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Darby O' Murray (13th November 1997-3rd April 2021) Was a Cyverdin Singer-Songwriter and Actress Based in Ardsall. She is regarded as the most influential Celebrity in Cyverdemyan of all time.

She's also Famous for being a host on the cyverdin feed of nick jr until 2009.

Early life

Darby was born on Eslens, Slandstswa Nonrorwan. But she only stayed there until she was 7, She and her family then Moved to Arsall where she spent the rest of her life. She attended Wagstaff-Ard Secondary school when she was 12.


in early 1997. she starred in the famous Cyverdin kids show "Singalog" And she was the carer of the nursery in that show who would sing along with the kids. Darby said that she never expected her debut in a kids show. But the kids were nice so she Joined. Darby Made her debut on television (and in the media as a whole) on 5th May 1997 in the 2nd generation singalog reboot.

Personal life

She left home in 1996 to furfill her dream as an actress and singer. And during then, she lived in a Small apartment with some of her colleagues. Until she moved in her own Studio Flat in 2000.

During her time alive, she was throw candy to people who saw her Apartment.

Mental health

Darby was diagnosed with BPD at 16. and a month before her death, she was diagnosed with PTSD due to her fathers (Flynn O' Murray's) peaceful death in january 2021.


on 3rd April 2021 at 10:02 PM, Darby was found dead by her little sister (whom she was visiting her studio flat). Darby claimed that she heard Darby saying "that's so good i'm gonna do it forever" faintly before her death. The next day, Her death was announced as an "overdose" Which was due to the Passing of Flynn O' Murray. According to police authorities, it was claimed that Darby Died a few days before she got a Legend award "An Award ceremony hosted by CBC"

According to her family, Ericka had spent the last two weeks of her life Sending death Threats to People that worked at "20th Animation" And Blamed them for causing her father's death, she usually sent the american dad lyrics to them, but slightly altered with slurs and swearing She was then forced off the dubbing Production of American dad Afterwards. . During her last few days, She had An addiction Which got her killed on 3rd April.

Her Family Now owns the flat and any Archieves Darby Owned throughout her life. A cover memorial Concert was done by her little sister at 6th May 2021.

Memorial service

Her Virtual Funeral was Held on 30th April 2021. Over a million fans put their name forward to attend the funeral in person - and 1,000 Tickets were given out. The Funeral Began with a public ceremony, followed by a public memorial from her friends and family.



Giggles are good (1999)

Hayley Sings: CV edition (2012)

Druggin' with hayley (2014)

Druggin with hayley 2 (2015)

You've Got Heart (2017)

Druggin' with Hayley: the Finale (2021)

compilation albums:

Hayley/Darby 1999-2021 (2021)

her songs were mostly covers of pre-existing songs: But her albums from 1999 and 2017 are the only ones with original songs.

notable roles:

Hayley Smith in American dad (Cyverdin dub) (2005-2021)

The carer in singalog (1997)

Rainbow dash and minty in my little pony G3 (cyverdin dub)

Tammy in Bob's Burgers (cyverdin dub) (2012-2021)

Sticks the Badger in sonic boom (cyverdin dub)

Trixie in Lazytown (cyverdin dub)

Presenter of Cyverdin feed of nick jr

Sissi in code lyoko (cyverdin dub)


Hayley smith's Solo Boogaloo (2015)

heart To Hayley (2019)