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A few weeks has past since the events in Hollow Falls and Christian still dosne't think it's safe. He still haven't told the slayers about the witch coven that his three friends are in. There are nine of them and there names are Kalysta, Katie, Taylor, Joanna, Jasmine, Hunter, Will, Tyler and Zack. The book is told with four diffrent prospectives Christian, Drew, Jared and Coles.Christian goes back to school and Jared acts like evreything is okay even though he knows that Christian likes Drew. Christian wants to talk to Jared about that. Knowing its the right thing Christian go's to Drew's room 7th period. Troutman and Jordan are in there by luck. "I got something to tell you guys and I'm sorry i haven't told you." Drew looks worried "What is it?" "Troutman please don't scream at me." "I can't promise you that." "I know who the Coven of witches are." He then tells them the names of them. "Well I wont yell but you do know I have to tell Micheal right?" "I want you too." "How long did you know about this?" Drew asks. "Two weeks." "We'll take care of this Christian." Jordan says.

Cole really wants to be with Christian. He's all he can think about and he wants him really bad. His parents tell him that a limo is outside waiting for him. Cole wonders what the slayers want beacuse he really isn't in the mood. He goes outside and opens the door. "What the fuck?" He says. "Get in the Royals are calling us," Jared says and Cole gets in. "I've about had it with these damn Royals always demanding are needs," Cole tells them. "I heard Christian got in trouble." Travis says. "Where did you here that from?" Jared asks. "I heard Troutman call Micheal and Micheal sounded very angry." "I wonder what for." Katelynn says. They stop at Christian's house. Christian comes in asking the same questions  Cole did and Jared fills him in. "This is all my fault!" "What is it?" Cole asks. Christian sighs and tells them about the witch coven and that he knows who they are and that he's been keeping it a secrect for two weeks. He finally told Drew, Troutman and jordan and Troutman told Micheal. "Well I would never of thought you would be the one to keep secres." Jared tells him. They arrive at the Royal Neighborhood. "I already know this wont end good." Cole tells them. "Probably alot of yelling will be involved." Sam says. The Limo parks and Jared grabs ahold of Christian's hand. He fears that Christian will get yelled at alot. They walk in Micheal's kingdoom and are escorted into the court room that he has. All the Royals are here of course and all the slayers parents are here too. Jared notcies that Micheal dosen't has a stern look on his face. Jared sees that the witch coven is here.

They all take a seat behind them in the rows. Jared squezs Christian's hand. Christian looks into his eyes and kisses Jared. Jared whispers in Christian's ears "I promise i wont let him hurt you." They turn awa from eachother. Micheal bangs the gavel scaring everyone. "Now I called you all here beacuse I haved learned that there are other witches in town." Jared looks at them all and they just roll there eyes. "A slayer knew about this and didn't tell anyone until today." Jared looks at Christian. "Christian please come to the witness box." Christian lets go of Jared's hands and slowly walks up there and sits down in th box. "How long have you known about this?" "Two weeks." "Two weeks! And you didn't tell us until now!" "It's not like I've known it for two years." "It dosen't matter how long you've known about it it's the fact you didn't tell anyone about it." Christian just rolls his eyes and laughs. "What the hell is so funny?" "Oh how the fact that you drill me about how long I've known about this but then you say it dosen't matter anymore." "Just get the fuck out. Security!"Jared storms up and runs to the whitness box. "Your not touching him!" He yells at them. "Jared back away from Christian." "No." "Back away NOW!" Micheal starts slamming on his gavel hard. "I'll take him out myself if you really want him out." "Fine take him out." Jared grabs Christians arm and they hury out of there. Drew is shocked as well as everyone else in the room. The gavel is ow broken and Micheal throws it to the floor. "Now lets move on. So how long have you guys been wtches?"

Joanna speaks up beacuse know one else will "Were just like you." "If you were just like me we wouldn't be in this situation." "K." "What did you just say to me?" "I said okay." "I don't want to waste my time on this anymore you all are dismissed." Drew runs out to see if Christian is still out there. He runs into Ezra and Zoey. "I'm so sorry." He tells them. "He has no right to yell at him like that!" Ezra says. They spot him by thd fountain and Jared's arms. They all three run to him. Ezra says "You are never to come here ever again." "I don't want to Dad." "That was horrible how he was talking to you." Zoey says. The witch Coven starts walking to Christian. "Look i'm sorry." He tells Kalysta. "No we understand why you did it we just didn't know he was going to act like that." "Are you okay Jo?" Hunter asks Joanna. "Yeah that old hag dosen't scare me he thinks beacuse he's king he can do whatever the fuck he wants." "Why don't we leave before he comes out here with a gun or something." Jasmine suggests. "Bye see you at school." Christian tells them and they head out. "I think we should leave." Drew tells him. "Do you mind Ezra and Zoey?" "No." They shake there heads. "I think I'm going to have a little chat with Micheal." Ezra tells him and Zoey nods her head an agreement.

They then leave. Drew tells them before they all get into the limo that he's taking them out to eat. Christian is excited a little. Everyone in the limo tells him that there sorry. "There's no need to apologize. Like I'm going to let King Dick get to me." Everyone laughs. Christian looks up at Jared. "Thanks again." "I told you theres no need to apologize." Jared kisses him. "I'm always here for you." Everyone clapps except Cole but when Travis nudges him he dose and smiles. They all arrive at a restraunt in town. Travis asks after they have all ordered there food. "So Trouttey are we like banded from the palace now?" "No but me, Drew and Jordan votted that we wouldn't go back there for awhile." "Awhile! Did you see how he treated me." "Never then." "I'm sure you'll go back there." Drew tells him. "What's that sopossed to mean?" "Come on Troutman you look up to him like's he's your Dad." Jordan says. "You basically worship him." "Do not." "Do too." Christian agrees. "Who do you call when theres always a bad situation?" Jared asks. Everyone says but Troutman. "Micheal." "Fuck you guys." Christian tells them that he's going to go get some fresh air Cole says he'll go with him.

