Darth Organius is the reigning Galactic Empress and the Dark Lord of the Sith. Born in 19 BBY as Leia Organa on Coruscant, her name was disregarded by her father, Vader, and she was his Sith apprentice, bearing the name "Darth Organius". She continues to reign under this name.

Like Palpatine before her, Organius is an extremely evil person. She feeds on the life energies of those around her, and makes the Universe suffer while in pain.

Darth Organius
Biographical information



5 June, 19 BBY

Physical description





5 feet nine inches

Hair color

Dark brown with shades of gray(Aging)

Eye color

Yellow (dark side)



Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire Era, Imperial Era, Rebellion Era, Legacy Era

  • Order of Sith Lords (as Darth Organius)
  • Galactic Empire (as Darth Organius)
Alternate mode
Cyber Key power

Stealth Force Mode



Darth Organius was born as Leia Skywalker Amidala to Padme Amidala on 5 June 19 BBY, along with her brother, Luke (later Darth Skyis), on Coruscant. Soon after their births, Padme left and abandoned them, giving Organius hatred of her mother for the rest of her life. Darth Vader discovered his children and ordained them their Sith names, disregarding their mother-given names. The Emperor granted him permission of cutody and training for the children.

Training and killing the Jedi

Darth Vader loved his children, as they did him, but he was a brutal trainer. As Darth Organius, she began her training when only two years old. Darth Vader, and by extension, the Emperor trained them to extreme limits in the dark side. Organius was allowed to access many Sith holocrons, including those of Bane, Nihilius, and numerous others. She learned hatred, envy, and manipulation, by being denied pleasures, beaten and broken into submission for no reason, and by being forced to endure large amounts of torture and pain (including Force lightning and Force drain). Organius studied Sith history and learned about the weaknesses and ills of the Jedi, whom she loathed (hated).

Once, Organius was dropped onto an isolated planet in Wild Space. For a month, she used her lightsaber (shown in the picture) and her Force powers to battle thousands of legions of stormtroopers sent against her. She defeated them with an anger, but went hungry. Then Vader emerged from standing in a dark cave and attacked her. Angry, Organius disoriented him and defeated him. Pleased, her father announced Organius was now a Sith Lord.

During this time onward, she would wear Sith robes, that looked exactly like the Emperor's, and she concealed her lightsaber inside her robes. Organius also constructed two other Sith lightsabers, both identical of her first and main one, just in case her first one was lost.

During the Great Jedi Purge, Organius delighted in killing Jedi. She was the one who engaged and defeated Shaak Ti, the Dark Woman, and at one point wounded and defeated Obi-Wan Kenobi. Organius was an excellent lightsaber duelist, the only beings who could defeat her at the time were the Emperor and Yoda. She could even beat her brother Luke, who, despite this fact, claimed his sister was feminine and weak.

Organius supervised the Death Star's construction in her father's name, tortured and interrogated hundreds of prisoners, and traveled intensively across the galaxy. She came be to be known as "Vader's Actions" because she force-fully executed the orders of her father.

Fighting the Rebellion

In 2 BBY, Emperor Palpatine gave Organius the position and title of Fleet Admiral and Major General. She directed many campaigns against the Rebellion. All but three of the campaigns she directed were successful. Darth Organius loved torturing, and every Rebel prisoner she or her subordinates obtained would be tortured by her or one of her subordinates extensively. She preferred in using Force lighting and Force pain (a sort of torture effect controlled by the Dark Side) to extract information from prisoners. She also used Truth Serum. Darth Organius successfully regained the Death star plans and she herself captured Leia Organa, her light side counterpart, and Bail Organa, torturing both (especially Leia, whom she had raped), to whom they revealed Yavin IV was the Rebel base. Pleased, Organius used a single blast of Force lightning to kill the two, burning their flesh and opening a large wound in the Force. Despite her best efforts, the Death Star I was still destroyed, but Organius led a successful campaign that drove the Rebels from their base, destroying more than two-sixths of their fleet. General Jan Dondonna was captured and tortured by her to reveal the location of the new Rebel base. When he refused to do so, Organius killed him using a torrent of Force kill, zapping his body in one swoop.

