't faring well. They've taken refuge in a deer cooler. Andrea is sick with influenza and Michonne and Nora make Andrea take some aspirin she recovered from a store. Andrea presses Michonne and Nora to abandon her, but she refuses. They conclude they must move on as a group of walkers are advancing and Andrea will die if they stay, so they head off out towards the woods. A military helicopter is flying when the engine starts to suffer mechanical problems after being caught in wind turbulence. The helicopter crashes in the forest with three soldiers on board. Andrea, Nora and Michonne spot the wreckage's smoke from a distance and go to investigate. Michonne wraps her pet zombie's chains around a tree, and hides Andrea and Nora in the foliage so she can go and investigate the wreckage. Two vehicles approach suddenly. Michonne retreats to the bushes with Andrea. From the bushes, Andrea, Nora and Michonne watch as a group of men rescue the pilot and stab the two soldiers who died in the crash. Michonne's pet walkers rattle their chains, drawing the newcomers' attention. She decapitates the walkers to silence them, but, regardless, the two are still discovered by Martinez (Jose Pablo Cantillo), but Andrea passes out and they are taken by The Governor (David Morrissey). The group finds a plethora of weapons and suit up to further explore the prison. Rick, Miles, T-Dog, Glenn, Maggie, Charlie, Maggie and Hershel move deeper into the interior while Carl stays behind to guard the women. All seems quiet at first, but suddenly they run into several groups of walkers. In the darkness and confusion, Glenn and Maggie get separated from the group. When it's finally safe to venture back out, Hershel tries to find the two but is bitten on his calf by a walker that only appeared to be dead. The group then reunites and assists Hershel in getting out of the corridor. They take refuge in the cafeteria, where Rick, in an attempt to save Hershel, amputates his leg, causing him to go into shock and pass out from the ensuing blood loss. Then, five shadow figures appear in the adjacent room. Miles prepares to fire, but realizes they are not walkers but are actually more survivors living in the prison. He shines his flashlight in one of the prisoner's faces, to which Axel (Lew Temple), one of the prisoners exclaims, "Holy shit!"

9. Sick

After the traumatic event of Hershel (Scott Wilson) losing his leg after he was bitten, the prisoners that have been hiding out in the broom closet of the cafeteria come out, noticeably uneducated about the apocalypse. They mention that they had been locked in the broom closet when 'riots' broke out by one of the guards, Tomas (Nick Gomez) given a pistol to protect the five. Rick and company initially leave the prisoners be, taking Hershel back to Cell Block C. Upon leaving Hershel to Glenn (Steven Yeun) and the rest, Miles (Billy Burke) points his crossbow at the corridor as he sees the prisoners following them. A standoff occurs, and soon Rick intervenes. The eight of them go outside, the prisoners are in disbelief over Rick's group being able to kill "at least 50 bodies." They also show they'd never known that only the damage and/or destruction to the brain will kill a walker, as well as the fact that a bite is not needed to turn. Soon, Tomas begins demanding that the prisoners be let back into cell block C, due to their having been in the prison longer. Rick instead demands that Tomas' group abstain. Soon, Axel (Lew Temple) begins to propose a compromise of moving into a different cell block. Rick and Tomas eventually make a deal: In exchange for half of the prisoners' food supplies, Rick, T-Dog (IronE Singleton), and Daryl shall help clear out a different Cell Block. First, Rick and company take half of the supplies back to Cell Block C. The group of 8 then begins to go over what they have to fight with. In the beginning of the clearing, Rick uses a signal to attack but the prisoners attacked at once yet the prisoners have poor fighting technique against the walkers, focusing more on the stomach than on the head. However, they eventually get in the habit of striking the brain. In the middle of fighting, however, Big Tiny tries to retreat but ends up being scratched in the back of his shoulder, a part that couldn't be amputated. A short argument ensues over what to do with him, only to be interrupted abruptly when Tomas savagely kills Big Tiny (Theodus Crane). Meanwhile, Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Beth (Emily Kinney) and Glenn are busy trying to assist Hershel. Glenn had been put to the task of making sure Hershel doesn't come back if he doesn't make it. Glenn frequently tries to convince Maggie to be prepared, and subsequently Maggie tries to convince Beth to not get her hopes up. Carl (Chandler Riggs), having been assigned to organizing the food, instead returns with a small amount of medical supplies that he obtained from the infirmary. Rick and Miles have agreed to kill Tomas given the first wrong move. Arriving near the destination Cell Block, Rick tells Tomas to open only one of the double doors. However, Tomas doesn't listen, instead opening both doors at once, resulting with the walkers pouring into the room. During the fighting, Tomas takes a swing at a walker, killing it but in the process takes another swing at Rick. Tomas then pushes a walker into Rick, attempting to get him killed. Miles, fortunately, steps in and kills it. Within moments, the walkers are all killed, and a short discussion leads to Rick slicing Tomas' head in two with his machete. Andrew (Markice Moore) retaliates by attacking with his baseball bat, only to be knocked down easily. He then runs into the corridor, which has now been cleared, leading to Rick pursuing, leaving Miles, Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), Maggie (Sarah Carter) and T-Dog to watch Oscar (Vincent Ward) and Axel. After Rick ends up chasing Andrew into an enclosed yard of walkers, he shuts and locks the barred gate behind Andrew, leaving him inside of the space. Andrew pleads with Rick to let him in, but Rick coldly refuses. He closes the inside door behind him, and all that is heard from Andrew is screams of terror. Maggie sits with Hershel to watch him as he sleeps, after a few minutes she finds that he's stopped breathing. Carol (Melissa McBride) then performs a successful CPR on him. Rick then comes back to Axel, Oscar, T-Dog, Charlie, Maggie and Miles, threatening to kill the former pair. Axel pleads that he and Oscar aren't violent like Tomas was, begging that they be left alive. The three then turn to Oscar, who refuses to beg or plead. Rick realizes that Axel's words are true, and leaves the pair to the now cleared-out cell block. Axel shows deep sorrow at the sight of his fellow prisoners laying right outside of their cells, executed, only hearing T-Dog's final suggestion of taking the bodies out and burning them. Upon returning to their group, Rick, T-Dog, Charlie, Maggie and Miles find a now-unresponsive Hershel inside the crowd. Sitting alongside Hershel, they eagerly await the man's fate. Hershel's eyes open, to which Maggie and Beth begin to cry tears of relief. An unidentified person is watching the group from outside.