They go outside. "I'm so sorry." "Cole didn't tell you he dosne't get to me." "I just hate to see you upset." "I'm not upset." Cole touches his shoulder. "I'm here for you." Christian touches his hand. "Thank you." "There's something I've been wanting to tell you ever since you came to Hollow Falls." "What is it?" "This is going to sound werid Christian but when you left hollow falls I've been having dreams about you you were in a flower feild or something but when you came back the dreams stopped." "Cole that happend to me but it was the other way around though." "Are you saying you had dreams about me also?" "Yes." "This is werid." Then a voice says. "I'm going to ruin this love feast." Blakes comes out. "Well you took quite the risk to come out here?" Christian says. "Yeah shut up." Cole disappers. "Some boyfriend you have." "I'm not daitng him you fucktard." Christian uses his power and throws him into Cole who was standing right behind him. "Cole go!" Cole disappers. Blakes gets up. "Oh astral that's what he has." "Took you this long to figure out I thought you been watching me." "I have been just not colse enough." He runs at him with his fangs and Christian throws him into the woods. He runs and runs Into Jared. The slayers and gurdians behind him

They ask him what happend and Christian and Cole explains what happend. They leave. Christian fears for his safety. Ezra and Zoey think Christian shouldn't stay in town and can't think of where to hide him at. Then Christian remebers something that Drew told him. He has a flashback of him and Drew sitting in his classroom talking about whether Micheal was still ailve or not. "I'm sure he's still alive a vampire can't drown." Drew tells Christian. "I know it's just..." Drew puts his hand over Christian's. "I'm here for you you know that." "I know." He moves his hand. "If there's anymore trouble or if you need to get out of town just come to my cabin I have outside of Hollow Falls." Christian snaps out of the flashback. "Drew has a cabin that's outside of town." Ezra and Zoey look at him. Zoey says "I'll call him." She walks into the kitchen."So Ezra tell me about you and Micheal's little chat."  Ezra chuckles. "Well I threantened him that's all." "Threaten? How?" "I can't tell you about that but I have stuff on him." "Maybe one day you care to share this with me?" "Maybe." Ezra laughs. Zoey comes in a few minuents later. "Drew said we could take him over there tonight." Christian then remebers something he has to do. "Can you guys actully take me over there tomorrow night?" "Yeah Drew said whenever you want." "Thanks I'm going to go to bed." Christian goes to sleep. The nextday at school the slayers are asking if he's okay and Cole also. Christian says "Yeah. Come on guys you don't have to be worry about me I've killed his ass before I'll do it again." They laugh. Christian pulls Jared aiside. "Is there some time today that we can talk alone?" Jared says "Maybe you can come over to my place have dinner and we can talk there?" "That sounds great." The bell rings. They kiss each other and get to class.

In first period Cole sits down next to Christian. "So I heard that you were staying at Drews Cabin now." "How did you here about that?" Dalton sits down next to them along with Joanna and Hunter. "So I guess you all are with us now?" Cole asks them. "That's what Drew told us."  Hunter says. "Unless thats a problem." "No I was just asking." "Cole how did you know about that?" Cole ignores him and says "What did Drew say to you all?" "Oh he just said that since your witches and live in this town you have to be with the slayers." Joanna says. Cole looks at Christian. "Sorry Christian. My mom told me." "How did your mom know?" "Zoey told her." "Oh." Cole was a little upset about that this morning when his mom told him beacuse Christian will be hanging out with Drew instead of him. "What's wrong Cole?" Daniel asks. "You look mad." "I'm not." He lies. Instead of listening to the teacher Cole tunes him out and thinks about Christian and watches him a little.

Drew didn't come to school today beacuse he's setting the cabin up for when Christian gets here. Drew haven't been here in a long time. There's a pond in the back so Christian swim in. Ezra and Zoey are there helping him with all of Christian's stuff. Zoey is putting Christian's stuff in the master bedroom. Ezra is upstairrs tallking with Drew. "This place is pretty safe right?" Ezra asks. "Right you got nothing to worry about Ez." "Ez." they both laugh. "You haven't called me that in a long time." Zoey comes upstairrs. "What are you too talking about?" "Remeber what Drew called me when we were sixteen?" Zoey laughs and nods. "Ez right?" They all three laugh. "Christian's going to have fun here." Zoey says. "He's going to like swimming out here." "Yeah he will." "I remeber when you threw your parties here." Ezra says. Drew smiles thinking about the memories that they had. Jared is waiting for Christian by his car in the parking lot. He's talking to Travis. "I need to practice my Aerokenis more." He tells Jared. "I bet you love maniuplating the wheather." "I do and you get to light up anything." "And throw fireballs don't forget about the important thing." "I know you love throwing those." "Much quicker then just having flames shoot out of your hands." "I bet."

Christian then walks to them. "I didn't know Travis was going with us Jared?" "I'm not." Travis laughs. "Unless you want me to Jared?" "No." He says. "See you too tomorow." He walks to his car a few lots down. Jared and Christian climb into his car. Christian kisses Jared and they start heading to his house. They arive at the mansion and walk in. Jared's mom(Maggie) and dad(Jack) are happy that he's here and they tell them that they'll make them dinner and they can eat alone outside. "Thank you." Christian tells them. "It's no problem." Maggie says. "And you know the rules Jared." Jack says as they walk out. "I know." "What's the rules?" Christian asks as they walk up the steps. "To keep the door open." Christian laughs and they walk into Jared's room. "My room is just like yours." "All witches are rich from some reason." They sit on his bed. "What is it you have to talk to me about?" Jared's been thinking about that the whole day. "I jus need to ask you about something." Jared squeezes his hand. "You know you can trust me." Christian sighs. "Do you know where I'm going after I leave here?" "I heard about it." "Do you have a problem with it beacuse I know you saw him kiss me?" Jared was wondering when Christian was going to ask him about this. He did have a problem with Drew doing that. Drew could get into serious trouble with Micheal. "No I want you to be safe and if that's where you need to be then you need to be there." Jared kisses Christian. "Don't ever be afraid to tell me something like that again." Christian kisses Jared and they make out some. Later they eat a good dinner and Jared walks Christian to the door when Drew's car gets here. "Can't wait to see you again." Jared kisses him.

