Candice Washington is returning home after her family's murder. As soon as she gets there, she feels that something is wrong. She has no idea how right she is.


Candice steps out of the car with Jessica and Axel. Jessica asks if she's okay, to which she nods. "You don't have to go back if you don't want." Candice denies, saying it's time for her to go home. The three walk to their friends on the boat. Candice finds her best friend, Marnie, and hugs her. Marnie says she's glad she's finally coming home.

On the boat ride, Jessica, Sasha and Denise are talking about Candice. Denise asks if she's crazy, but Jessica denies. "Look, she's going home now to be strong. We need to support."

Parker hits on Candice as they approach the island. She tells him to screw off as they get off, the other guys laughing. The Gustins' have a tram there to bring them to the resort. Marnie asks if she's coming, but Candice says she wants to walk. On her walk, she passes her old house and goes in. She goes through the room, remembering the sounds she heard that day. She then finds a wall with dried blood on it. She turns around and bumps into Frankie, her ex that lives on the island. He asks why she's here and she doesn't answer, just runs to the resort.

At the resort, Sasha is reading when she sees the poolboy, Shane. Jessica notices her staring and nudges her, telling her to go for it. Sasha shakes her head. Jessica sees Shane walking their way and knocks Sasha's book down. Shane returns it to Sasha with a smirk. He then asks if she's free the next day, to which she eagerly nods. Jessica leaves them with a satisfied smile. As she goes to her room, she finds her brother taking pills. She slaps him, saying he promised. She angrily leaves the room.

Marnie asks Candice if she's seen Frankie. Candice nods. "You went to the house, didn't you?" Marnie questions, earning silence from her friend. Marnie says she can't torture herself like that.

Candice walks past the pool when she bumps into Parker. He says he heard something in the woods. They go check it out when he pins her against a tree. She hits him in the stomach and says he has to quit joking around all the time. As she leaves, he rolls his eyes. He turns around and is thrown against the tree. Candice hears him yell and looks, not seeing anyone. The person covers his mouth. The killer pulls out a knife and stabs him seven times, throwing his body to the ground. Candice rolls her eyes and keeps walking.

In Candice's room, a woman is standing there, smoking. Candice asks who she is. Marie looks at her, saying she's bringing a whole lot of trouble her way. She brushes past the college student and turns to her at the door and wishes her luck. "That's what it'll take for you to get off the island." She closes the door, leaving Candice confused.


Main Cast

  • Laura Marano as Candice Washington
  • Sara Paxton as Marnie Bleu
  • Ansel Elgort as Frankie Alexander
  • Austin Abrams as Axel Gustin
  • Marielle Jaffe as Jessica Gustin
  • Chord Overstreet as Adam Harris
  • Monique Coleman as Sasha Nixon
  • Jessica Lange as Marie Thomas

Guest Cast

  • Zena Grey as Denise Alexander
  • Amadeus Serafini as Jack Polk
  • Khylin Rhambo as Shane
  • Dylan O'Brien as Parker Perkins


  • Parker Perkins - Stabbed in the stomach seven times.
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