Darth Grievous's Head
Biographical information

Kalee and Korriban


On Vassek many years after the clone wars by trapping a robot that wears Grievous's cape in a chrysalis which hatched into a cape wearing monster


Korriban during the end of the Transformers Wars but lives as a Cape wearing ghost

Physical description

Kaleesh and a Demon




Bigger than Optimus Prime

Eye color



100% Robot

Chronological and political information

Transformers Wars


Darth Grievous's Sith Legion


Demon Dark sombrero Lord of the Sith
Emperor of Darkness

Alternate mode


Cyber Key power


Stealth Force Mode


64px I am evil Darth Grievous! The most evil Dark sombrero Lord of the cape wearing Sith and evil dark Emperor of the Universe and I will destroy all the annoying Jedi knights and the transformers race once and for all.
~ Darth Grievous

This article talks about the Cape wearing monster that caused the Transformers Wars. For the Final Smash version see Darth Grievous (Final Smash 3)

For the evil Sith Lord in Transformers: Aerialbots see Darth Grievous (Transformers Aerialbots)

Darth Grievous is the most worst evil cape wearing Demon monster and Dark sombrero lord of the cape wearing Sith in history. His goal is to bring a Dark Future for the universe and exterminate the jedi and the Transformers to the last bot including his own cybertronian allies. He was once General Grievous's until after his death it took many years to revive the evil Separatist General. He wrapped a Robot wearing his cape into a chrysalis which hatched in 10000 years after the clone wars as a cape wearing demon sith lord. Grievous's ghost then merged with the reborned sith lord and Darth Grievous was born. A giant purple and dark sombrero then landed on his head and stayed attached to his head which made him very strong with the force but at the cost of turning him 100% evil. Wielding the Chaos Crystal Darth Grievous is immortal and has many dark side of the force abilities and Sith Magic powers. Darth Grievous did the most worst Jedi Purge in the galaxies history, exterminated the Hutts and eliminated the entire Kenobi Family. Darth Grievous spreads fear across the Transformers and Star Wars Universes with his cape wearing demon commanders, his cape wearing legion, his second in command Starscream and his cape wearing 20 Great Demon Generals but was killed by Optimus Prime when Optimus used the Matrix of Leadership to light the Autobots and Jedis darkest hour. He returned from the remains of his destroyed Sith Fortress as a cape wearing ghost with the words "We shall rise again!".


Early life

Grievous by VegasMike

Darth Grievous's former self

Darth Grievous was once Grievous, born as Qymaen jai Sheelal, was the cape wearing cyborg Supreme Commander of the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems for most of the Clone Wars. Grievous was originally a Kaleesh from the planet Kalee, where he lived his early life. During the Kaleesh conflict against the Huk, Qymaen jai Sheelal quickly learned the art of war, specializing in a slugthrower rifle. Quickly amassing a great number of Huk kills, he became a demigod among his people. He eventually met the female Kaleesh Ronderu lij Kummar, a master with the sword. The two became very close before her death at the hands of the Huk. Heartbroken, Qymaen jai Sheelal renamed himself Grievous and turned all his anger and grief toward the Huk. Aided by his elite, he forced the Huk off Kalee and then swarmed their homeworld, conquering the Huk. The Huk turned to the Galactic Republic for help, and the Kaleesh were forced back to their own world by the Jedi and left to starve.

Desperate to help his people, Grievous took a job as an enforcer with the InterGalactic Banking Clan. However, after learning that the Huk had attacked Kalee, he headed home to gain vengeance. After consulting with his ally, Confederate Head of State Count Dooku, IBC Chairman San Hill arranged for a bomb to be placed on Grievous's shuttle, Martyr. The Kaleesh was critically injured, but lived, and Hill arranged for the final stage of his plan. Grievous was reconstructed as a cyborg and was presented to Dooku as a potential weapon to be used in the upcoming war that the count had planned against the Republic

After being made Supreme Commander, Grievous proceeded to wreak havoc on the Republic for the three-year–span of the Clone Wars. The general was trained in the art of lightsaber combat by Dooku himself, who was also a Sith Lord. Grievous was a quick study and eventually came to be recognized as one of the most skilled duelists in the galaxy. Aided by his IG-100 MagnaGuards, Grievous killed many Jedi, and led the Confederacy to victory in many battles. Quickly gaining a reputation as a savage, merciless brute as well as a tactical genius, the cyborg struck fear into the hearts of many with his flagship, the ion cannon–armed Malevolence, as well as Operation Durge's Lance, a massive strike at the Core Worlds. He even kidnapped some Jedi Padawans but they escaped his grip. Grievous was captured on Naboo once and was liberated when they trade Grievous for Skywalker. He destroyed the Nightsisters and killed old Daka but failed to kill Mother Talzin and Ventress.

