Dark Apprentice
Name Darth Raiden
Homeworld Chandrila
Born 14 ABY
Died N/A
Species Human
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown; red (dark side)
Cybernetics N/A
Era(s) New Republic era

New Jedi Order era
Legacy of Darkness era

Affiliation Rogue Squadron (as Steven)

New Republic (as Steven)
New Jedi Order (as Steven)
Galactic Federation of Free Alliances (as Steven)
Bounty hunters (as Raiden)
Leprethaun Empire of Independent Systems (as Raiden)
Darth Raiden's Sith Empire (as Raiden)

Known Master(s) Luke Skywalker (Jedi Master)

Darth Metallix (Sith Master through mind)

Known Apprentice(s) Krakul

Boba Fett
General Grievous
Darth CheerCheer
Galen Marek
Numerous Sith

You think you can beat me? The person who I used to longer exists. Now, I have become the most powerful being in this universe! And if you try to stop will die.
~ Darth Raiden

Darth Raiden is the main protagonist and anti-hero of Star Wars: Revenge on Lepre and Star Wars: End of the Jedi.

He was a Human male who served as a Jedi Knight in Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order. He eventually became the Padawan of Luke Skywalker in his early years of Jedi training, and made a bunch of friends. After 20 ABY, Steven went on a bunch of missions with Luke, and even with some of his Jedi friends, such as Anakin, Jacen, and Jaina Solo.

One night, during the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Steven had a nightmare of betrayal and despair throughout his life. That was his first time that he could dream about his future. Fearing that those events would happen, Steven fell to the dark side. During the Battle on Coruscant, which was the last battle of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Steven had decided to capture a Vong capital ship and claim it as his own. His own master, Luke, had sensed something terrible within his Jedi apprentice, and flew to the alien ship to confront him. Steven and Luke engaged in a lightsaber duel, leaving the former Jedi Knight victorious.

Steven tossed Luke out of the captured Vong ship, and the former Knight left Coruscant and his former allies, starting a new dark life. He explored the galaxy, and found a couple of Leprethauns who were bounty hunters. Steven joined them and became a bounty hunter himself despite having his lightsaber from when he was a Jedi. After many missions with them together, even with their really short war against an army of brainwashed Wildlife creatures, Steven became the Leprethauns' new leader. During one of their hunts on the planet Lehon, Steven went inside an ancient Sith Temple and found an old Sith holocron.

Steven learned the ways of the Sith and became "Darth Raiden". As Raiden, he quickly formed up his very own army, known as the Leprethaun Empire. With Raiden as the Leprethauns' new leader, they conquered hundreds of planets, even the Outer Rim. Raiden also killed millions of Jedi, even the ones that were once his friends without pity or mercy. After defeating every other armies and factions, Darth Raiden proclaimed himself not just the Emperor, but a God of the Sith.

TFU2 Blood Armor

Darth Raiden's Sith Emperor armor.


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