Battles of Hoth and Destruction of Shipyards

Organius did not have to hunt for longer. She had spies in the Rebel fleet, and they informed her of the Rebel base-Hoth, an isolated ice planet located in the fringes of the Outer Rim. She asked Lord Vader, her father, if she could lead the attack on the base. He granted consent, with the Emperor's authorization. Organius spent some time gathering a massive fleet of one hundred Star Destroyers, thirty Super Destroyers, and a thousand Tie Fighters, plus an army and ground force impossible to count. When Admiral Ozzel, the man who commanded the fleet, dropped out of hyperspace too quickly, Organius used Force Choke to kill him, and then had his body dumped into space. Sensing the Rebels were alerted and had put up a shield, Organius ordered the infiltration of the shield by her spies in the Hoth Base. They did as she ordered them secretly, destroying the machine operating the shield. After that action was completed, over 800,000 stormtroopers and 400 AT Walkers attacked the Base, supported by more than 80 orbiting Star Destroyers bombarding the base's defenses from above. Organius herself led the front assault, using Battle Meditation to assist the stormtroopers and Imperial fleet in their attack.

Although the leaders and chief commanders of the Rebellion, plus certain transports and fighters had escaped, Organius's attack had destroyed the vast majority of the Rebel forces. Soon after, Organius ordered the complete destruction of the now abandoned Hoth Base. The Dark Lord led a massive assault on the Alliance's largest shipyards: the Mon Calamari Shipyards. She succeeded, and with the shipyards destroyed, about three-fourths of the war supply produced by the Alliance-some sixty-four percent, was wiped out, thus almost completely disabling the Rebel supply line and reducing production considerably.

Battle at Endor

Finally, Organius was to have her lust and panting for Rebel blood. She executed Palpatine's plot to lure the Rebel fleet into a trap, by releasing plans of the construction of the Death Star II to the Rebellion. During the drawn-out battle, she decided that serving under Vader and Emperor Palpatine, and cowering to her brother Luke, who was weaker then she was, did not heed her. Using the Sith belief of betraying one's superiors, she walked in her black robes, her face darkened by the hood, towards Lord Vader's chambers. Vader ignited his lightsaber, she ignited hers, and said, in her feminine, yet evil and bone-chilling tone, pointing her finger directly at Vader:

At last, father. I can beat you, Palpatine, and my brother. For years I cowered to you, making myself weak in your eyes. But at last, I can destroy you and take my rightful place...

Attacking Vader using her superior ultra-Sith lightsaber fighting technique, Organius struck him by the sides and over the top. Her lightsaber pierced his. She slashed off both his hands and smashed him with many objects. Finally, his helmet was knocked off, and she stabbed him twice in his heart, killing him. Looking over his dead body, she used Force kill to destroy his body's flesh. She gave out a strong laugh that caused both Rebel and Imperial ships to crash into the Death Star. She then moaned as Vader's life energy filled and re-rejuvenated her body.

After draining the last of the energy of Vader's spirit, Organius went to her brother's quarters and confronted him, quickly defeating him. She then laughed as she said, in an evil tone:

You said 'Women are inferior to men, and I can beat my sister with a blow', but you underestimated me, and now, I can gloat over you and say 'He was a stupid liar, a man who had no meaning of life'. And now I can take your life-force, and use it to fill me!

After Organius drained her brother's life energy, giving her more power, she confronted Palpatine. She engaged him in combat for almost half an hour before throwing Force kill at him and destroying Palpatine and his spirit. She used the kill to use all of Palpatine's dark energy to fill her, moaning heavily in the process. She then released a powerful Force scream that shook the Rebel and Imperial fleets, killing hundreds of thousands of soldiers and officers and signifying her newly-found glory. The scream also ravaged Endor, killing over 90% of the attacking Ewoks.

Galactic Empress (4 ABY-present)

Usurpation of Power and Victory at Endor

Soon after, Organius sent a galaxy-wide holographic message to the Imperial Navy, Imperial Army, Imperial Government, and the population of the worlds of the Empire (at least 62 million worlds), informing them that Emperor Palpatine, Vader, and her brother were dead because of "evil Rebel assassins":

Members of the Imperial Military and Government, and the loyal population of the Galactic Empire, today, it is my sorrow will to inform you that our beloved Emperor Palpatine, Lord Vader, and his son Darth Skyis were attacked and killed by evil Rebel assassins. It is my duty to also inform you, that I barely escaped with my life, and the assassins were killed only by the slightest blow.

Organius used Force Persuasion to make the viewing population to believe her. She smiled after she sent out the message, and soon after, the Imperial Military and Government issued a joint proclamation, proclaiming Organius Galactic Empress. The Army and Navy swore loyalty to her, and subjects of the Empire also recognized her ascension to the throne. Organius accepted their proclamation and immediately declared:

Now that I am Galactic Empress, I will do the best I can to defeat the Rebellion, preserve the Imperial government, and rule this galaxy with the firmest hand.