19 BBY

In 19 BBY, Grievous led the Confederate Navy in the Battle of Coruscant, an attack on the Republic's capital. Grievous killed several Jedi and took Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, leader of the Republic, hostage. However, before the general's flagship, Invisible Hand, could jump to hyperspace, the Republic Navy arrived, and the Chancellor was freed by Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, who also succeeded in killing Dooku. Grievous fled to the Outer Rim world of Utapau and attempted to regain control of the war, though the Confederacy had been dealt a great blow with the loss of Dooku. Grievous throws off his cape and battled the Jedi but was killed shortly after in the Battle of Utapau by Kenobi, and the Confederacy fell soon after. At some point after Grievous's death, his body was used to create the droid warrior N-K Necrosis, who considered himself to be the reincarnation of Grievous. However, the droid was killed shortly after his creation by several spacers.

10000 years after the Clone Wars

Darth Grievous hatches from the chrysalis

Darth Grievous reborn

After Grievous's death Grievous became a cape wearing ghost and got reborned by the Dark Side of the Force. He first made most of the Robots that are exploring his Lair fall into his lairs traps and then wrapped a Robot that is wearing his cloak and resembling Grievous into a big black Chrysalis by spat a strange gooey substance on the bot which covers the bot and wrap him in a web-like chrysalis and infect the captured bot with the evilifier virus and in 10000 years after the clone wars ended the Chrysalis hatched. Then Grievous's ghost merged with his new Darth Grievous body and Darth Grievous was born. As he emerges from the darkness from his Chrysalis he made a loud dragon like roar then an evil laugh while his cape blows in the wind while being covered in a Dark Aura. A giant purple and dark sombrero landed on Darth Grievous's head and stayed permamently attached to his head which made him souless and 100% evil as he gains many dark side abilities using the Chaos Crystal to bring darkness across the galaxy. His sombrero made him hear the thoughts of all the other evil sith lords in the past including Sidious's, Krayts and Banes thoughts.

Per every time he tries to remove either his cape or sombrero or both he gets wrapped up and sealed away in a chrysalis for a long month per every time he tries to do that.

The Transformers Wars

64px Let the Reign of Evil Darth Grievous begin!
~ Darth Grievous

After Darth Grievous hatched from the chrysalis the evil cape wearing monster that wore an evil sombrero formed Darth Grievous's Sith Legion by reactivating the ancient Clone Wars era Separatist droid armies and the cape wearing Magnaguards and create the idea of making more deadly battle droids especially the assassin droid mark II, Giant Sombrero Droids and the new upgraded cape wearing commando droids. He taken over the Star Wars Galaxy sucking planets dry of their energy and their resources. Any prisoner his forces taken are often wrapped in web like cocoons and those victims are transformed into various evil cape wearing monsters. He often revived dead things into mindless monsters and send them to do slavery things like gather resources and overwhelm Jedi. He has a lot of dark lord minions reserved in case his primary forces are destroyed. During the first phase of the war he captured a Jedi and fused him with an evil kaleesh sith lord to create Darth Darkblade to make him serve as the Fleet admiral of the Sith Legions mightily sith fleets.

He Rebuilt the evil Lair of General Grievous into a huge evil capital starship, made allies like the Seekers, used the power of darkness to create the evil Dark Howard the Sith Lord and the fanatically evil 3 evilleros, transform Ransack and Crumplezone into sunstorm and acid storm with the power of the darkness, formed the evil 20 Great Demon Generals, unleashed his Sithzilla monster and even ruled the Star Wars universe with an Iron Fist.

His powers pulled Cybertron into the Star Wars Universe to attempt to drain Cybertron dry.

