Darkness Is A 2014 Horror Film Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, Chad Michael Murray, Cody Longo, Kat Dennings, Ashley Greene, Andrew Keegan, Nicki Aycox, Odette Annable, Michael Copon, Ryan Kwanten, Arielle Kebbel And Kiele Sanchez. Rated r for strong bloody violence, sexual content and language.


Randy (Chad Michael Murray) and Ashley (Kat Dennings) are making a reality show about 10 contestants stay at an abandoned asylum for $1,000,000 that is haunted but they don't believe that it is. Who will make it out alive?


It starts off with a girl crying over a dead body and is dragged away screaming. It then skips to Carly (Scout Taylor-Compton) who is studying until her boyfriend, Chris (Cody Longo) and best friend, Kelly (Ashley Greene) tell her that they got in but Carly says that she doesn't know if this is a good idea but Chris tells her that she should go and she agrees and they leave to go to the asylum. They get there and they meet other contestants Mitch (Andrew Keegan), Ellen (Nicki Aycox), Amanda (Odette Annable), Cole (Michael Copon), Darryl (Ryan Kwanten), Christy (Arielle Kebbel) and Gina (Kiele Sanchez) then they are all welcomed by Randy (Chad Michael Murray) and Ashley (Kat Dennings) they tell them that they will be put in groups, the first group is Carly, Chris, Mitch, Amanda and Cole and second group Kelly, Ellen, Darryl, Christy and Gina.

Carly and her group are walking around the building and Carly sees something pass by and goes to check, she calls out to the person but the person keeps walking away and goes into another room. Carly walks into the room and the person is revealed to be a girl ands she if facing the wall, Carly goes closer and the girl turns around with blood on her and smiles and attacks Carly and she screams. Chris and the others come running and Chris comforts her he asks what's wrong and she says that a girl attacked her and that she disappeared and they leave to find the others.

Chris goes up to Randy and asks him to not scare Carly again and he says that he hasn't scared them yet. Kelly and the others are walking through the third floor and Kelly is pushed against a wall and is knocked unconscious. Ellen, Christy, Darryl and Gina find her and ask her what happened and Kelly says that something pushed her and knocked her unconscious. They go back and Carly tells them that she saw another person and that Randy didn't scare her. Carly tells them that they have to get out of here and Kelly tells her to stay for awhile then she could leave and she agrees.

Randy tells them that they have to try to communicate with the dead and they do. Gina tries to communicate with them but they won't respond and they try to get her to leave but she won't and Carly touches her and feels that Gina is freezing and they put her in her bed and cover her with a blanket and leave her. Mitch grabs Ellen and tells her to go with him to have sex and they do. While they're having sex Ellen sees Gina watching them with a knife in her hand, Mitch tries to take the knife away but she stabs him in his forehead and Ellen screams and Gina attacks her.

The rest of the group hear Ellen scream and they go to check, they go to Gina's room and finds her still asleep and they go to find Mitch and Ellen but they can't find them. Carly sees another person walk by but it is a man and she follows. The man tells her to come with her and she follows. He goes into the room and she goes in and finds Mitch and Ellen dead and screams and runs. Chris asks her what's wrong and she tells him that Mitch and Ellen are dead and she shows them but they're not there and she tells them that she saw them dead. Chris confronts Randy and tells him to stop doing this and he tells them that he didn't do anything and Ashley tells them that they didn't scare them yet.

The power goes out and Ashley grabs a flashlight to turn the power back on, Ashley turns it back on and sees Gina she tells her what is she doing and Gina raises the knife, Ashley screams and Gina stabs her in her throat. They all hear this and Randy runs to go find her, Carly tells him to not go because they're trying to lure them to her so that way they can kill them and he runs off anyway. Chris tells her that he's going to get him and Carly says not to go and he says that he'll be fine.

Chris tries to find Randy but can't and sees a little girl and she looks at him and does a monstrous scream and he runs back to the others. Amanda runs off and starts crying and Cole goes after her, she tells him that she wants to leave and Cole says that it'll all be over and he kisses her and she kisses him back and they start having sex. When they finish Cole sees the same little girl that Chris saw and follows her and she has an axe and she stabs him in his stomach with it, Amanda goes to find Cole, she finds him dead and screams and is dragged away into darkness.

Carly, Chris, Kelly, Darryl and Christy hear Amanda and go to find her. They find them dead and they scream, they see the little girl and she runs at them and they run. Christy trips and is dragged away and Carly, Chris, Kelly and Darryl grab her hand and try to pull her away from the little girl and she has her neck snapped and they run. Carly finds a .357 Magnum and takes it with her. Carly tells them that she found a .357 Magnum and asks Chris and Kelly where Darryl is and they say that he was just here and they go to find him. Darryl wakes up and finds himself strapped into a chair and ghosts surrounding him and he tells them not to kill him and that he didn't do anything and he electrocuted.

They find him strapped to a chair dead and Kelly starts crying and they leave. They hide in a room and fall asleep, Kelly wakes up from hearing her name being whispered and she sees Gina and follows her and Gina lures her into a room, she then sees Gina holding a knife and screams. Carly and Chris wake up from hearing her scream and find her with her tongue cut out and Carly starts screaming and crying and Gina slashes her throat with the knife and Carly and Chris scream. Gina comes at them and Carly shoots her in her chest and she dies. Carly and Chris get up and are about to leave but Chris is dragged away and Carly screams his name and sees ghosts and runs.

Carly then runs into Randy who is alive but finds blood on him and Randy tells her that she can't go and he grabs her and tries to kill her but she pushes him and he grabs her and throws her gun and throws her to the gun and chokes her. Carly reaches for the gun and shoots him in the face and leaves.

Carly then sees someone coming and hides in closet. The person comes and she shoots the person who it is revealed to be Chris and starts crying and saying sorry and he tells her he forgives her and dies and she cries over his corpse and is dragged away screaming. Revealing that she was the girl from the beginning.

The police find all the dead bodies and finds Carly crying and take her out of the asylum, he asks her what happened and she tells them that ghosts killed her friends and Randy try to kill her so she shot him. He tells his officers to clean up the mess and he takes her home.


Scout Taylor- Compton as Carly- A student in college who wants to be a photographer and is one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum along with Chris and Kelly. She doesn't think its safe.

Chad Michael Murray as Randy- The host of the reality show along with his girlfriend Ashley.

Cody Longo as Chris- Carly's boyfriend who wants to be a professional football player and is one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

Kat Dennings as Ashley- The hostess of the reality show along with her boyfriend Randy.

Ashley Greene as Kelly- Carly's best friend and wants to design clothes when she gets out of college and is one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

Andrew Keegan as Mitch- He is a rich snob and wants more money and is one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

Nicki Aycox as Ellen- A 37 year old model and is one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

Odette Annable as Amanda- A 27 year old psychiatrist and is one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted aslyum.

Michael Copon as Cole- A guitarist and one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

Ryan Kwanten as Darryl- He works on a farm and one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

Arielle Kebbel as Christy- A surfer and one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

Kiele Sanchez as Gina- A medium and one of the 10 contestants going to the haunted asylum.

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