Dark Knight is a 2014 American Superhero Action film written and directed by Terry Gilliam starring Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams, Adam Scott, Danny Glover, Jeremy Irons, David Tennant, Guillame Canet, William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Ben Kingsley and Joe Pesci.

The film is the third reboot of the Batman franchise following on from Christopher Nolan's universally praised Dark Knight Trilogy and serves as a connecting film Snyder's Superman follow-up Superman Vs. Batman (featuring Irons in his role of Alfred Pennyworth).

The film is slated for worldwide theatrical release on October 28th, 2014 and is to be distributed by Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures.


In a city overrun with crime a reclusive multi-millionaire Bruce Wayne still dealing with the murder of his parents from when they gunned down in an alley when he was 8 years old returns to his empire: Wayne Enterprises and under the mentorship of weapon and vehicle dealer he becomes the Batman: The Dark Knight of Gotham City protecting the city from crime.

Setting up the cave beneath the immensely huge Wayne Manor estate for vehicles, armor and hi-tech gadgets purchased on the black market with Fox's assistance Bruce puts his hero affairs under the protection of long-time butler and surrogate father Alfred Pennyworth.

Bruce first begins with the criminal underbelly of Gotham led by disgraced former congressman Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot whom has adopted the title of the Penguin, serving as Gotham's crime lord.

Under the Penguin's regime are two demented serial killers Victor Zsasz and Julian Day the 'The Calendar Man,' a desperate scientist friend og Bruce's Dr. Kirk Langstrom envious of the Bat whom develops a serum turning himself into a horrifying humanoid bat with immense strength and the power of flight, insane mastermind Edward Nigma AKA The Riddler a former employee of Wayne Enterprises and Gotham's top medical Dr. Victor Fries whose former nurse wife Nora has been cryogenically frozen in an attempt to save her from a rare disease and whom himself has been horrifically altered after a hospital accident; turning him into a cryokinetically powered monster known as Mr Freeze.


  • Casey Affleck as Bruce Wayne/ Batman
  • Michelle Williams as Vicki Vale
  • Adam Scott as Detective Richard Grayson
  • Danny Glover as Lucius Fox
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Shane West as Jack Ryder
  • David Tennant as Edward Nigma/ The Riddler
  • Logan Marshall-Green as Dr. Jonathen Crane
  • Sam Shephard as Dr. Kirk Langstrom/ Man-Bat
  • Louis Zorich as Professor Richard Langstrom
  • Noomi Rapace as Ingrid Eiffel
  • Pablo Schreiber as Victor Zsasz
  • David Walton as Julian Day
  • Guy Henry as Officer Armand Walton
  • Kate Mulgrew as Margaret Gordon
  • Guillame Canet as Chief Clancy O'Hara
  • William H. Macy as Commisioner Jim Gordon
  • Emmy Rossum as Barbara Gordon
  • Ben Kingsley as Dr. Victor Fries/ Mr. Freeze
  • Blythe Danner as Nora Fries
  • Joe Pesci as Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot/ The Penguin
  • Bill Paxton as Thomas Wayne
  • Debra Winger as Martha Wayne
  • Gavin Kent as Bruce Wayne - Age 8
  • Alyssa de Boisblanc as Rachel Dawes - Age 8



  • Originally Ben Affleck was set to play Batman for the reboot however scheduling conflicts cut him from the picture and his brother Casey Affleck then auditioned and received the role
  • Diane Kruger, Katheryn Winnick, Katee Sackhoff, Helena Mattson, Laurie Holden and Sofia Helin auditioned for the part of Vicki Vale
  • Many villains were drafted originally for Dark Knight including: The Joker with Jude Law and Michael Fassbender in mind, Harley Quinn with Evan Rachel Wood, Alicia Witt and Kristen Bell in mind, Ra's Al Ghul with Viggo Mortensen in mind, Poison Ivy with Elena Satine, Brittany Snow and Deborah Ann Woll, Talia Al Ghul with Eva Green in mind and Dr. Hugo Strange with John Malkovich.
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