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Dark Carnival is a American 2016 horror thriller film.


a dark playground and the clown take killing and masscres


  • Melissa Joan Hart as Melani, the main protagonist.
  • Ella Bleu Travolta as Melody
  • Rowan Blancard as Eliza
  • Haley Tju as Lily
  • Nina Lu as Sarah
  • Victoria Justice as Nina
  • Bridget Mendler as Kate
  • Amber Montana as Reese
  • Addison Riecke as Cherry
  • Ella Anderson as Meghan
  • Lizzy Greene as Demetra
  • Derek Mears as Scary Faced Clown, the main antagonist
  • Robert Englund as Ripped Face Clown, Scary Faced Clown's sidekick
  • Tyler Mane as Fired Man, one of the clowns
  • Kathy Bates as Mother Glass, one of the clowns



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