Christian walks to Drews car and gets in and they drive off. "Is everything okay?" "I guess it's allright." "I'm sorry." "Don't apologize you know whose fault it really is." "Yeah." There silent until they arrive at the cabin.  Christian goes upstairrs and sits on the couch. "I like the place Drew." "Thanks it's been in the family for years." "Can I ask you something?" Drew asks him and it reminds Christian of what he told Jared earlier. "Yes what is it?" "Is Jared okay with all of this?" "He says he is but I don't think he is. He wants me to be here for my safety." "I know it will never work Christian I'm not a dumbfuck." "Do you know why it can't work?" "One I'm twenty four and your fifthteen, The gurdian rule and your daiting Jared." "I'm glad you know." Drew goes to take a shower and Chrstian watches TV and when Drew comes back upstairrs he tells him "I'm going to go to retire." Christian thinks of Blakes. "Um Drew can you actully sleep with me?" A look of shock comes over Drews face. "If you want me too?" Christian nods his head. "It's not like you haven't before." They walk into the master bedroom and get under the covers. "Goodnight." They say to eachother.

Jared has a secrect power that nobody knows about. The power lets him feel what his love feels and Jared knows that Christian is sleeping next to Drew but he just shruggs his shoulders and says "I knew it."  Jared was waiting for something like that to happen. Jared is about to go to sleep and he turns the light out and looks out his bay window. He notcies a tall man standing out there watching the house and him. Jared is about to call Troutman but then Jared thinks he can take this guy down by himself. Jared grabs his stake and slowly creeps downstairrs and  out through the backdoor and go's around the house and he dosen't see him out there anymore. The guy comes up behind him and tries to attack him. Jared fights with him but the guy manages to pin him to the ground and is holding the stake to Jareds throat. "Where's Christian hidding at!" The warlock screams at him. "How the hell should I know?" "Don't play dumb with me your his boyfriend!" "I don't where he's at!" "Blakes is coming for him and is going to kill him." Jared is about to use his pyrokenis when all of a sudden a stake goes through the warlock's heart. Troutman is standing there. "Really Troutman I forgot you lived next door." "What were you doing you should of burned him when he laied his hands on you?" "I'm not stupid I just wanted to see what he wanted." "And did you find out?" Jared tells him what happened. "Maybe Blake can orb and we can find out where this guy has been hiding at," Troutman says. "I'll call the others."

Cole awakes to his phone ringing. He groans and answers the phone without looking to see who's calling. "What?" He yawns and stops when Troutman tells him what happened to Jared. "I'll be over there just give me some time." Cole Changes out of his boxers and puts on clothes and sneaks out. He walks to Jareds house which is only a couple blocks away. He finds Jordan, Blake, Dalton, Katelynn, Kalysta, Joanna and Jasmine. "Where's Jared and Troutman?" "Jared's inside telling his parents what happened and Troutmans in there calling the others even the Royals." Dalton tells him. "Royals?!" "I mean the Royal kids and they'll be on there way." Cole sits down next to him. "I could of told him," Jordan says. "Sorry." "I was just teasing." "I can't believe your a guardian," Blake says "I remember when you we're the immature jock who made find of everyone." "People change." Cole asks "What made you want to become a guardian anyway?" "I'm a witch of course but I looked back on my life and didn't like it and I didn't want to go to collage and I talked to Troutman and he said I could become a guardian." "What a touching story." Travis says standing there with Grace and Caroline. Soon the others come and there now waiting on Drew and Christian.

Drew and Christian get out of Drews car. "Where's Jared and Troutman?" Drew asks. "There inside." Jordan says. Drew follows Christian inside. Jared and Troutman are sitting in the living room along with Jared's parents. Jared gets up and hugs Christian."I'm so sorry Jared." They let go. "No need to be sorry I wasn't scared." "Your boy came outside of the house and was going to kill it." Troutman says. "I thought Drew said that you killed it." "I did." "It's a good thing I'm staying at the cabin." "Better me then you." Jared tells him and kisses him wich gives a paing in Drews heart . "I want to see the Warlock." "Follow me." Jared says and leads him and Christian outside. They follow him to the side of the house and there lays the dead Warlock. "I haven't seen one of these in a long time." Christian and Jared both look at him. "Sorry just thinking out loud." "It's fine." Jared says.  "Have you killed one of these before?" Christian asks. "Pleanty." They head back to the front of the house. Troutman asks "Ready Blake?" "You do know this will take a little while?" "Yes we've seen you do this a bunch of times." They all walk to the body. "Can you guys give me some space I need it to be quiet too." Blake raises his hands and blue orb balls come out and he closes his eyes. "Orbs please transport yourself to where this Warlock has been living." The Orbs then fly past the slayers. "Now we got to wait and the orbs will tell me where there at." Drew walks to Troutman and Jordan. "Where are we dumping the body at?" "We were thinking the Hollow Falls River or are usal in the woods." Jordan says. "Why in the river?" Drew asks. "Were closeby." Troutman says. "I know where he's been hidding at." Blake says. "He's been living in the old bookstore right beside Willow Park. I think there's more." "There has to be Warlocks don't travel by themselves." Drew says. "We should go check it out." Troutman says.

Christian rides in Jareds car with Travis, Dalton and Cole. They all arive at the park the old abandoned building just a walk away. Christian sits down on a spinny thing and the others sit on it also. They watch as Troutman and Jordan carry the warlock and drop it into the river. "Disgusting!" Royal Brennan says. "You got that right." Hannah agrees. "You all shut up." Jordan teases. "We mine as well start walking you guys." Troutman says. They all get up and follow the sidewalk with Troutman, Drew and Jordan in front. Jared holds on to Christian's hand. "I hope you all know how to use your powers." Travis tells Joanna, Jasmine, Kalysta, Katie, Taylor. Hunter, Zack and Tyler. "We've been pratcing for a long time." Tyler tells him. "I thought they were friends." Christian says in Jared's ear. "Travis is mad that he and Zack two of his closet friends didn't tell him they were witches and they knew about Travis." "And do you know how to use it well?" Travis asks. "Yes." Kalysta says. "I hope so." Travis mutters. Blake collects his orbs in front of the building. "I think you all better stay out front make sure nothing comes out." Troutman says. "And what if there's a back entrance?" Caroline asks. "She's right." Jordan says. "Fine Jordan take some of them in the back and you will enter that way. Me and Drew will come in this way." "You mean were not going to kill anything?" Zack exclaims. "We don't even know if there's more in there for sure." Drew says. "But you said you had a pretty good idea." "If you here us scream which I doubt." Troutman says. "Come in and help dose that satsify your needs?" "Some of them." "Alright let's get this shit over with whose ever coming in the back come with me." Zack. Tyler, Megan, Caroline, Grace, Brennan, Katelynn, Joanna, Kalysta, Jasmine, Willy, Jacob, Will, Whitney, Morgan and Hunter follow him.

