Transformers Wars

Dark Future

After Transformers Wars


After Transformers Wars


All Universes


Autobots and Jedi all destroyed or turned into monsters
All Decepticons and seekers turned into stone forever
Extinction of the Transformers
Darth Grievous became evil dark ruler of the universe
Evil Rules the universe forever
All evil bad guys became cape wearing monsters wearing giant sombreros



Darth Grievous's Sith Legion


Optimus Prime†
Hot Rod
Ultra Magnus

Darth Grievous
Demon Generals
3 evilleros
Darth Darkblade


Autobot Fleet
Autobot ground and air troops

All Sith lords, dark siders, Seekers and monsters


All Autobots and Jedi

All Transformers allied with the Sith turned into stone forever

Dark Future is a vision of the Future of what happens if the Autobots and the Jedi gets defeated by Darth Grievous.


Observing the Future

Starscream read from the archives that he did not ask permission from the Sith and learned of what happens if Darth Grievous rules the universe. He secretly delivered this message online without telling who sent this message because even though he wants the Autobots to be destroyed he did not want to be a mindless slave with no free will at all.

The Last Stand

64px Your heroic efforts are futile. My evil harbingers will usher in a new age!

~ Darth Grievous

The Autobots were being overwhelmed by relentless attacks from the Sith. The Jedi has been eradicated or transformed into Sith lords, the Matrix of Leadership was destroyed and the Kaleesh made an evil empire after the Galactic Alliances fall. After Skids and Mudflap became the first ones to die the Autobot Heros gather, their strongest warriors fought bravely and all Autobots die bravely but still they die. The Sith used swarms of sith soldiers, sith warriors, many battle droids, giant sombrero droids, undead creeps, tough Hybrid species and the full might of the Sith Legions armed forces. Despite many help from their friends including 5 Venator Star Destroyers, Autobot Cars, Harbinger Gunships, Guardian Tanks, Mammoth Tanks, Autobot flyers and even Minotaur Class Battlecruisers the good guys were all wiped out.


Dark future

Darth Grievous's victory

64px As I was your evil beginning - so shall I be...your evil end. I love it when an evil plan comes together. Your light is expended. It is finished.
~ Darth Grievous

After Darth Grievous has nobody opposing him he turned all of any Transformer loyal to him into stone including Starscream and his seekers and activated the Super Genocide bombs thus wiping out the last remains of the enemies of Darth Grievous. He later on wrapped and sealed every sith lords, every member of the Sith Legion, all of Darth Grievous's followers and minions, dark siders, kaleesh warlord warriors and demon generals into cocoons with Darth Grievous wrapped and sealed in a chrysalis. After 99 years the bad guys hatched and they all got reborn as evil cape wearing monsters that are strong with the dark side. Giant capes and giant sombreros became attached to the Sith lords and Demon Generals necks and heads which totally made them strong with the force only to turn them 100% evil. Darth Grievous's cape and sombrero got very big as he permanently mega evolves into the Mega Evil Dark Sombrero Lord of the Evil cape wearing Sith Lords while he oversees a huge empire of evil cape wearing sith lords and prepare to remake all life into his vision while the light in the universe fell into darkness forever. Hybrid creatures, the cape wearing villains and the forces of evil then enslaved every living creature into joining the Sith as the last star burns out. Coruscant got covered by darkness and later the planet was turned into Darth Grievous's skull head wearing a giant sombrero. Korriban and Kalee emerges from a war torn world into a beautiful place filled with more holy things while Cybertron became New Eviltron. Statues of Darth Grievous were seen everywhere in the entire galaxy as the planets got turned into Sith controlled sectors.


This event is similar to the Wings of Liberty mission In utter Darkness.

Darth Grievous's plans for the future is similar to Dark Oaks plan to commence Forestation over the galaxy.

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