The only organization opposing him are currently the Galactic Alliance, the Jedi, Optimus Prime and the heroic transforming superheros the Autobots.

Darth Grievous struck fear into the hearts of millions, slaying Autobots and Jedi alike. His hunger for power and lust for destruction burns hotter than the cosmos and the brightest stars. He reborn many villains from the dead known as Ivan, Almec, Tal Merrik, Pre Vizsla, Gibbs and Radek but he also display his kaleesh heritage by adoring his troops with masks and cloaks again for no reason especially his Great Demon Generals, his Death Troopers and his Magnaguards. Those who refused to join the Sith Legion were killed and/or scrapped. He made many stars go nova with his Sith Magic and defeated many Autobots on Ilum and Jedi on Kalee. He bring yet another golden age of the sith only this time it almost had no downfall. He even unleashed several ancient monsters, Void Creatures and huge sith creatures into the universe under his evil control thus also trying to ensure his evil rule of the universe.

Chaos on Kalee

Darth Grievous got into fights with pirates recently but after defeating them he corrupted them into fighting for his side.

When the Kaleesh warlords need help the evil Dark lord took Skywarp and Thundercracker and his legion had rushed to help his people defeat the Huk. He shows no mercy at his opponents and was about to kill Silverbolt until the two Jedi stopped him from killing Silverbolt. After being killed Darth Grievous's corpse was cocooned in a chrysalis and then the evil sith lord came back from the dead and killed the Jedi and Silverbolt escapes him in jet plane mode to the Venator Star Destroyer.

Darth Grievous latter liberated Starscream and several decepticons loyal to Megatron.

Massacre on Ilum

In the heat of battle on Ilum Darth Grievous annihilated almost all the autobot armies and had his foes surrounded. He yelled "Jedi, Autobots! You are surrounded, your army is decimated. Make peace with the Force now…for this is your final hour. But know that I, Evil Darth Grievous, am not completely without evil mercy. I will grant you an evil warrior's death. Prepare!". Then he attacks.

He killed a lot of autobots including Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Huffer, Brawn, Windcharger, Hound, Gears, Mirage and several jedi and before he killed a strong jedi he said "I am the darkness!" before striking him down. He said "Darkness desends!" Before killing Brawn. He said "I strike from the shadows!" before killing Huffer. He said "You shall fall!" before killing Mirage. He said "Death comes to all!" before killing Gears with his dark pulse shots.

Darth Grievous Got into several Lightsaber fights with pirates and beaten them but latter ordered his Sith mutated insect like beasts to web them into cocoons so they will latter serve their evil master. He also killed the last of the insect Transformers the insecticons in the whole universe just because they failed him for the last evil time.

Eventually Darth Grievous fights against Silverbolt, Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime again only this time he was defeated even if he injured Silverbolt and nearly killing Arcee.

His battle against the Autobots were recorded by Arcee a woman autobot motorcycle who latter showed the universe to help autobots win or Darth Grievous brings darkness to the whole Galaxy.

The Malevolence II Saga

He plans to take over Cybertron by launching the Malevolence II and deployed the super genocide bombs to eradicate the transformers on their homeworld but after a series of battles and the Autobots acts of repelling the enemy attacks he lost and was angered. He smashed a Commander Droid and made another star go nova in frustration.

He also destroyed a lot of Autobots on many planets and Ironhide sworn revenge for killing his friends and of course destroying half of the Minotaur class battlecruiser fleets.

He even sent the Sith Star to destroy Cybertron but it was destroyed in the battle. Angered he ordered his forces to retreat and killed a droid commander for its failures. While his forces are retreating he destroyed 8 Vikings with his dark powers and of course scared the Autobots from Korriban by using his Force Storm powers.

Sith VS Autobots

Mega Darth Grievous

Mega Darth Grievous

64px Now ten thousand years of darkness begins!
~ Darth Grievous during his victory celebration against Optimus Prime

He even fought Optimus Prime and Silverbolt and injured Prime and Silverbolt on Kalee but was unable to do the final blow against the two Autobots. Darth Grievous had wrapped Gigatron and himself in Chrysalises to be reborned as more powerful monsters. The Chrysalises then hatched and the evil sith lord got stronger than ever and prepare to unleash his new powers on the Autobots including his power to mega evolve into mega darth grievous. After he mega evolves into mega darth grievous he made a dragon like roar then an evil laugh as he prepares for battle.