"Be careful." Christian tells Drew. Drew nods his head and he and Troutman go in. "I know you two are going to sneak in." Jared says to Travis and Dalton. "Of course." Travis says. "Just give it time." They here growling and shattering of glass. "5,4,3,2,1. Now!" Travis and Dalton storm in. "There going to get in trouble." Misty says. Then all of a sudden Christian heres Drew scream. He runs in. "Christian!" Jared screams and he follows him in. The building is dark and scary. Christian heres Drew scream again from upstairrs and he finds the steps and runs up there. Troutman and Jordan are trapped in the corner by warlocks and Drew is wrestling with one. Christian uses his telekenis and throws the warlock off of Drew and Christian stakes it and he uses his power to throw the warlocks blocking the gurdians. Troutman and Jordan quickly stake those two. "Are you okay?" Christian asks them. They here banging and screaming downstairrs.  Christian runs with Jared and finds Hannah and Frank wrestling with two warlocks. "Don't burn the house down." Troutman warns Jared. Jared pulls his stake out and stakes the one on Hannah and all of a sudden Zack appers out of nowhere and stakes the one on Frank. More come at them and Christian kills one and Travis and Dalton come to help and kills them. They walk into another room where more attack and Misty is drowning one and then she stakes it. Christian wonders where Cole's at.

Cole follows the others with Jordan leading them to the back. "None of you all go in." Jordan tells them. "Just make sure nobody comes out but us." "Understood." Willy says. Jordan opens the backdoor and sneaks in. "I hope they know that I'm going in." Brennan says. "But they said not too." Joanna says. "Like I'm goung to listen whose with me?" "Me and Zack need to prove to Travis that we can kill these fuckers." Tyler says. They then here growling and the sounds of a window breaking. Tyler and Zack run in with Brennan, Willy, Jacob and Will. Cole then goes in to see what's going on. He is attcked from behind by a warlock. Cole tries to astral away but he can't. The warlock laughs. "I'm blocking your power blondie." Cole punches the warlock in the face and throws him into the wall and runs into the kitchen where he finds more warlocks. He tries to run out but the Warlock he punched is standing there and he throws him to the ground. Cole heres Jared scream "Christian!" Then all of a sudden the Warlock is killed by Frank and Hannah is killing the other warlocks. "Where's your stake?"  "I left it at home I didn't know I was going to be needing it." "Run then!" Hannah says and then a warlock tackels her. Cole gets up and runs and is thrown into a wall by another warlock. Cole cries out in pain. "You pathetic witch." Cole astrals and he's outside and he see's warlocks everywhere and Joanna, Jasmine, Kalysta, Katelynn, Grace, Hunter and Megan are fighting them killing some on the way.  Cole grabs a long stick and starts killing some of the warlocks stabbing there hearts. Katelynn asks "Where's your fucking stake?" "Left it at home." Katelynn looks at him in shock. All of a sudden a fireball comes shooting at them and they duck and the ball hits a Warlock. They both look up and climb to there feet and see Jared standing there with fire in his hands.

Jared realises that he almost hit Cole and Katelynn but there was a warlock hidding brhind them. Jared throws fireballs at the reast of the warlocks killing them. Jared runs to Katelynn and Cole. "You almost fucking killed us!" Katelynn screams. "I'm sorry Katelynn but that Warlock was going to kill you." "Thanks." Cole says. Jared tries to hug Katelynn but she pushes him away. "Are you all alright?" Jared turns to see Christian run out of the building with the others behind him. "Are they all dead?" Christian asks. Jared looks around. "I think so." "Let's get out of here." Troutman says. They all walk back to the cars. Christian and Jared kiss eachother goodbye. The next morning Drew makes Christian scrambled eggs, cinnamon toast, french toast and hashbrown. 

Drew is thinking about what happend last night when Christian comes upstairrs. "That smells so good."Drew smiles. "Thank you I went to culinary school after my slayer business was finished." Christian sits down at the island next to him. "I'm glad I don't have to go to school." "I have to be there after lunch I just told Principle Appleton I had to go to the doctors office." Christian laughs. "How many years were you a slayer?" "Well all through highschool and two years after that it depends on how good you do your service. Your parents were in my slayer group did you not know that?" Christian shakes his head. "We were all still friends and talked but we moved from Hollow Falls to go to collage or whatever." "Where did Ezra and Zoey go?" "They went to Los Angeles and Ezra went to flimschool while Zoey went to UCLA." "I know that." They stop talking for a few moments until Christian says "I can't believe I killed all those warlocks." Drew smiles. "I'm used to killing creatures."  "Tell me about your first kill?" Christian asks him. Drew smiles "It was fall break in my freshman year and we were at Cave City." Drew is put into a flashback. Ezra, Drew, Troutman and Zoey are searching the woos outside Jellystone Park searching for the evil wolfs that has killed some of the campers at Jellystone Park. A wolf sneaks up behind Drew but Drew turns around and kills it.

Cole sits down next to the slayers at lunch. "I wish I could skipp school like Christian." Katelyn says while she's fixing her nails. "Yeah I hate school." Ashley tells them. "I think we all do." Hanna says. "You know ou guys Christian dosen't have a choice he has to stay safe." Jared tells them. "We know we just want to skipp school." Sam says. "Then what's stopping us from walking out that door?" Cole asks them. "We'll get in trouble." Caroline says. "We can have Grace compluse Principle Appleton." Misty says. "Where is Grace?" Caroline asks. "The last I saw her was in Health." Sam says. Grace, Joanna and Jasmine sit down at are table. Everyone is starring at Grace. "What?" "Tell her Katelyn." Jared nudges her. "Why me?" "It was your idea." Kristy says. Katelyn rolls her eyes. "Can you compel Principle Appleton to let all of us leave school?" "Do it!" Joanna says. "I don't know..." "I thought all Clearvoyants has compulsion also." Cole says. "I do. Are you sure you guys want me too?" Everyone says yes in unsion. Grace gets up. "I'll do my best." She leaves the cafaterria. A few minuents later Principle Appleton says over the intercom all there names and tells them to come to the office. They walk down there and walk out of the school with Grace. "I know a place we can go." Jared says and smiles at them.

