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Darth Grievous


Darth Grievous
Nemesis Prime
20 Great Demon Generals
3 evilleros
Cape wearing commanders and generals
Darth Darkblade
Howard the Sith

Notable members

Old former Decepticon soldiers like the Seekers, Magnaguards, cape wearing bad guys, Death Troopers and Sith Lord armadas


Korriban and Kalee


many locations

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Formed from

10000 years after the clone wars


10000 years after the clone wars






At the end of the Transformers Wars



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Transformers Wars


Darth Grievous's Sith Legion

64px Death to those who oppose the evil Sith legion!
~ Darth Grievous

Darth Grievous's Sith Legion (Also called Darth Grievous's Sith Empire, the Legion or the Sith Legion) was the evil tyrannical government and revived version of the CIS that token over the Galaxy 10000 years after the clone wars. Its purpose is to take over the universe, exterminate the Transformers and bring evil all over the universe. They are known for their Cape wearing Supremecy over the Autobots which don't wore capes.

During the Transformers Wars they sucked planets dry of their energy and resources, they enslave people, they murdered millions, transformed creatures into monsters and had ruled with an iron fist. The only ones opposing the Sith Legion were the heroic Jedi and the Autobots. The Sith Legion won many battles in the Transformers Wars but was dissolved and disbanded when Darth Grievous was killed by the Matrix of Leadership and the Seekers went into exile.


The Rise of the Legion

This legion was founded by Darth Grievous after Darth Grievous hatched from the chrysalis. This army had nothing but warriors of darkness in the organization and this legion wants to enslave every living creature in the universe and will kill those who stand in their way. Darth Grievous welcomed Starscream and the Seeker jets into their ranks. Anyone who refuses to join the legion were either scrapped or killed. Many planets had fallen to the Legion and those star systems had their resources sucked dry and millions were killed, sent to a dark oblivion or enslaved. Any prisoner they take were transformed into cape wearing monsters loyal to the sith.

The Transformers Wars

The Transformers Wars started when the Autobots and Cybertron were summoned into the Star Wars Universe by Darth Grievous's space bridge. The Sith Legion had conquered many planets and star systems and sucking the captured systems dry of energy. Darth Grievous made a clone of Optimus Prime named Nemesis Prime who lead the Sith Legion into conquering many systems but the Prime clone was killed by the real Optimus Prime. The Legion won many battles at Hypori, Geonosis, Tatooine, Dantooine, Naboo, and even Mustafar. The Autobots and Jedi however retaken those planets they conquered and built Autobot Cities at those locations to fuel the Autobots war machine. The Sith Legion killed many Autobots and Jedi on Ilum and many planets.

During another battle for Cybertron the Sith deployed their best capital ships and deployed super genocide bombs on the planet attempting to eradicate the Transformers but they failed when the autobot flyers destroyed their cruisers while the ground troopers defused the bombs.


In the last episode the Fleets of Autobot Venator Star Destroyers and the Sith Battleships battled aboved Korriban and the Sith Legion made their last stand on Korriban. The Autobot Cars were transported by Acclamator Cruisers for the ground assault on Darth Grievous's Sith Fortress. During a battle with the sith legions leader Optimus Prime open the matrix to lightened the Star Wars and Transformers universe's darkest hour and destroyed the Sith. The Seekers and the Demon Generals were forced into hidding after the Autobots victory and the Sith Legions defeat. But underneath the ruins of Darth Grievous's fortress a cape wearing ghost of Grievous said "We shall rise again!". Also the Dark future was prevented from happening as the Autobots hunt down the last of all decepticons, Sith lords, Dark siders and every evil villain in existence.

Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's Evil Vision of the Future the Legion defeated the Autobots and wiped the Jedi Out completely. After the last hero falls Darth Grievous begins to transform the Galaxy under the rule of the sith by first turning every transformer allied with him into stone and later sealed everyone and his followers into cocoons and chrysalises. After many years passed the Bad guys hatched and became powerful cape wearing monsters. Giant evil Sombreros then landed on the Sith Lords heads and the demon generals heads which made them 100% Strong with the Dark side only to make em 100% very evil like Darth Grievous himself. All creatures were enslaved forever as the cape wearing bad guys made the universe fell to permanent darkness.

