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Darrell Boxmore (The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy)
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Simon Pegg
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Slug Brain
One-Eyed Pickle Jar
Big Brother
Glass Brain
Bucket of Bolts
Big Darrell
Lord Cowboy Darrell
Mega Darrell
The Daddy (by himself)
Graffiti Weiner
Personality Greedy, ruthless, mean-spirited, cowardly, dim-witted, arrogant, cunning, rude
Appearance TBA
Occupation Employee of Boxmore
Henchman of Boxman
CEO of Boxmore (formerly)
Alignment Bad
Goal Obey the orders and will of Lord Boxman (formerly)
Destroy Lakewood Plaza Turbo and the heroes to make Boxmore the dominate business in the area
Usurp control of Boxmore from Lord Boxman (succeeded)
Home Boxmore
Relatives Lord Boxman (father)
Mr. Logic (oldest brother)
Ernesto (older brother)
Shannon (younger sister)
Raymond (younger brother)
Mikayla (youngest sister)
Jethro (younger brother)
Boxman Jr. (youngest brother)
Allies Lord Boxman (formerly)
Minions TBA
Enemies Bedbug Man, Opossum Boy, Jackie, Shannon Thunderskunk
Likes TBA
Dislikes TBA
Powers and abilities Customizable features
Weapons Laser cannon
Giant fist
Various different forms
Can be rebuilt all the time
Fate TBA
Quote "SILENCE!"

Darrell Boxmore (also known as Darrell) is the secondary antagonist of the Brazilian-American animated television series, The Bedbug Man and the Opossum Boy.

He is a robot model produced by the evil company Boxmore, and one of the many robotic children of Lord Boxman, who assists in his father's quest to eliminate friendship and destroy Lakewood Plaza Turbo, primarily just to gain his admiration. During the Season 1 finale, however, Darrell chooses to betray his father by selling out his recent, devastating failure to Cosma and the other Boxmore investors, which results in Boxman being fired (both by Cosma and into the sun at his courtesy). Afterwards, he is named as the new CEO of the company by Cosma until Boxman "Crashes" when his father and Professor Venomous took over the company, much to Darrell's suprise and delight.

Physical Appearence

Darrell is a red robot with a slender and tall body. He only has one eye, instead of two eyes. His head is shaped like a square and holds a pink brain inside a light green compartment that is connected to the top of his head. He has a yellow circle surounded by a gray ring on his chest that he can use to reset his robot form into a new one, matching the ones on the back of his hands, and also wears grayish-black robotic boots. He has very sharp fingers and sharp teeth.

As Big Darrell, he retains the same appearance, but is much larger and taller and as Mega Darrell, his appearance changes with his feet being tanks and his shoulders and chest hiding cannons and many kinds of military weaponry.


Darrell has a rather arrogant and boastful personality as he's Boxman's most loyal henchman and fights to prove that he's worthy of the title. Much like the rest of his kind, Darrell is known for his criminal and juvenile behavior as he's a trickster, persistant, and dimwitted as well. He hates the heroes of Lakewood Plaza Turbo and is thus, constantly sent in to fight them and is their main rival throughout most of the encounters between the plaza and Boxman's henchmen. He has a short temper and is easily set off by minor things such as insults and is engaged in a sibling rivalry with his younger sister, Shannon, over Boxman's admiration.

Powers and Abilities