Christian calls Ezra and asks him to come over. Ezra says he was going to call him because someone left a package for him at the front door. When Ezra gets there he hands Christian the package and Christian sits it down on the island and they sit up there. "How come you didn't tell me you and Zoey were in the last slayer group?" "So Drew told you." "He thought I knew about it already." "We didn't tell you beacuse you don't need to know about certain things in the past." "So there's more stuff ou want tell me Ezra?" "You'll find out eventully I can't tell you now." "Did something happen in your slayer group that your not telling me about?" "Yes but we all promised not to talk about it." They talk some more and Ezra leaves. Christian is about to open the box when he heres cars coming down the driveway. He runs to the windows and sees the slayers cars but none of the gurdians. He walks down the steps and go's outside. "What the hell are you guys doing here?" He asks them. Katelyn points at Grace. "She got us out of school so we all csme down here to see you." Jared kisses him and says "We all missed you." "I missed you guys too." "We came to swim also." Sam says. "Did you bring your bathing suits?" "We stopped at all of are houses." Misty sauys. "Let's ger in!" Cole yells. He takes his shirt off and jumps in and Daniel and Travis do the same thing. "Well I'm not doing that I'm going inside to change." Katelyn says and the girls follow her inside. "What's wrong?" Jared asks him. "Nothing I just wasn't expecteing all of you guys here but i'm glad you all are here." Christian kisses Jared and Jared kisses back. "Are you going to swim?" Christian asks him. Jared takes his shirt off "Hell ya!" He takes off running and jumps into the pound. Christian goes in the house and retrives the box he takes it outside. He opens and pulls out a piece of paper. The letter says:

Dear Christan,

Wherever your hidding at we will hunt you down and kill you

-Blakes, Hallie, Kaylee & Adam

Christian decides not to tell the others and not ruin  there fun. He puts the letter back in the box. "Come on Christian!" Daniel yells from the water trampoline. "Hold on!"  Christian walks down there and jumps in with them.

Drew parks his car behind the others cars. He gets out. "What the hell is going on here?" Drew says he walks up to his house. He stands there and watches the slayers in the pound and they don't notcie him until he starts coughing. They all wave at him. "So this is why Appleton called all of you all down to his office I thought that was starnge when I heard it." "Come on Drew don't yell at us." Daniel says. "What makes you think I'm going to yell at you? I'm not Troutman." They all laugh. "I don't care if you guys skipped school." Drew goes in the house. He finds a box with the letter in it and reads it.

Jared is paddeling in the boat with Travis, Daniel and Cole. "Christian dosen't look to well." Daniel points out. "Is it beacuse we came here?" Travis asks. "No." Jared says. "He might be sick." Cole says. Jared looks at Christian and he's jumping on the trampoline with Katelynn and Kristy. "He looks like he's having fun now." "I just hope everything is all right." Cole says. Jared jumps into the pond touching the bottom and floating back up. "Did you touch the bottom?" Kristy asks. Jared shakes his head. "It's not that hard." Christian says. "I'm so glad we skipped school," Katelyn says. "We should start doing it more often." "Then other people would get mad." Ashley says. "Fuck them people are already jealous of us already everbody thinks we get special attetion." Sam says. "Sam is right." Kalysta says. "Why are we thinking of are peers anyway?" Hannah asks. "Were here having a fun time." She jumps in the water getting water on everybody. "I needed to work on my tan anyway." Joanna says from one of the tubes. "Your already tan enough." Misty says. "I want to be dark not my damn fault." Jared sees Drew come out of the house. "You guys i'm going to grill some hamburgers and hotdogs!" Everybody cheers.

Cole grabs his hamburger and fries and sits down at the table next to Hannah and Katelyn. Christian is sitting in front of him. "Did you all have fun?" Drew asks them and sits down. "Hell ya!" They all cheer. "Christian can I talk to you for a minuent?" Drew asks. "Sure." He and Christian walk off. "I wonder what all that is about?" Jared says. "Maybe they'll tell us." Katelyn says. They eat some more and Drew and Christian come back. "You guys there's something I have to tell you." Christian says. "Earlier Ezra came by and gave me a box that was on the doorstop. I didn't want to ruin the fun and I opened it and there was a letter in it from Blakes, Hallie and Kaylee saying Wherever your hidding we will hunt you down and kill you." Everybody was silent. "Were you going to tell us even if Drew didn't find it?" Jared asks him. Christian shakes his head. "Probably not." "w come?" Cole asks. "I didn't want to worry you all." "You should of told us." Jared says. "At least they don't know where your really at." Hanna says and they all clink there glasses.

The next day at school Drew shows Troutman and Jordan the letter. "I've been speaking to Micheal I'll show him the letter." Troutman says. "What good is that going to do?" Jordan asks. "Why are you always sucking up to him?" Drew asks him. "I think he should know and besides he wants to apologize to everybody." Drew sighs. "I'm coming with you if your doing it now." "Fine. Jordan can you cover both of are classes?" Troutman ask. "Sure I guess." They get into Troutmans car and they start driveing up there. "How come me and Jordan wasn't invited to your party yesterday?"  "Jordan was busy he texted anf told me you would of probably yelled at everyone for skipping school." "They shouldn't have." "There you go you need to relax and let the kids do whatever they want there teenagers not adults." "Your right." They arrive at the Royal neighborhood and drive to Micheal's mansion. They get out and walk to the entrance where they let in by one of Micheal's servents they find Micheal in the living room watching the news. He turns it off. "Hey, guys." Micheal walks over to them. Troutman gives him a letter. "Christian recived this yesterday."What is it?" "Just read it." After Micheal is done reading it he says "I'm glad you brought this to me." He hands the letter back to Drew. "You know I can't do nothing about this as long as Christian is safe." "We know we just wanted to bring it to you." Troutman tells him. "Can you guys actully bring all of them here after school and call there parents?" Troutman and Drew look at eachother.