With the Empire under her control, Organius continued the attack at Endor, directing Imperial strategy and operations from the Death Star II. With her Battle Meditation, the Imperial fleet won and beat the attacking Rebel groups, using overwhelming fire-power and Force guidance. Admiral Ackbar and General Madine were killed, while General Han Solo, Commander Chewbacca, General Lando Calrissian, and General Wedge Antilles were captured.

The Destruction of the Rebellion

The new Empress played a role in the Destruction of the Rebellion. Firstly, the destruction of the Rebel fleet and the execution or capture of its commanders had paralyzed the vast majority of the Rebel armed forces. But Mon Mothma and several dozen Rebel fighter militias (all combined, at least 3,000 soldiers) were still in hiding, and they still held hundreds, if not thousands, of worlds and tens of thousands of minor to moderate-size Rebel movements to their loyalty. They also had at least 100 ships and 150 fighters.

Organius had learned that the remnants of the Rebel fleet and it's political and high-ranking military leaders were hiding at Sullust, one of the more loyal Rebel worlds. She decided that by assembling an Imperial fleet twice the size that of the Rebels and using her Battle Meditation, the Rebellion would be crushed. So, while least expecting it, Organius's fleet attacked that of the Rebels, who were drifting in space idle and unprepared.

Organius used her Battle Meditation, and located Mothma and her Cabinet. They were on the planet below, so a storm-trooper and walker force of 10,000 and 40 respectively was dispatched to capture the base and bring Mothma to her. She used Battle Meditation both to direct the space battle in her favor and also to guide the ground forces to Mothma and her Cabinet.

In the end, Mothma and the Rebel Cabinet were captured, and the Rebel fleet was either destroyed (50 ships and 100 fighters), captured (40 ships and 50 fighters), or driven away (10 ships). Feeding off her anger, Organius killed Mothma, but not before torturing and beating her. Organius killed the other major Rebel leaders and she was pleasured, through draining all their energies and life-forces. With only 10 rebel ships remaining in action, the Alliance to Restore the Republic collapsed and became a small pirate band, thus effectively ceasing to be a major, coordinated threat towards the Empire.


Organius desperately wanted an official coronation to seal her claim to the throne. Traveling to Coruscant, she herself arranged the plans for the ceremony. Organius would follow her own initiative. She believed all others were the ones who would bow before her, fulfilling her life energy.

Her coronation resembled that of a Sith initiation ritual. She knekt down before the Grand Vizier, who crowned her and officially proclaimed her Galactic Empress. She professed her loyalty to the Empire, the galaxy, and the Sith. Organius then rose and all, including the Vizier, bowed down to her. She then drained all their life forces, and fulfilled her life force. In the process, they all died. She was satisfied with the power she now held.

Her Way

Organius wanted her reign to speak the power she held. So, the Empress began what she called "the galactic purges". Under her orders, many worlds, including Chandrila, Sullust, and Mon Calamari were bombarded and vaporized. The Empire brutally oppressed Mon Calamarians and installed an Imperial governor on Chandrila.

Organius herself traveled intensively throughout the galaxy. Using her Dark Side powers, she recruited and trained Dark Side Adepts for her will and assigned the Inqusitorous to execute what she commanded. The Empress visited many worlds, including Corellia, Nubia, Bestine IV, Bespin, Dantoinne, and Tion.

Darth Organius at this time forcefully enslaved thousands of aliens, including those from Utapau, Gamorr, and Toydaria. She used them to build several dark side conduits, temples, palaces, and cloning labs in Byss, way in the Deep Core. By using her mastery of the Force, Organius fed on Byss's dark side power and the lifeline energies of the slaving workers to lengthen her own lifetime. The workers would die soon after the projects was completed, and her likely life expectancy age would be doubled by more than three-fifths.

Embarkments in Unknown Regions

Palpatine had promised the Ssi-Ruuk Imperium many humans and worlds in Wild Space to indulge on, including Bakura. Soon after, the Ssi-Ruuk attacked Bakura in 4 ABY, in the early years of her reign. Organius did not tolerate it, and she retook Bakura. Soon, Ssi-Rukk was invaded, and they were forced to surrender, becoming a puppet state of the Empire.

Soon, Darth Organius contacted the Chiss Ascendancy, the Vaggari, and all other Unknown Regions powers, telling them she was ruler of an Empire spanning most of the galaxy. She offered for them to become Imperial protectorates in exchange for bowing down to the Empire. Fearful of her Dark Side powers, they accepted and thus most of the Unknown Regions was incorporated into the Empire as a united protectorate, the Frontier Protectorate.