The next time the Sith and the Autobots meet Darth Grievous, Gigatron, Skywarp, Starscream and Thundercracker defeated the Autobot Leaders including Jetfire and Stole the Matrix. As he celebrate his victory with his minions his cape was glowing in darkness and his sombrero was emitting darkness while being covered in a dark aura. After exposed to a dark toxic substance he layed an egg(while roaring and yelling in pain in the process) which hatched into Sithzilla and ordered it to destroy the transformers but despite the strong dark powers and dark dragon breath it used it was slain by Ace Jetstream and Superion.

Turning Shockwave into an evil Cape wearing demon General

After seeing an Autobot named Shockwave would make a fine cape wearing Demon General he ordered his monster legion to capture him and bring him before him. Shockwave fought the sith lord but Darth Grievous overpowered him. He then turned Shockwave evil by sealing the Autobot in a Cocoon and infecting him with the Evilifier virus. He drained Shockwave's soul and made Shockwave hatched into a souless cape wearing demon monster that controls the undead and ordered him to destroy the Autobots. Shockwave was killed by Powerglide in order to save the universe and the Autobots from destruction.

Final Battle at Kalee

Darth Grievous's Cape shield

Darth Grievous uses his cape as a shield to block an attack from Warpaths chest cannon on kalee

He got into a fight again with the Autobot leaders on Kalee but the Matrix was taken back by Breakaway who used a stealth device to sneak up and take back what belongs to the Autobots while he is distracted with fighting the autobots.

In space Darth Grievous defeated 3 powerful fleets at a space station orbiting Kalee and escaped but not before destroying almost all the Battlecruisers and the Vikings in those 3 fleets.

After the latest battle of Kalee he head back to the Sith Fortress on Korriban and rest in his dark Chrysalis to get stronger to defeat the Autobots.


Prepare for Oblivion Prime!
~ Darth Grievous in his battle against Optimus Prime

Darth Grievous's Ghost

Darth Grievous after his death

In the final episode Darth Grievous hatched from his rest in the Dark Chrysalis and put up a powerful fight against the Autobots including mega evolving into mega Darth Grievous using the Dark Side to hurt Optimus Prime on which thing really hurts him the most which is injure all of the Autobots, create more black holes, killed 90 Jedi, separated Optimus from his Sonic Wing mode, separated Superion, killed the Dinobots, destroyed almost all Autobot Venator Star Destroyers and kill Trailbreaker. He told Optimus Prime to prepare for Oblivion but Darth Grievous's and his Sith Legion got defeated and Optimus Prime uses the power of the Matrix to kill Darth Grievous and his sith armies once and for all. Darth Grievous and Nemesis Primes Bodies were dissolved by the power of the matrix along with their entire sith armies. Darth Grievous's plan to make a Dark Future and take over the universe failed again.

Just when the Autobots thought Darth Grievous is dead Darth Grievous reappeared as a cape wearing ghost saying "We shall rise again!" while his big ghostly sombrero of darkness glows in purple darkness on his head as his red eyes shine red.

Dark Future

Dark future

Darth Grievous victorious against the Autobots in Dark Future

In Darth Grievous's evil vision of the future Darth Grievous was victorious against the last of the Autobots as he kills prime, detonated his Super Genocide bombs, destroyed the matrix and turned all the rest of the Transformers race into stone including starscream and then wrapped and sealed every Sith lords, Demon generals and followers of darkness into cocoons while himself into a chrysalis. After 90 years the bad guys hatched and become monsterous cape wearing Dark siders. Later Giant Sombreros landed on Darth Grievous's followers which made them strong in the force only to turn them 100% evil and capes got attached to their necks which did the same thing. Darth Grievous's sombrero and cape got very very large as he permanently mega evolves into Mega Evil Dark Sombrero lord of the Evil cape wearing Sith Lords. After then Darth Grievous then oversees a huge empire of Sith ready to rule the universe. Coruscant was turned into a dark planet with Darth Grievous's evil face on it wearing an evil Sombrero. All the Stars burned out and the universe is 100% dark with Darth Grievous laughing evilly as he transforms the galaxy.