Christian is sitting on the front porch reading his book when Drew comes home early. Christian walks down to the grauge. "Why did you come home so early? I'm suprsied Appleton lets you keep your job always leaving school." "I only came to tell you that Micheal wants to apologize to you and wants you and the others to come to his kingdom after school." "Why dose he want to apologize now?" "He feels bad for how he yelled at you and Joanna." "He should. I guess i'll go since the others are going as well. When do we leave?" "At three and meet the others at school then drive to his place." When it's three ten the slayers get inside the limo. "Your so lucky you can skip school." Katelyn tells him. Jared sits next to him and kisses him. "I'm glad to see you agian." Christian smiles. "Me too." Drew starts the limo and takes off. "I can't believe he wants to apologize to us." Grace says. "It just seems so unatural for the king to do it." Caroline says. "They better fed us too I'm starving." Kristy says. "Your not the only one." Megan says. They arrive at the Royal neighborhood later and Drew drives to Micheal's Kingdom and they get out when he parks the car. Jared grabs Christian's hand. Christian notcies Ezra's car here. "Why is Ezra here?" He asks. "I see my parents car too maybe he called all of them to apologize as well." They walk inside and walk into the courtroom where there parents are seated. Christian looks at Ezra and he and Zoey smile. Christian and them walk to the front rows to sit down. When there all seated. "Ladies and gentlemen I like to apologize for my behavior the last time I was over here I hope you can find away to forgive me." The courtroom is silent. "There's snacks in the dinningroom if you all want anything to eat. " Christian shoots up with Jared and Megan behind him and walk out of the courtroom.

"Jeeze were you that hungary?" Cole asks when they walk into the dinning room. "Yes and I wanted to get out of that court room before Micheal said anything else just beacuse he apologizes dosen't mean anything." Christian grabs a ham sandwhich and sits down outside on the patio. Cole dose the same thing but grabs some chips and sits down next to him. "Your right the way he yelled at you wasn't right. Did you ever find out what your Dad said to him?" "No but Ezra said I'll find out eventully." "What about me?" Ezra asks sitting down at there table. "Were talking about how you never told me what you told Micheal the last time we were here." Ezra laughs. "Like I said before you'll find out eventully." Christian rolls his eyes and Jared laughs at them. "Are you ever going to tell me?" "Yes! Just not now." Christian whispers to Jared. "He's never going to tell me." "I heard that." Christian and Jared laugh "You were sopossed too." Kristy and Megan sit at there table. "I don't know bout you all but this food is the bomb." Kristy says. "You can say that again." Ashley says sitting down. "Your used to it." Kristy tells her. "So what." They all laugh. "Have you got any more letters?" Grace asks sitting down. "No and trust me I will tell you all this time." "Let's hope so." Drew says. Christian laughs. "Sorry for not-" "Don't apologize again." He says. "Yeah we all know why you did it your were just trying to keep us happy." Daniel says Christian smiles at him. Christian starts eating food. "Damn boy your hungary." Ezra says. "You eat breakfast." Zoey says. "Did you eat lunch?" "Yes but i'm always hungary after school." Everyone laughs.

At the cabin Drew notcies Christian starring out the window in the living room. "Are you lonely?" he asks him walking next to him. "Yes I am." "I can call them all to come over if you want." "No it's fine I was just with them too." "Are you sure?" "Yes." Drew grabs a hold of  Christian's hand. "I'm here for you you know that." "I know. I just hope they don't find me here." "They wont I promise." They gaze into each others before kissing eachother. "Sorry I had to do that." Drew says and walks off. Drew really wants to be with Christian but he understands his feelings for Jared and will just let it go but he couldn't help himself he had to kiss Christian in that moment. His mind was telling him too but his body didn't want too. Drew goes to bedroom and stares out the window watching the clouds.

Jared is sitting on his porch crying beacuse he just saw through his mind  Drew kissing Christian and Christian didn't do anything to stop it. "What's wrong Jared?" Jared looks up and sees Troutman standing there. "You wouldn't understand." "Yeah I would. Come with me." "What?" "Jared just come with me trust me. Jared slowly gets up. He wipes the tears away. Troutman holds his hand out and Jared takes it and they walk to his car. They both get in and he drives away. "Troutman where are we going?" "We are going to two places." He says and pulls into McDonolds. "This is like fat centerl dose it look like I want to be fat?" Troutman laughs. "Relax were just getting coffee." He pulls up to the speaker. "Two carmel frappes." "I actully like those." "I love them." Troutman says and they both laugh. They grab there coffee and start driving up one of the mountains. "So were going to the overlook?" "Yes." They park at the top and get out. "No one is here that's good.." Jared says and he and Troutman walk to a picnic table. "Why were you crying Jared?" "If I tell you can you please not tell anybody else inculing Micheal." "Yes I can keep a secrect." Jared looks at him. "I have a special power that no one knows I have. I can feel and see whatever affection of love that Christian is having with someone else. Drew kissed him and Christian didn't do anything to stop him he just let him do it." Troutman gets up and sits down next to him. "I'm sorry Jared maybe Christian couldn't help himself." "I just don't know what to think about him anymore." "Talk to him tomorrow about it." Jared smiles. "Okay I will." He hugs him. "Thank you Troutman." He smiles. "Anytime. Hey I need to ask you a quick question?" "Yes?" "Do you think Kalysta, Katie, Taylor, Jasmine, Joanna, Hunter, Zack and Tyler need training?"

