(25th September 1996 - 23rd Feburary 2013)

The Dark Cillian Darcy is the Main Protagonist of The Dark Cillian Trilogy who's the initial incarnaion to a human-timelord, named Cillian Darcy (Time Lord), He defeated his arch nemesis named Rainbow Factory Dash in her own Factory.


On september 25th 1996, Cillian Darcy along with his younger twin sister Kino were born on a day where their half sister Emily alternative died from evil.

First Fight against the Rainbow Factory

In age 10, the Rainbow Factory kidnapped Cillian to die for good, But then the Army appeared along with the mysterious War Doctor, Cillian begin to fight Rainbow Factory Dash for the first time until she retreat for 8 years. The War Doctor thank him for the fight and let him keep the gun for the wars that he need to fought. He said goodbye to his twin sister Kino before she goes off to america with her step-mother melanie.

First Encounter with the Daleks

6 Years Later, Cillian greets Victor's girlfriend Victoria.

Meeting Samantha Evil

Final Fight against the Rainbow Factory


Cillian made a promise by the Time Lords that he will die after 96 hours, He later regenerated into his Second Incarnation in front of Derrick, Annie and Paolo.

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