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I am evil Darth Grievous! The most evil cape wearing Dark Sombrero Lord of the Evil Cape wearing sith lords and evil ruler of the universe and I will destroy all of the annoying jedi knights and the transformers once and for all!
~ Darth Grievous

Darth Grievous is the main antagonist in Transformers: Aerialbots.


As general grievous

Darth Grievous is once a Separatist General in the Clone Wars but meet his end in the final days of the clone wars in the hands of Kenobi.

As Darth Grievous

Darth Grievous hatches from the chrysalis

Darth Grievous emerges from the chrysalis

64px I crown myself evil demon dark sombrero lord of the universe. Neither the Jedi or the transformers will stand against my evil reign of terror!
~ Darth Grievous

After many years after the Clone Wars was over Grievous was somehow revived from the dead and was told by the ghosts of the Sith Lords to go to a dark planet and enter the Sith temple. In the temple Grievous made his way to the core of the temple and was ordered to be cocooned in a chrysalis while wearing his huge cape to be remade into a powerful demon and a powerful Sith Lord and despite several objections Grievous agreed to be transformed. While Grievous was being transformed his droid and Sith armies defended the temple from both the Autobots and decepticons war outside of the temple. The Autobots were sent retreating and the Decepticons then attacked the base surrounding the Sith temple and attempt to stop Grievous from becoming a powerful Sith Lord but failed. Grievous then emerges from the chrysalis transformed into the Cape wearing Dark Sombrero lord Darth Grievous and then drive the Decepticons attackers off.

Fighting the Decepticons

Let the reign of evil Darth Grievous begin!
~ Darth Grievous launching his attacks on the galaxy

After Darth grievous fend off his attackers the reborned Sith Lord then invaded the planet the Decepticons main base was located on and first devastated the Decepticons by using the dark side to pull Dirge, Ramjet and Thrust down from the skies before crushing Soundwaves spark with his force crush abilities. The Sith Lord then slain Megatron in a titanic battle causing Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp to be the only survivors of the wrath of Darth Grievous. The evil Sith Lord then resurrects his dead minions and the dead Decepticons as his new undead army to take over the Galaxy with it.

Fighting the Jedi and their Aerialbot allies

After Darth Grievous almost annihilated the Decepticons he turned his attention to both the Autobots and the Jedi. His armies attacked and captured or slain many Jedi in the process. As he captures Jedi he cocoons them in chrysalises and turned them into his Sith Lord commanders and even made the most strongest fleet in the universe The Darkness Armada. After being exposed to a new dark power the demon Sith Lord painfully laid an egg which hatched into his new apprentice Darth Darkblade who became Darth Grievous's second in command of his evil sith empire.

After leaving devastation to many planets the Aerialbots, Jedi and the 3 seekers made an alliance to fight the evil forces of Darth grievous. During a battle over Darth Grievous's sith planet Darth Grievous defeated the three seperate fleets that tried to do a united attack against the sith lord causing the Aerialbots, the Decepticons and the Jedi to flee making Darth Grievous the ruler of the universe as he cocoons his jedi prisoners and transform them into cape wearing sith lords that serve Darth Grievous.

Final Battle

During the final battle between the Aerialbots and the Decepticons against Darth Grievous Darth Grievous emerged from the chrysalis and mega evolved into Mega Darth Grievous and grow to the size of an entire skyscrapper. The Aerialbots respond by combining into Superion but when all hope is lost Primus's energies made Superion the size of Mega Darth Grievous and both were fighting on equal terms. During that battle Mega Darth Grievous vaporized Starscream and his two soldiers and tried to stab Superion with his claws but missed. Eventually Superion vaporized Mega Darth Grievous the exact same way Energon Optimus Supreme destroys Unicron in Transformers Energon thus defeating Darth Grievous. Darth Grievous returned as a cape wearing ghost saying "Evil shall rise again!"

Physical appearance

Darth Grievous is basically a dark Sith Lord version of General grievous that has sharp poisonous claws and wore a dark purple sombrero and a large oversized cape with skulls on his shoulders, elbows and knees. He also have flaming red eyes to show how evil this villain is.

Powers and abilities

Mega Darth Grievous

Mega Darth Grievous

Darth Grievous after he become a demon sith lord possess the most strongest dark side of the forces powers in history. He can reanimate dead creatures and robots as his undead minions, can use his cape as a shield, can wrap his cape around him to teleport, can fire dark pulse beams from the palm of his hands, can use the force to pull flying enemies down from the skies, can pierce armor with his armor piercing claws and can turn things evil by cocooning them in chrysalises. When Darth Grievous dies his body gets wrapped in a chrysalis and after a couple seconds Darth Grievous emerges from the chrysalis revived from the dead. His giant sombrero also gives him demonic like powers beyond imagination. Darth Grievous also has the power to mega evolve into mega Darth Grievous in which even the Aerialbots combined form Superion has a hard time taking Mega Darth Grievous down. If Darth Grievous tries to remove his cape or his evil sombrero then he will get cocooned in a chrysalis for 3 days every time he tries.

Personality and traits

Darth grievous like the one in the transformers wars never takes or throws off his cape and sombrero and hated both the Jedi and the transformers and wants to eradicate the transformers and jedi due to the transformers cannot be evilified and the jedi opposed the dark side and loves using his dark powers for evil.

He also says the word evil in almost every time he speaks. Here are the examples of Darth Grievous saying the word evil:

  • You Jedi Knight who destroyed my evil warship squadron and killed my evil rancor. For this I will cocoon you in a chrysalis and transform you into my evil inquisitor that serves evil.
  • By the power of my large cape and evil sombrero! I HAVE THE EVIL POWER!
  • I shall rule the universe as its evil lord!
  • Muahahaha! I am evil and my evil will spread across the galaxy!
  • I crown myself evil Dark Sombrero lord of the cape wearing sith lords. Neither the transformers or the Jedi will stand in the way of my evil power.
  • Rise my legion! Behold the power of the evil dark side!
  • Rise evil zombie dragons rise!
  • I shall bring back the universe ultimate evil darkness!
  • Evil Darth Grievous mega evolve!
  • Evil dark lord legion attack!
  • I evil Darth Grievous shall bring an end to the Jedi and their transformers allies once and for all!
  • Call us the legion of evil!
  • Grievous's hatred for the Jedi is strong enough and if I survive this chrysalis will remake me. Soon I'll become more powerful than all the evil sith lords of the past. Minions defend the base surrounding the temple and the chrysalis till I emerge as an evil monster or dead.


Darth Grievous committed many war crimes and crimes against the galaxy:

Genocide against the Jedi and the Transformers especially the decepticons

Using Cocoons and Chrysalises to transform many people into dark side warriors

Purifying planets with his space battleships purifying laser beams

Creating an infamous Darkness Armada that devastated the universe

Experimenting on people

Raising the largest undead army in the galaxy which caused the Jedi to reactivate the Seperatist battle droids and recreate the clone army of the Republic

Committing evil against the universe

Making illegal terror weapons

Taking over the galaxy


Originally Darth Grievous was supposed to wore a crown instead of a Sombrero. This is because a sombrero on a bad guy would be racially offensive to hispanics and the FBI will shut down the TV show and a Cape and Crown is less racist than a Sombrero but now fans want to see a dark sombrero lord because crowns and capes is boring.

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