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Danny and Miley's Guide to Parenting is an original American Comedy Television Sitcom, created by Ben Berendsen, the ceator of Baby Daddy, premiering on the ABC Family Television Network on June 2, 2016. Featuring Dyan O'Brien, Grace Phipps, Garrett Clayton, Jordan Fisher, Willa Holland, Jadin Gould, and Melissa Ponzio as the initial main cast, the series follows the life of a young college couple, named Danny and Miley, after they have a surprise baby, named Maya. With the help of their best friends and family, they work through life while coping with adolescence and juggle their struggling careers and their new parenting life.

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Two eighteen year old teenagers in High School, layed back and non-serious Danny Miller and responsible, too serious Miley Henshaw have been in love with each other since middle school, but now the two are in store for a surprise when Miley ends up pregnant in their senior year, and come graduation day, Miley goes into labor, and the two have a little baby girl, named Maya. Now, as they enter college together, Danny and Miley decide to raise Maya, with all the help they can get, including Danny's younger sister, Melanie, his older brother, Russell, his mother, Karron, and their two best friends, Ally and Tristin, while juggling their work life, as Danny tries to make his way into the world as a comic book artist and Miley works her way through law school to accomplish her dreams of becoming a lawyer. Now they must cope with adolescence and learn along the way how to be the best parents they can be.


Main Cast

  • Dylan O'Brien as Daniel "Danny" Miller, the layed back and immature father of Maya and boyfriend, later husband, of Miley Henshaw. He and Miley have been together since middle school, despite their many differences. While going to college with Miley and their friends, he works to become a comic book artist and get his comic books published, but until then he matures by parenting Maya with Miley.
  • Grace Phipps as Miley Henshaw, the mother of Maya and girlfriend, later wife, of Danny. Despite their many differences, as Miley is very intelligente, mature, and maybe a little too serious, she loves Danny no matter what, and works her way through law school to fulfill her dream of being a successful lawyer, but until then she learns to be layed back while spending time with Danny and Maya.
  • Garrett Clayton as Russell Miller, Danny's older brother and Maya's paternal uncle, as well as a professional Football player. On top of that, Russell has many one night stands and isn't the brightest student. He does what he can to help his brother and Miley raise Maya, usually using his niece to pick up girls. He initially harbored a crush on Ally, which she never realized.
  • Jordan Fisher as Tristin Williams, Danny and Miley's roommate and Danny's best friend, as well as Maya's honorary uncle. He and Danny have been best friends since nursery school and he is also good friends with Russell, Miley, and Ally, and is the only one to know that Russell likes Amanda. He is a skilled dancer and singer and dreams to be become a musician.
  • Willa Holland as Allison "Ally" Manchester, Danny and Miley's best friend and neighbor, as well as Maya's honorary aunt. She lived next to the Millers during childhood and has been Miley's best friend since middle school and is also very smart and mature, and is reluctant to involve herself in Danny's schemes. She was oblivious to Russell's crush on her, but eventually found out she felt the sameway.
  • Jadin Gould as Melanie Miller, Danny and Russell's younger sister and Maya's aunt. She's a junior in High School and temporarily lived with her brother, Miley, and Tucker, until her mother moves across the street from them. She is very close to her brother and her niece. She is smart, caring, and a skilled athlete in soccer, as well as an out and proud lesbian.
  • Melissa Ponzio as Karron Miller, Danny, Russell, and Melanie's mother and Maya's grandmother. She divorced their father while Danny and Russell were teenagers. She believed that Danny and Miley weren't ready to be parents and to give up Maya, but she stays be their side and occasionally helps them take care of Maya.


Season 1

Title Description
Pilot An Eighteen year old couple, Danny and Miley, skip their High School graduation to have their unplanned baby, naming her Maya. They begin believing themselves to be too young to be parents, but while filing for her adoption, the two get attached and decide to keep Maya and raise her, with help from their friends and family.
Schedules Danny and Miley set out to prove that they have what it takes to be good parents and can handle raising Maya, when Karron believes that they're too young to take care of a baby, and decide create a schedule between them, Russell, Tristin, and Ally in order to keep up with Maya.
Interruptions Although Danny and Miley appreciate Karron's help, covering for them during work or school, when she begins showing up unexpectedly to take care of Maya, they miss spending time with Maya. A jealous Russell has them hide at Ally's house to sabatoge her date.
Paging Doctor Tristin Tristin goes with Danny and Miley to take Maya to her first doctors appointment, where Tristin finds himself attracted to her nurse, and asks her out. Meanwhile, Russell's big game is coming up and begins his traditions to have a good game, but loses confidence, when Ally accidently washes his lucky jersey.
Pickup Lines

During Maya's baby shower, Karron gets her a girly stroller, so the guys take it back for a new cooler stroller. Having Maya for the day, Russell and Tristin use it to pick up girls. Being without Maya, Danny and Miley plan a romantic evening together, but Ally, Karon, and Melanie's "Girls Night" might ruin their plans.

May the Best Man Win With all of their friends busy and Karon being out of town, Danny and Miley juggle taking care of Maya and studying for college mid-terms. Meanwhile, Russell and Tristin compete when they discover that they're dating the same girl, but Ally warns them not to let a girl ruin their friendship.
The Daddy Whisper With Miley busy with Law School, she forces Danny into taking mommy-and-me classes with Maya, but Danny tries to find a way to back out without Miley knowing when another mom hits on him. Karron and Ally take Maya to the mall, which ends with Maya stealing a gold watch.
My Sister's Keeper Melanie brings her new girlfriend, Daisy, to dinner with her family, but Danny finds out that Daisy's cheating on Melanie, but when he tries to warn her, Melanie believes that Danny is ashamed of her homosexuality, so Danny and Tristin set out to prove it.
Things Come Out at Night On Maya's first Halloween, Danny and Miley, dressed as werewolf and Bride of Frankenstein, take Maya, dressed as a pumpkin, out for Trick-or-Treating. Meanwhile, everyone else is at a Halloween Party and meet  someone special, without even knowing the faces underneath the costumes.
Fun and Games Danny and the gang have a family game night, at first having a good time, but when games reveal deep dark secrets between the group they end up having a huge fight and now Karron devises a plan to bring them back together, using Maya.
Something Borrowed The group is invited to a wedding by one of their friends, but things don't go as planned, when Danny accidently loses the wedding rings, so he and Miley scramble to find it and delay the wedding. Meanwhile, Tristin, Ryan, and Melanie switch back and forth between Maya to pick up girls.

Season 2

Title Description