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Darth Raiden
Galen Marek TFU.jpg
Sith Emblem.png
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in SSBSW
Debut Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars (TBA)
Availability Unlockable

This article is about the designer's fighting appearance in Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars. For the user page, see User:RaidenX.

Darth Raiden is the designer of Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars, and will make a playable appearance in the game, along with SPARTAN-984, his best friend, Darth CheerCheer, Jade Wong, Ultimo X, his Rival SmashYea and Fire

How to Unlock

  • Unlock all 100 playable characters.

Character Description

(Coming Soon)

  • Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack - Swings his left handed lightsaber to the left, swings with his right handed lightsaber upwards and to a left while twirling, performs an X slash, and executes a chest slash.
  • Up Tilt - Swings in the air with one of his lightsabers.
  • Down Tilt - Swings his right handed lightsaber on the ground in front of him, while also swinging his left handed lightsaber on the ground behind him.


  • Side Smash - Slashes with one lightsaber and slashes downward with the other.
  • Up Smash - (Coming Soon)
  • Down Smash - Does a spin while his lightsabers circle around him.


  • Ledge Attack - (Coming Soon)
  • 100% Ledge Attack - (Coming Soon)
  • Floor Attack - (Coming Soon)
  • Trip attack - (Coming Soon)

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Swings one of his lightsabers upward.
  • Forward Aerial - (Coming Soon)
  • Back Aerial - (Coming Soon)
  • Up Aerial - (Coming Soon)
  • Down Aerial - (Coming Soon)

Grabs & Throws

  • Pummel - Punches in the opponent's face.
  • Forward Throw - Force pushes and stabs him/her at the same time.
  • Back Throw - Throws the opponent onto the ground behind him.
  • Up Throw - Throws him/her up high and electrocutes the opponent.
  • Down Throw - Slams his/her head onto the ground a few times.

Special Moves

Darth Raiden's Special Moves

Standard Special Move = Force Drain

Side Special Move = Force Energy Balls
Up Special Move = Teleport
Down Special Move = Force Rage
Final Smash = Boulder Storm
Final Smash #2 = Dark Raiden
Final Smash #3 = Master Saber==Special Movements=====Taunts===

Up: Stretches.

Side: Swings his lightsaber while saying, "Out of my way!"

Down: Checks out his force lightning power doing an evil grin.

Character Choice Animation

Says, "Feel the power!"

Credits music

  • New Divide (Linkin Park)

Snake's Codec Conversation

Snake: "Hey Colonel, there's a serious-looking warrior staring at me very evily."
Colonel: "WOAH WOAH WOAH, Snake! Do not step any closer near that boy!"
Snake: "Why? Is he gonna read me a bedtime story?"
Colonel: "Worse than that. This person you're looking at is the almighty Darth Raiden, who was once Steven Savino, but he ultimately turned to the dark side in the year 2007 due to some people betraying him. Since then, he has become one of the most powerful Sith in history."
Snake: "He's been betrayed?! Who would wanna betray him? I don't see a reason why he's not that handsome looking."
Colonel: "It's a long story, but right now, you should concentrate on trying your best to bring him to justice. And try not to get beaten up to death."
Snake: "I get ya, Colonel. Seriously though, he's not gonna read me a bedtime story?"
Colonel: "Uhh, Snake...stop goofing around."
Snake: "Alright alright Colonel! Geez...I was just curious."

Alternate Costumes

Darth Raiden's alternate costumes affect the color of his fighting uniform.

  • Black
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • White
  • Gold
  • Camouflage

Character Quest


Darth Raiden had been born into the Sith. His original name was Steven Savino. His mother and father were Sith. And it was tradition that he too would become a Sith. He was trained under Darth Vader and told to keep a close eye on Starkiller. When Palpatine and Vader died, Savino took control as Master Sith Lord Darth Raiden. However, there were still heroes and others, who would to stand in his way. He was not hesitate on killing all of them.


Final Boss(es)


Darth Raiden had defeated Krystal, using his lightsaber to behead her. He had defeated almost all the heroes, he saved one or two of them. Darth Raiden needed an army. He started a 3-year conquest on Mushroom Kingdom, creating a Sith army. While the army assaulted the Toads, Darth Raiden took hold of Princess Peach's Castle, turning it into a dark, twisted Sith Castle. He now controlled The Kingdom.