The Yuuzhan Vong

Organius knew of the coming Yuuzhan Vong, who were refugees of another galaxy and were poised to attack the galaxy. Organius, instead of risking a chance with them, opened communication with their leaders. Although the Vong could not be affected by the Force, Organius's extraordinary Force skills allowed her to manipulate them. She offered them several star systems in the Unknown Regions, plus protection by the Empire, in exchange for not attacking the wider galactic community. They accepted, and they received the star systems and protection promised, and they kept theirs.


Darth Organius continues to rule the galaxy, but with an iron fist and with credulity, oppression, hatred, anger, envy, fear, and manipulation. She is harsh and brutal and feared by almost all in society and challenged by none.

Powers and Ablities

Darth Organius is the most powerful Dark Lord of the Sith in the history of the Sith Order, and is nearly impossible to defeat. She is virtually unstoppable and has little weaknesses. Organius has the master power of manipulation and seeing through the future, and she has cunning intelligence, with smarts in bureaucracy, psychology, philosophy, and such. Organius is also an accomplished pilot, a master at almost every ship and a great navigator and gunner.


The following is a brief descrption of her powers.

Skill with Lightsaber

Darth Organius's lightsaber

Organius's lightsaber.

Despite her seemingly weak female appearance and beautiful "regular woman" look, Darth Organius is in truth an enormously talented fighter, with great skill and expertise in lightsaber combat. Organius is a master of every form and every combat style. Organius always fights less than her full capability, drawing her opponents in, then striking the fatal blow when someone thinks they have the better of her.

The only ones who could defeat her in combat were Palpatine and Yoda. However, she became stronger and killed Palpatine, and Organius deflected Yoda's swirling lightsaber techniques, cut off his legs and arms, and stabbed him to death. So, almost no one can stop her.

Expert Shooter and Martial Arts Fighter

Organius is also an expert master with blasters, lasers, phasers, and others. She always hits her target and uses the Force to help her protect herself against attacks. A Martial Arts Master, she can beat down even criminals with her physical skills, mainly by her legs and hands. She can outwit almost anyone and has been known to defeat masters older than her.

Skilled Strategist and Tactician

Darth Organius is also a skilled tactician and strategist, directing the Imperial campaigns against the Rebels in the Galactic Civil War. Her strategies rely on surprise attack and massive assault with the help of battle meditation, and they have almost always been successful.


Darth Organius has considerable skill and expertise with the Force Pull, Force Push, Force Whirlwind, Force Wave, Force Repluse, Force Throw, Force Wound, Force Kill, Force Choke, Force Grip, Force Crush, Saber Barrier, Saber Throw, telekinetic lightsaber combat, Levitation, Force Flight, Force Wind, and Projected Fighting. She uses these powers greatly.

Force Persusasion

Organius also can persuade through the Force on any and all species, including Hutts and Toydarians, despite their organized mental facilities. She can also manipulate people in to serving her.

Force Meld, Telepathy, and Sense

Organius also has skill in Force Meld, Sense, and Telepathy.

Personality and Traits

Darth Organius is an evil, manipulative, and power-hungry person. She is a megalomaniac and cares nothing for love and compassion, only for anger and brutality. Organius's harsh experiences as a child (including rape, torture, and suffering) has made her an person who loves to torture and kill others. Every prisoner and criminal she gets is tortured to the extremest pain and with the worse brutality in the longest period of time by her. In fact, she is known to laugh and sneer, to cackle evilly, and even to feel flows of energy when she witnesses suffering and death. She lives only for her benefit, and Organius drains on the life energy of others. Her laughs themselves are massive disturbances in the force, releasing echoes of evil and death that cause many Force-senstitives to lose their will to live. Her powerful Force Screams are felt throughout the galaxy, and whenever she is in pain, she makes the entire Force and the whole Universe suffer with her. She believes her will is superior, and she trusts no one and has a strong hatred and mistrust of all, including her most loyal advisors. This extends so much that to meet her ends, she will not hesitate in killing her closest advisors, and would laugh and scream off the energy and absorb it that she receives. It gives her "eternal pleasure", and even when in sleep or meditation, she leaches feelings of pleasure to all within three thousand planets of her. Her eyes are always a very chilling dark yellow, and she has dark lines around her eyes. Her teeth are rotten. Her hair is a long dark brown, reaching to the waist, and is graying but whenever anyone touches it, they die by her powerful energy, but if she touched it, she would feel more power and more life fill her. She draws upon anger and upon greed and the use of fear to fuel her. The more furious and serious she is, she would feel by her accounts "so good". She loves death, and when she is in a cemetery or graveyard, she lovingly and happily feels the call of dead people and uses their call to brush herself into her "relief world".

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