The next day about lunchtime Christian here's cars coming down the driveway. He runs outside and sees all the slayers and gurdians inculding Drew. "You all skipped school again?" "Of course it's are speaulty." Katelyn says and she and him hug. Jared hugs him next and kisses him. "I missed you." "I miss you more." Jared laughs. Cole is the last to hug him. "Did you all decide to come down here to see me? Did you compell Appleton again Grace?" Grace laughs "No we didn't even go to school today." "We came down here to see you and we thought it would be a great place to train Kalysta, Katie, Taylor, Jasmine, Joanna, Hunter, Zack and Tyler." Jordan says. "Train?" "Remeber how they trained us when you came back to Hollow Falls?" Kristy asks. "Oh yeah that was exhatusting you all enjoy yourselfs." The slayers laugh. "Fuck you Christian." Kalysta says flipping him off. "Are we going to swim while there practcing?" Misty asks. "Let's go!" Travis screams and jumps in the water. "Jeeze!" Sam screams. Soon there all the slayers and Royals are swimming in the water. "I'm glad you can maniuplate water Jordan and Travis!" Macy yells at them. "Wouldn't the pond be a block of ice right now?" Caroline asks. "Yeah but good thing we have magical powers and we can do whatever we want with it." Willy says. Christian gets out of the pond he walks down the hill and watches with Ashley, Hanna, Katelyn, Megan, Grace and Kristy. Drew is on the platform batteling Kalysta. "This should be good." He says. "Did they just start?" "They haven't even swung a punch at eachother yet." Hanna says. "You haven't missed much."

Drew notcies that Christian is watching and Kalysta takes this time and punches him. Drew swings on her but misses. "Take all the hits you want remeber i'm a healer." Kalysta smiles and punches him severl times and Drew just stands there. "Is that good enough?" she asks. Drew smiles "Yes." Drew faces Troutman and Jordan. "I need to take a break why don't one of you go?" "I will." Jordan says. Drew starts walking to the hill to get a drink of water. "That was some fight." Christian says walking beisde him. "Thanks." Christian stops Drew and whispers in his ear "You look good without your shirt on." Drew looks at him and they start walking. "Dose that mean you still like me?" "Corse I like you I'm just with Jared." Drew nods his head. "I'll never try to steal that away from you I'm not that kind of guy." "I really apperciate that Drew your a good guy and you would be a great person to be with." Christian lowers his voice. "If no one was around I would kiss you." A smiling Drew watches Christian walk over to Alex and Brennan.

Jared sees Christian talking to Alex and Brennan he thought he just saw him talking with Drew but his eyes were playing tricks on him. Jared is sitting on a raft. "What's wrong with you?" Macy asks. "Nothing." "Come on Jared tell me what's going on." "I'm just really hungary." "Hey Drew!" Macy screams. "Make some of those burgers you made the other night!" "Alright hold on." She gves him a thumbs up. "Problem solved." She jumps in the water. Jared smiles and jumps in going all the way to the bottom. He swims back up. "It's ice cold down there!" "No shit I can't keep the bottom of the pond warm its allready like that." Travis says. "I can't believe you can do this it's an amazing power." Travis smiles. "Thank you. We all have amazing powers and there all put into good use in unsual situations." Jared smiles. "I love all of you guys your great brothers and sisters." Travis puts his arm around him. "Brothers to the end." Jared thinks back to when they first met. They met at the beginning of fresman year at football pratice. He never thought they would be really close and be part of a group like this and have amazing powers.

Cole is watching Jordan fight with Joanna and is clapping and laughing at them. Beside him Hanna and Katelyn were cheering her. "Go Joanna!" Hanna yells. "Beat Jordan's ass!" Joanna laughs and Jordan is sill possed. "You know what I give up! Just punch away." Jordan stands there and Joanna just starts punching him over and over again and she finally stops and laughs herself off the floor. "Is that everybody?" Jordan asks. Troutman looks at them and Hanna says "That's it you too are free to go." Jordan and Troutman start running up the hill and you here a big splash. "Jeeze!" Katelyn yells. Cole and the others start wallking up the hill. "You beat the shit out of Jordan." Megan says. "He let me." Joanna says. "I hope he's allright though." "Drew will heal him." Grace says. "Good thing we have one." Cole says. "I'm glad Christian told everybody about us you guys are like brothers and sisters to me." "Awww!" Hanna exclaims and they hug her. Joanna jumps into the pond.

Ezra and Zoey are eating at the dinnertable. "I'm sure Christian and them are having fun." Zoey tells Ezra. Ezra sits down. "It just feels werid with him not being in the house." "Tell me about it but remeber hone we need to keep him safe." "I know." All of a sudden the door is  blown open Ezra and Zoey jump up and Blakes, Kaylee, Hallie and Seth come in. Ezra tries shooting them with ice but Kaylee deflects it and throws him to the wall knocking him out. Zoey tries to use wind on them but Blakes throws her to the floor. He ties Ezra and Zoey up and when they wake up he asks "So I assume you all know who we are?" Blakes asks. "Unfornetly." Ezra says. "Let us go!" Zoey screams. "Shut up Zoey." Hallie says. "What do you want?" Ezra asks. "Isn't it obvious?" Kaylee asks. "No there could be pleanty of reasons." "He's a smartfuck just like his son." "Runs in the family." Okay smartfuck let's get down to business where is Christian hiding at?" "Like I would ever tell you." "That's fine we have a pretty good idea where he's hidding at and your coming with us."

Christian is laughing when he heres his phone beeps. "I wonder who that is." He looks at the text and it says Look what I found and theres a picture of Ezra and Zoey tied up in there kitchen. He screams and he shows them. "Oh my god! We got to go save them!" They run to there cars and they all drive to Christian's house. Christian runs inside and searches the house and can't find them. "There gone!" He starts sobeing. Jared tries to comfort him and Christian calms down. "What are we going to do?" "We can look tomorrow in town for them." Jordan says. "Tomorrow." "Christian it's almost eleven we can't look tonight its dark its better to look in the daytime." Drew says."Fine then but I don't want to be alone tonight." "We could all stay at the cabin tonight." Jared says grabbing his hand. "I would love that." They all drive over to the cabin. Drew goes in the living room to sleep beacuse he knows that Jared would want to sleep. Christian can't go to sleep. "I'll stay up with you all night if you want me too." "No go to sleep it's fine." Christian turns back over and falls alseep while Jared stays up all night watching Christian.

