Darius Styles

Darius Abraham Styles is a main character in the TV series, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Born in New Orleans, Lousiana in April 1988, Darius Styles grew up in a lower class household. His father was a drug dealer who was in and out of prison for most of his young life, and his mother raised him and his brothers herself. Eventually, his father was murdered in a deal gone wrong by a rival when Darius was 13.

Darius's older brother Kalil, soon fell into his father's old path, becoming a dealer and gangbanger himself. In 2005, Kalil was murdered in a fight at a party at the age of 22. Ten days later, Hurricane Katrina struck the city. While the crime scene and evidence had been processed and was saved by the investigating detective, the storm's damage to the city left many people, including the suspects and witnesses in the case displaced, many of whom never returned the city even after the water dried up. Thus, the case of Kalil's murdered lay cold for years.

After graduating LSU, Darius joined the NOPD and eventually transferred to the Cold Case Unit in hopes of solving his brother's murder. Eventually with the remaining original investigating detectives' help, he finally managed to and arrested the killer in 2016. Darius remained with the unit afterwards, to keep investigating cold cases, believing that victims and justice shouldn't be forgotten even after so long. During this time, he married his childhood sweetheart and had two children with her.

Darius first helps the MCCIS on several cold cases late in the twenty-first season and following Captain Church's retirement and the promotions of Miguel Reyes to captain and Marcus Queen to Lieutenant, joins the unit permanently.


  • Brianna Styles (wife)
  • Kembe Styles (son)
  • Lyric Styles (daughter)
  • Lucious Styles (father; deceased)
  • Trudy Styles (mother)
  • Kalil Styles (older brother; deceased)
  • Marcus Styles (younger brother)


  • Service weapon: Glock 19
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