Physical Appearances

This guy looks like a dark version of General Grievous only he wore an oversized green and red cape that he cannot remove off his neck and wore a very large Dark Purple Sombrero that cannot be removed from his head with Red Eyes and two hands that have 6 fingers. His claws can split into 4 to hold 4 lightsabers. His red Death head logo has his head only its bones were replaced by two lightsabers and the logo is on his cape and his sombrero. His eyes glows red in the dark all the time which scares friend and foe alike.

As Mega Darth Grievous he has flaming red eyes, got skull tattoos on his arms, his fingers become sharp deadly claws that can poison most enemies with the dark side, his cape is bigger and dark and red plus has a huge sombrero skull and cross lightsabers on it, his sombrero is bigger and has more skull tattoos on it and finally he got skulls on his shoulders, knees and elbows.


Darth Grievous is one evil maniac and was extremely corrupted by his cape and worst his sombrero. His crimes are so serious that the whole universe wants him dead for what he did. His crimes includes but not limited to is:

Extinction to the hutts by the use of the super genocide bombs

Annihilation to the Kenobi family

destruction to the tauntauns

Killing the last members of the Skywalker family

Turning the forest moon of Endor into a fireball and annihilating all life on it

Killing to many Jedi

Killing Huffer by stabbing him with his claws

Resisting capture and arrest from the good guys

Killing Trailbreaker

Killing the Dinobots

Killing Gears with his dark pulse shots

Creating hard to put out fires and did tons of arson to various innocent property and living beings like burning down an entire city on Coruscant and arson to an innocent forest on some worlds

transforming many humans into half aliens and half human hybrids

Killing Brawn

Killing Sideswipe

Using his mega evolved form to make himself completely unstoppable and nearly undefeatable

Murdering Mirage by crushing his head with his bare claws

Various war crimes including use of illegal war weapons

Killing Hound by vaporizing him with his dark blast shots

Cutting windcharger in half

Killing Sunstreaker

Using super genocide bombs to make several species extinct.

Reborning dead good guys from the dead as his undead army

Using his Dark powers to destroy planets and even make stars go nova

Destroying thousands of Autobot Minotaur class battlecruisers, Viking Fighters, F-22 Raptor drone planes and Venator Class Star Destroyers in many space battles

Turning many Jedi and anyone who oppose him evil

Turning Shockwave into an evil Villain and making him attack his former allies

Nearly making the universe fell to Darkness

Eradicated the Insecticons to the last robot bug due to they failed him to many times

Killed anyone that is innocent and defenseless

Making the volcanoes across the galaxy erupt out of control in attempt to burn all of his enemies

Fusing an innocent Jedi with an evil sith lord which resulted in the creation of an evil villain named Darth Darkblade

Using Cocoons and chrysalises to experiment cruel things to living beings

Using his sith powers to create black holes

Using The Sith Star to blow up to many unidentified planets, ships and moons

Almost killing Jetfire, Silverbolt and nearly putting an end to Optimus Prime

Laying a monster egg which hatched into Sithzilla and ordered it to destroy a city on Cybertron

Enslaving other innocent and defenseless creatures

Attempt to bring an end to the Transformers Species forever along with the Jedi

Powers and Abilities


Darth Grievous showing his dark powers

You cannot harm evil Darth Grievous while the dark side flows through my evil veins!
~ Darth Grievous

Darth Grievous has many dark side powers including Sith Lightning and he is an ace with lightsabers and he can teleport anywhere by wrapping himself with his Huge Cape and also use his cape as a shield against range attackers. He can hold up to 6 lightsabers with his 6 arms and he is powerful with the force. He often reads a magical evil book called the necronomicon and other sith knowledge.

Darth Grievous can Overpower anyone and anything and can rip the sparks out of a transformer in one grip.

He kept stolen lightsabers in his cape pockets and he never takes off his cape as for he is cursed to wear it forever and never attempt to take it off. Darth Grievous also wears the largest cape in the universe and his cape always blows in the wind. He also wore a very large evil dark purple sombrero that gives him lots of dark powers at the cost of making him very evil. His sombrero also protects him from aerial attacks especially when bombers drop bombs did no damage to Darth grievous. Like his large indestructible cape he cannot take off his sombrero as for it's permanently attached to his head in order to make darth grievous powerful and not to mention be able to read other peoples minds. Lightsabers cannot cut through his cape or sombrero or his arms or skin and his powers are even more deadlier than that of the Sons.

