Darkness City is the Second Movie Trilogy of the Cillian Darcy Tales. It Take Parts in the Second World instead of the First World.


In the Second World, Equestria is took over by the Nightmare Mane 6 (the Second Trilogy's Main Antagonist), so then Princess Celestia decide to free Moonbeam (The Trilogy's Main Protagonist) to freedom but first... Cadence offer Him to defeat the Nightmare Mane 6 to order to free equestria from destruction. So Now, Moonbeam teaming up with the Cutie Mark Crusaders on an Horror Adventure to save Equestria from the Nightmare Mane 6.


Moonbeam: Formerly Cillian Darcy, Is the Main Protagonist of the Second Trilogy after the End of the First Trilogy and an Ally of the Cutie Mark Crusaders. In the end of the trilogy, he's now Moonbeam guardian of 3 Worlds. Before the Battle, He was Rude, Mean and Cold Hearted to Everypony and now He's now Kind Hearted, Caring and Nice to them, After the Nightmare Prince is Defeated, Moonbeam is Returned to Ponyvile as a Hero.

Apple Bloom: Youngest of the Apple Family, She Partnering up with Moonbeam because She wants to Save her Sister Applejack.

Sweetie Belle: Rarity's Younger sister and Friends of Apple Bloom and Scootaloo, She Teaming up with Moonbeam to rescue rarity.

Scootaloo: Rainbow Dash's #1 Fan and Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle's Friend, She teaming up with Moonbeam to save Rainbow Dash.

Nightmare Rarity:  One of the 6 Main Antagonists of the Trilogy, She wants to Use the Powers to Conquer Equestria. She wants revenge on Moonbeam for insult the clothes she designs after she Loss, She Forgiving him and gave him a jacket and a hat.

Nightmare Fluttershy: One of the 6 Main Antagonists of the Trilogy, who use Her Powers to destroy Nature. She wants revenge on Moonbeam for refusing to help her out but now after the loss of her battle with him, She felt sorry for him and let him be a friend of the animals.

Nightmare Rainbow Dash: One of the 6 Main Antagonists of the Trilogy who use the Rainbow Factory to practice the tata swirl. She want to Kill Moonbeam for Decline her Challenge, after she's been defeated,  She closed down the factory and became his friend and rival again.

Nightmare Applejack: One of the 6 Main Antagonists of the Trilogy who make Bad Apples all over Ponyville. She want to have Revenge on Moonbeam by using her bad apple for not helping her soon after her defeat, She unbanned Moonbeam from the sweet apple acres and allowed to be a friend to the apple family.

Nightmare Pinkie Pie: One of the 6 Main antagonist of the Trilogy who killed Ponies and turn them into Cupcakes. She want to kill Moonbeam because he refuse to throw a party for her, After the Defeat, Moonbeam finally agreed to throw a party for pinkie to say that he's sorry. 

Nightmare Twilight Sparkle: The Leader of the Nightmare Mane 6 and one of the 6 Main Antagonists of the Trilogy, She want to kill Moonbeam and Rule Equestria. She Hates Him because he wont attend her special classes that she gave him, soon after the Defeat, Moonbeam reveals that He want to leave ponyvile for a week to have alone time.

Nightmare Prince: Kalin Darcy (His Human Name) is The True Main and Final Antagonist of the trilogy who turns the Mane 6 into the Nightmare Mane 6, He's the one who to made them turned on Moonbeam because of his bad behavior, He's later been Killed by Moonbeam and the Elements of Harmony and his real life, he got arrested.

Moonbeam (Film)

Land of Bad Apples Factory

Final Darkness of Cupcake Magic

After Applejack and Rainbow Dash are Freed.


This Trilogy will be Connect to the Third and Final Trillogy of the Series. It Confirmed that Cillian aka Moon is not The Main Protagonist of the Final Trilogy. The Name of the Trilogy will be Called.. The Road to Equestria Trilogy


Cutie Mark Crusaders The Movie: Nightmare Princess VS Cillian Darcy The Dark Rebellion Boy is confirmed that is the Prequel to the Trilogy and will be about that Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle meets a HumanRebellion boy named Cillian who's been trapped in equestria for 15 years, Now. The Crusaders joined forces with him on an grand adventure into the mountains before time runs out.

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