Season 3 (2012-2013)

Main Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes- The father of Carl and Judith, and a former deputy sheriff, who recently relinquished his leadership over the survivor group out of disgust towards his own previous actions as leader.
  • Billy Burke as Miles Matheson- After losing another loved one, he is making sure he keeps Charlie and Rachel safe. He is on the council.
  • Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee- A former pizza delivery man married to Maggie Greene who has matured over the series.
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson- After losing another loved one, she has become more of a soldier for the group and taking her anger out on walkers.
  • Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene- Hershel's elder daughter, Beth's half-sister, and Glenn's wife who is fierce and capable fighter.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson- After losing another loved one, she has become more depressed and is Hershel's assistant.
  • Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes- Rick's adolescent son. Brave to a fault, Carl begins to develop a callous mentality in response to the lethal landscape of a savage, new world. However he is also emotionally conflicted with himself because of the brutality of his previous choices in the new world.
  • Connor Jessup as Ben Mason- Ben is a much better fighter and is always ready for battle.
  • Sarah Carter as Maggie- She is one of the best fighters of the group and starts a relationship with Rick.
  • Danai Gurira as Michonne- She has become a friendly and useful, yet fierce woman who has recently joined Rick's group.
  • Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier- A former victim of domestic abuse who has empowered herself but has come to make several dark and questionable decisions for the good of her group. She is the only known female Atlanta camp survivor left.
  • Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene- A religious former veterinarian and farmer, who is protective of his daughters. He maintains his faith despite many tragic events and acts as the group's primary moral compass as well as a surrogate father to Glenn.
  • David Morrissey as Philip Blake/The Governor- former leader of the now-abandoned Woodbury and a primary threat to the prison community, who is now calling himself "Brian Heriot". Having become alarmed of his cold ways he is attempting to redeem himself by caring for a family he encounters.
  • Emily Kinney as Beth Greene- A soft-spoken teenage girl, Hershel's younger daughter, and Maggie's younger half-sister and Jimmy's girlfriend. Beth has become emotionally numb but is secretly still emotionally fragile.
  • Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester- Dean's younger brother. He hunts walkers and other creatures. They want the walkers and other creatures to be riddance.
  • Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester- Sam's older brother. He hunts walkers and other creatures. They want the walkers and creatures to be riddance.
  • Dylan O'Brien as Thomas- A teenager who is trying his best to prove Rick that he is a fighter.
  • Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Newt- Thomas' best friend who becomes closer to Teresa.
  • Kaya Scodelario as Teresa- Thomas and Newt's best friend who is being taught how to hunt by Maggie.
  • Crystal Reed as Allison Argent- Allison is an accomplished archer and cares for her aunt and father very much and looks out for each other.
  • Chad Coleman as Tyreese- Sasha's peace-keeping older brother and one of the few survivors of Woodbury and Karen's boyfriend.
  • JR Bourne as Chris Argent- Chris is very protective of Allison and looks out for his family. Chris is one of the members on the council.
  • Sonequa Martin-Green as Sasha- Tyreese's younger sister; a fiery but compassionate young woman.
  • Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as Bob Stookey- A former army medic who struggles to recover from alcoholism.
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes Delgado- Another doctor in the prison who like Hershel believes in God and is the voice of reason.

Recurring Cast

  • Melissa Ponzio as Karen- Tyreese's new love interest and the lone survivor of the Woodbury army massacre.
  • Jill Wagner as Kate Argent- Chris's sister and Allison's aunt. She usually wants to do what she wants and doesn't listen to what people tell her to do. She loves her niece and her brother very much.
  • Ryan Kelley as Jordan Parrish- Parrish is ex-military and trained as part of a "Hazardous Device Team" meaning he dealt with bombs and explosive materials.