Government and Politics

Darth Grievous art

The Leader of the evil Sith legion: Darth Grievous

This government has the same Politics as the Separatists only it has various elite guard units like the Seekers. Also most of the leaders, elite warriors and Generals wore capes to intimidate their enemies and the armies also contain Demon Generals like Gigatron and Nemesis Prime. Most of those cape wearing monsters resembles meterax beings IE Dark Oak with no two halves of a cape but one big full undamaged cape.

The main leader of the organization is usually the Dark lord that wears a big indestructable cape and has a big gigantic purple dark sombrero that stays attached on the sith lords head.

Also the legion has the ability to survive in the airless space without oxygen including the kaleesh human hybrids. All people that are loyal to the forces of evil always have their eye colors glowing yellow, red and of course orange due to the dark side of the force.

The entire legion speaks only alien language except for Starscream and the Seekers which only the bad guys understand what they are saying but hero's and good guys need a translators to understand what they are saying.

Darth Darkblade is the Sith Fleet Admiral of the evil Fleet of the Dark Lords.


Sith Legions evil army

The military forces of the Dark Legion—also known as the Dark Army or the Sith Army—was a massive mix of weapons of war, battle droids, pirates, Huge Walkers, Battle Walkers, Siege walkers, Tanks, Caped Magnaguards, Kaleesh Warlords, Combaticons, Stunticons, Constructicons, Terrorcons, Predacons, Undead creatures, Seeker planes, organic forces, Sith lords, Sith Sorcerers, Death Troopers, and local warriors. The Sith Legion had many warships including the Malevolence II, Sith Destroyers, Sith Dreadnoughts, Nightfall II, Invisible fist, the Corsair Battleships and the Invisible Hand II. They gain more warriors on their side by many ways including capturing POWs to turn them into cape wearing monsters. They also mutate species including making Kaleesh/human hybrids and mutated alien species like Mutant Sith Plants that got powerful wrapping vines which wraps victims in cocoons.

Experiments, Biotechnology and technology

The Sith has been using the Dark side to mutate things into evil creatures while their evil Robot engineers have been working on dangerous walker robots and deadly machines.

Their biotechnology was created when the technology of the Sith mutated creatures and experimented on them like turning Hydroid medusas into dark hydroid medusas also made for space travel and creatures mutate to becoming dangerous monsters that dwarfs the Ultralisks and rancors.

  • Dark Hydroid Medusas
  • Super Tank
  • T-773 Death walkers
  • Walkers
  • Separatist Ships reused after so many years since the Clone wars ended.
  • Cocoons and Chrysalis which are used to turn creatures evil.
  • Weapons of mass destruction by various ways.
  • Small creatures that resembles zerglings are often used as the Sith Legions bloodhounds for slaying jedi.
  • Evil Sith plants
  • Sombrero Droids
  • Giant Sombrero Droids
  • Commando droids elite
  • Super Genocide Bombs
  • MTT
  • AAT
  • Various cape wearing droids and monsters
  • Light Tanks
  • Massive Capital Ships
  • Mutated super rancors
  • Massive mutated space creatures
  • Monster Motherships that got city destroying weapons and houses way to many sith fighters
  • Sith Star


The Sith legion was far bigger than the Autobots, but much wealthier and more centralized, and in possession of unique and potent technologies. The Sith Lords allegedly controlled the riches of a thousand species.

During the time of the Transformers Wars, the Legions population was far more than that of the Autobots.






Cybertron (Former base to the Decepticons. Taken over and renamed New Eviltron in Dark Future)


The Sith Legions outfits are homages to Cobra troopers armor, sith lords caped armor and of course their vehicles involves more walkers than tanks. Some of those cape wearing bad guys resembles Meterax leaders that wore capes from Sonic X, the name of the organization is based on the Iron Legion from Battalion Wars 2 and of course parodies of many cape wearing villains.

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