Dark Room Is A Supernatural Mystery Horror Film


Eight teens are trapped in the house and get killed by a possessed item and objects


Jessie, Velma and Maya are camping in a darkness forest there was a beautiful darkness house and no people are home Velma is so happy to have a new home and have a bed Connie was to the house and she happy no more people and Connie play the piano and bitten her hand and eaten her. it all the object are possessed from hell and eaten her Velma played the computer and Maya press the K and bitten her hand and eat her hand the computer eats Velma head Maya go to the "Dark Room" and hide the light burn her and died Sam, Sarah, Andy and Zack go to the house and Jessie say get out of here and the door overlapping Sam and close the door and smash her hand to the door and her stick to the pencil and killed her in the eyes Sarah jump to window and smash her leg and brake her bones and died Andy never escape from the house and Andy escape Jessie the shotgun move to the window and shoot her head Jessie is now live in the house by the possessed items


  • Ashley Greene as Jessie
  • Brec Bassinger as Maya
  • Bobby Campo as Jason
  • Bella Sana as Velma
  • Brian Geraghty as Sam
  • Sean Faris as Tyler
  • Kevin Gage as Andy
  • Ryan Kwanten as Zack
  • Victoria Justice as Gwendolyn
  • Briana Evigan as Josie
  • Danielle Harris as Connie
  • Max Charles as Aden
  • Morgian Redis as Sarah


  • Zack- eaten by the refrigrator
  • Velma- eaten her head by the Computer
  • Connie - Eaten by a piano
  • Sarah- Brake Bone by the jump in the window
  • Sam- her hand smash by the door and the pencil sharp her eyes
  • Tyler- get by a mirror and eat her
  • Jason- playing piano and eats her
  • Maya?- burn by a light
  • Andy- escape from the house and shoot by the control shotgun


  • Jessie
  • Maya?
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