When the sun rises Jared walks to he window and watches it. He yawns and goes into the living room and finds Drew, Jordan and Troutman talking to eachother. "I didn't know you three were still awake." "We didn't sleep the whole night want some cofffee? We made some for everyone." Jordan asks. "Yes please." Jordan gets up and he hands him his coffee. "Jared can I talk to you outside please?" Troutman asks. "Uh..sure." They both walk outside and sit on the porch. "It's a little chille out here." Jared says. "Do you want me to ask Jordan to maniuplate the weather?" "No but thanks." Jared takes a sip of his coffee. "Did you talk to Christian?" "No I was going to but I don't think that would be right now." "Yeah your right maybe give it a few days." Jared sips on his coffee. "Thank you Troutman you've been such a good help and your always cheering me up. I'm glad your acting diffrent." "How was I before?" "You were a prude and your always stuck up Micheal's ass." They both laugh. Jordan and Drew come outside. "We wanted to come outside if that's fine." "Oh it is." Troutman says. "Holy shit it's cold out here." Jordan says and stares up at that sky and makes the sun come out makeing it hot and bright outside. "That's better. How were you too just sitting there?" They both shrugg there shoulders. "What are we going to do today?" Jared asks them. "You know he's going to want to look for them." "We think that they might be in the woods around here or in the dungeon where Christian was at." Drew says. "Is there any more places they would be at?" "No we don't think so unless there being kept in a house." Troutman says. "We can't go breaking down every door." "I wonder why they took them for." "Beacuse they couldn't find him anywhere." Drew says. "We got to find them today or he'll go crazy."

After breskfast Drew watches Christian. He's not even eating he's just spinning his spoon around in circles. Everyone is looking at him. Finally Jared walks over there and takes the bowl away. "Are we about to leave?" Christian asks. "Yes." Drew says. "Were going to start at the very top of the woods and look and some of us are going to Kaylee' cabin." There's a knock on the door. Drew amswers it and Micheal and his Royal brothers and Royal sisters are standing there. Drew lets them in and they all come in. "There going to help with the search." "I am so sorry Christian we'll find them today." Micheal tells him. "Hopefully." "I split us up into two groups," Drew says. "You all remeber what group your in right?" They shake there heads. "Let's go." They all get into a car and go to the dungeon or the top of the Hollow Falls woods. Drew parks the car futher down the road from it in case there in there. He, Christian, Jared, Micheal, Hanna, Katelyn, Travis, Seth, Lee, Joseph, Jordan, Charlene, Megan, Kristy, Grace, Willa, Macy, Ashley, Brennan and Willy start walking to the cabin. "I wonder if there in there." Megan says to Kristy. "Were about to find out." They start walking to the cabin Drew has his hand on his stake. "You all stay back." Drew tells the slayers. He, Jordan, Micheal, Lee, Joseph, Charlene and Willa get in front of them. Drew bangs the door open and they all run in. They search the upstairrs and don't find anything. They go back outside and go to the dungeon. The adults walk down the steps and they look in all the cells and don't find anything. Christian screams and he points into a cell beside Drew. They all jump back and see a bunch of dead bodies and next to it is a wolf. He notcies them and starts growling at them. "Run!" Drew screams at the kids and they do. The wolf lets out a ear shattering growl and starts chargeing at them and Drew stakes it before it tries to kill them.

Cole is walking through the woods with the others walking the trails and looking around. "I really hope they found them beacuse I don't think were going to find anything." Caroline says. "I'm afraid your right." Cole says. "But if they found them they would of texted us or called us at least." Troutman says. "I hope we find them." Joanna says. "Hopefully." Kalysta says. Troutman's phone starts ringing they all stop in there tracks and look at him. "Okay.....Yes.....I will....alright bye." Troutman looks at all of them. "Drew says they didn't find them there and to just head back to the cabin." They all sigh and start walking back. Later they go back to the cabin. "I can't believe this!" Christian says. "Were all going to look again in the woods right?" "Right." Jordan says. "You guys can go home if you want to its fine." Christian tells them and they do. Jared tells Christian "I'll be back later." Christian nodes his head. Cole goes over to Blake's house with Daniel, Travis and Alex. There all sitting on his bed talking when all of a sudden Blake screams. "I'm so stupid!" "What!?" Cole, Travis and Alex scream at him. "I can use my orbs and see if they can find them." "Oh my god! How come we didn't think of this!?" Cole yells. "Okay everyone be quiet." Blake closes his eyes and thinks of the picture that Christian showed them and then he opens his eyes and watches his orbes go out the window. A few minuents later Blake says "I got it!" They all get into Daniel's car and he drives to Christian's house. They go inside and looke everywhere and can't find them.

Drew is looking at Christian. "I'm so sorry Christian." "Don't apologize it's fine." Christian is about to walk into the bedroom when Drew stops him. "Why are you crying Drew?" Christian asks and holds his face. "Please answer this question Christian. Do you love me or not?" Christian tries to walk away but Drew grabs him. "Please answer." "Yes I do! Dose that satsify your needs or not?" "Yes it dose." Drew kisses him and they kiss eachother and they walk into the bedrrom where they have sex Drew takeing Christian's virginity. After there done  Christian tells Drew "Im takeing a shower." Drew gets dressed and goes in the kitchen and makes him something to eat. He see's somebody standing in the yard watching him. Then all of a sudden the lights go out. Drew grabs his stake and goes outside. He goes to the woods and he here's a stick crack and he turns around where he's hit in the head with a shovel.

Meanwhile Jared sees Christian and Drew have sex and starts crying. He starts throwing stuff and messing up stuff in his room. He stops when they stop and passes out on the ground. He wakes up to his phone ringing, He picks it up. "Jared! We've been trying to call you. We know where Ezra and Zoey are at!" Troutman tells him .. Jared sits up. "How!" "Earlier Blake did his orbes but the first time it lead him to Christian's house but he tried again and someone copied his orbes and the real orbes are at Drew's cabin." "Oh my god i'm on my way!" Jared gets his stake and runs out of his room.

When the lights go out Christian screams. He calls for Drew but he dosen't answer. He gets dressed and goes into the living room his only light is the moon shinninhg in. He goes outside and he heres a stick snap. He finds a shovel and grabs it and goes into the woods. He is then stabbed in the stomach with an axe,