Because hes a Lich and a Necromancer king he can also raised an undead army and a demon army to attack his foes with and he can fire Dark Blast shots and dark pulse shots from his hands. His dark blast attacks can puncture even the most powerful Star Destroyers, his dark pulse attack can cripple a transformer with a couple shots and can't be stopped by the force and his Sith Lightning storm can destroy an entire fleet of Battleships within seconds.
Power of Darth Grievous's Sombreros protective shield

Darth Grievous Sombrero Shield shielding him from attacks

He is hard to kill and every time this guy dies his corpse gets wrapped in a chrysalis and after a few seconds he emerges from the chrysalis reborned from the dead unless the power of the matrix is used against him.

His worst powers are all forms of sith magic including Summon darkness, Supernova etc.

He can also used the power of Darkness to create or remake things and reborn things into monsters like create Nemesis Prime out of a small tiny piece of Optimus Primes legs, remake Ransack into Acid Storm and turn Crumplezone into Sunstorm.

When in Ghost form he can possess other living creatures.

Darth Grievous also have the power to turn others evil by various ways like wrapping victims in Cocoons which will later hatch into various cape wearing monsters. He simply splat a strange slimmy sticky goo on his victims and use his dark magic to wrap em up in a web like chrysalis and finally added some Sith sorcery magic that will transform the victim into a monsterous cape wearing monster with red eyes and claws.

Darth Grievous is often covered in a Dark Aura during most situations.

When he had the matrix of leadership he was one tough opponent against his enemies.

On Korriban and Kalee Darth Grievous often rests and always wrapped himself in a Dark Chrysalis to get stronger and heal himself. The Chrysalis hatches once Darth Grievous is at full power and full health.

After episode 25 his powers are more devastating than before. His cape and sombrero got bigger, he runs faster than all of the Autobot Cars and he can fly faster than the Seekers. He can also mega evolve into Mega Darth Grievous. As Mega Darth Grievous his sombrero is bigger as he is more eviler, his cape has more dark powers and his fingers become dark claws. Darth Grievous's Mega evolve form is only temporarily and he will reverts back to his normal self when he wins or loses a battle. After Mega Evolving he usually makes a dragon like roar and an evil laugh to show the powers of mega darth grievous.

Darth Grievous is one of the most Feared, Dangerous and deadly Sith sorcerers in history.

He can also talk to his dead girlfriend who he used to fight alongside with on kalee. He can also talk to dookus ghost who taught him how to be good at lightsabers and using the power of darkness.

When contained in a chrysalis for attempting to removing either his sombrero or his cape he will never have any powers or magic to help bust him out. He will have to rest in the chrysalis for a whole month which in turn the dark powers of the Chrysalis makes him more evil and souless.

Darth Grievous is also known to use flaming meteors and flaming asteroid rocks as weapons like using a flaming meteor strike to wipe out an entire autobot army.

Darth Grievous also has the dark power to control lava and fire like making all the volcanoes on Mustafar erupt out of control and shoot flames out of his claws

Darth Grievous have the dark power to fuse two creatures together. He used it to create Darth Darkblade by fusing a human Jedi with an evil Kaleesh Sith lord thus creating a new villain that leads the Sith fleet and does firebending.

In Dark Future Darth Grievous gains dark god like powers and his mega evolved form is permanent and he has the power to remake all life in his image while bringing eternal darkness to the universe.

Personality and traits

64px By the power of my large cape and evil sombrero! I have the evil power!
~ Darth Grievous

Darth Grievous's Symbol

Darth Grievous's Symbol seen on his cape and sombrero

Darth Grievous is even more infamous than before and was often wearing a large Cape plus a giant dark purple sombrero and was even more destructive than before. He even transformed many creatures into various cape wearing monsters by wrapping them up in cocoons which drains their souls and turn them evil. He often sleeps in his Chrysalis to rest and recovers his health and turn himself even more eviller than before.

