David Harpers
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:Unknown
Status:Deceased (Presumed)
Family:Mr. Harpers (father)
Maggie Harpers (sister)
Physical Desciption
Height:6'0 (179 cm)
Mass:150 lbs (70kg)
Other Information
Appearance(s):The Evil Rises

Untitled Evil Rises (reboot film) (flashbacks)

Portrayer:Derlis Swaby Mayo

David Harpers is a main character featured in The Evil Rises. He is a Krimson City Detective and is partners with Jacob Santiago and Ashley Young.

David is Jacob's best friend since high school and partner, the two have worked together for years. They have opposing personalities, but the contrast works in their favor, although occasionally David has to help keep Jacob in line. Eventually, Jacob's agressive actions brought him to end of his career and lost his badge after he was framed being a drug dealer and was sentenced prison. After being convicted, David has been hard on himself wishing he had helped his friend more.



The Evil Rises

Chapter 1. The Beginning

While David and Ashley Young was taking Jacob to his prison, they receive a call about a disturbance at Beacon Mental Aslyum where three other detectives request backup. When they arrive Ashley and David leave Jacob in the car, while they investigate.

Chapter 4. Unto the Breach


Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 10

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