Season 4 (2013-2014)

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Season 5 (2014-2015)

Main Cast

Recurring Cast


Main Cast

  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes- A former sheriff's deputy from King County, Georgia, who awakens from a coma into the apocalypse. (Season 1-)
  • Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh- Rick's best friend and former colleague who helped Rick's family escape the apocalypse and is the leader of the Atlanta camp. Shane has a sexual relationship with Lori, believing to be dead, and has a fatherly relationship with Carl. (Season 1-2)
  • Billy Burke as Miles Matheson- A former U.S. Marine Corps Sergeant who becomes dependent on alcohol over guilt of his brother's death. (Season 1-)
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes- Rick's wife and mother of Carl. Lori is an emotionally fragile woman who has a sexual relationship with Shane after believing Rick to be dead. (Season 1-2)
  • Tracy Spiridakos as Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson- Rachel's daughter, Danny's sister and Miles's niece. Miles described her initially as unusual, insisting that it's not meant as an insult. Charlie has strong remorse for the things around her in the new world and is very caring, but is increasingly at odds with trying to find a balance between concern and self-preservation in the zombie apocalypse, often choosing to emulate her Uncle Miles more than her own family. After Ben's death, she took responsibility for looking after her brother, Danny and attempting to reconcile with her estranged mother. (Season 1-)
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Rachel Matheson- Charlie and Danny's mother, who wants to reconcile with her children after Ben's death and often fights with Miles. (Season 1-)
  • Laurie Holden as Andrea- A former successful civil rights attorney and sister of Amy. (Season 1-)
  • Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee- A former pizza delivery boy who is often sent on dangerous missions. (Season 1-)
  • Connor Jessup as Ben Mason- Ben is only 14 years old who is friendly and kind to everyone. He doesn't like the new world and never touched a weapon before. (Season 1-)
  • Sarah Carter as Maggie- Maggie has been a fighter all her life. At age 16, Maggie was diagnosed with brain tumor and given a 50/50 chance to live. She survived the cancer after three operations and chemo therapy. She has 3 holes in her head. (Season 1-)
  • Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes- Rick and Lori's son. (Season 1-)
  • Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier- A friendly yet soft-spoken wife of Ed and mother of Sophia who is frequently abused by her husband. (Season 1 Recurring; Season 2- Main)
  • Daniella Alonso as Nora Clayton- A woman who has history with Miles. Her primary expertise is in explosives. (Season 1 Recurring; Season 2- Main)
  • Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene- Hershel's elder daughter who begins to have feelings for Glenn. (Season 2-)
  • Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene- A ranch owner who has difficulty letting Rick's group live on his farm. (Season 2-)

Recurring Cast

  • Jeffrey DeMunn as Dale Horvath- An old man who owns the RV around which the survivors have formed a community. (Season 1-2)
  • Graham Rogers as Danny Matheson-Charlie's brother, Miles' nephew and Rachel's son. Danny is asthmatic and is constantly watched over by his sister. Similar to Charlie, Danny feels sympathetic for various people. (Season 1-)
  • Seychelle Gabriel as Lourdes Delgado- Lourdes was pre-med at Wellesley College when the apocalypse began, abruptly ending her education. Before the apocalypse, Lourdes lost her family in the Jamaica Plain Riots. She soon found her way into the Atlanta camp and began to use what medical training she had to help the wounded and sick. Unlike others, she keeps her faith in God because she is hopeful. (Season 1-)
  • IronE Singleton as Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas- A fellow survivor in the Atlanta group. (Season 1-)
  • Emma Bell as Amy- Andrea's younger childish and innocent sister. (Season 1)
  • Jeryl Prescott as Jacqui- A member of the group who is the only survivor of her family and a former zoning officer worker. (Season 1)
  • Andrew Rothenberg as Jim- A mechanic and a quiet yet tortured member of the group who saw his wife and children killed and eaten by walkers. (Season 1)
  • Madison Lintz as Sophia Peletier- Carol and Ed's daughter. (Season 1-2)
  • Adam Minarovich as Ed Peletier- Carol's abusive husband and Sophia's father. (Season 1)
  • Lennie James as Morgan Jones- Duane's father who gives Rick shelter which saves his life. (Season 1)
  • Adrian Kali Turner as Duane Jones- Morgan's son. (Season 1)
  • Juan Pareja as Morales- Another member of the group who knows the city's infrastructure and puts his family first. (Season 1)
  • Tim Guinee as Ben Matheson- Miles' brother, Charlie and Danny's father and Rachel's husband. (Season 1)
  • Noah Emmerich as Dr. Edwin Jenner- A pathologist in the Atlanta CDC looking for any kind of cure. (Season 1)
  • Viviana Chavez as Miranda Morales- Morales' wife. (Season 1)
  • Noah Lomax as Louis Morales- Morales and Miranda's son and Eliza's younger brother. (Season 1)
  • Maddie Lomax as Eliza Morales- Morales and Miranda's daughter and Louis' older sister. (Season 1)

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