Since his transformation turned him very evil he did not care about any kaleesh/human abominations, Sith/kaleesh monsters, Yuuzhan Vong/Zabrak hybrids, mutated bat winged Neimoidians and don't Care about species and races are experimented on, enslaved or extinct. He only cares about being evil and doing evil actions. He despised the Transformers and hates them including his own transformer allies and wants to destroy the transformers race once and for all. Darth Grievous is a ruthless villain that wants universal domination and will not stop until he achieved his goals. He always laughs evilly almost all the time in his life and laughs at the agony of others like when torturing a jedi he laughs at his or her pain.

His large cape and his large sombrero often made him speaks alien which only villains and his followers can understand but good guys and heroes need a translator to know what he's saying. He also overuse the word "evil" in every time he speaks like:

  • "You Jedi Knight Who destroyed my evil prized war machine and killed my evil sith dragon! For this I will cocoon you in a chrysalis and transform you into my evil Sith Lord inquisitor that serves evil!"
  • "Rise and serve your evil Dark Sombrero Lord!"
  • "Its good to be all evilly powerful!"
  • "Evil Sith Lords! Retreat!"
  • "Your evil dark sombrero lord listens!"
  • "The evil Dark Sombrero Lords hatred is strong enough and if I survive this evil chrysalis will remake me! Soon I will become more powerful than the old Sith Lords in the past! My evil minions, defend the base surrounding my evil chrysalis and my evil dark chrysalis itself until I emerge from the evil chrysalis or die!"
  • "My evil giant sombrero droids will tip the battle in my evil favor!"
  • "You have lost Autobots! My evil will spread across the galaxy!"
  • "Nothing shall stand in the way of evil Darth Grievous!"
  • "I have a powerful evil army ready to crush the Autobots"
  • "I am evil Darth Grievous, leader of the evil Sith legion. You will do exactly what I say!"
  • "Now the whole universe shall tremble to my evil power!"
  • "I'll scour you all from my evil world!"
  • "I am the evil rising darkness, The evil Conquerer of worlds and the most evil Dark Sombrero lord of the Cape wearing sith in the universe!"
  • "Your evil dark sombrero lord is under attack!"
  • "I am evil Darth Grievous! I am evil!"
  • "Let the forces of evil rise! Muahahaha!"
  • "The evil darkness will decend all over the universe!"
  • "NO! A whole evil battle fleet destroyed and not one Autobot dead!"
  • "That Shockwave is one impressive warrior! Its a pitty that he is fighting against the forces of evil!"
  • "Arise Shockwave! Arise my new evil demon general!"
  • "Nothing will stop me from my evil Conquest of the Universe!"
  • "The evil Sith lords shall crush the Autobots!"
  • "The Autobots robbed me of my evil victory but they have not seen the last of evil Darth Grievous. Evil shall be avenged!
  • "Is there anyone in the evil universe who will challenge the might of evil Darth Grievous?"
  • "No one can defeat Evil Darth Grievous!"
  • "At last! There's nothing standing in my way of total evil universal domination!",
  • "Evil can be most awarding!",
  • "Dont worry I have a very evil plan to destroy them all!"
  • "Evil has no friends!"
  • "I am the evil Dominator, I am the evil Destroyer, I am Evil DARTH GRIEVOUS!!"
  • "I am the most evil thing in the whole universe!"
  • "Rise my evil Army!"
  • "Evil shall provail!"
  • "Arise my evil legion!"
  • "I love being Evil!"
  • "As evil mega Darth Grievous the galaxy will tremble before my evil power!"
  • "Evil Sith lords attack!"
  • "Don't worry, I have a very evil plan to destroy the Autobots!"
  • "The evil Shadow of darkness shall decends over the universe!"
  • "I evil Darth Grievous shall annihilate the annoying transformers races once and for all!"

Also he always garbbed his minions with capes and cloaks.

He always want to send his enemies into a Dark Oblivion.


Darth Grievous is the only character to have a mega evolve form in the entire Star Wars and transformers universes.

Darth Grievous's plans to wipe out the transformers and Jedi and transformation of the universe is similar to the Dark Voices Plan to reshape all life to the universe and Dark Oaks forestation of the universe.

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