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This about Danny Phantom characters reacting to The Phantom Genesis.

The Phantom Genesis

(when they see Dash (movie) bully Danny (movie), everyone (reaction) glares at this)

  • Jack (reaction): (glaring) "You're being bullied at school?"
  • Danny (reaction): (nodding) "Yep, I'm his favorite."
  • Maddie (reaction): (also glaring) "We're having a talk with the teachers about this."
  • Principal Ishiyama (reaction): (agreeing) "Don't worry, we will."

(many people (reaction) still glared at this. Later, they see Mr. Lancer (movie) read Team Phantom (movie)'s records while Dash (movie) gives a smirk)

  • Mr. Lancer (movie): (reading) "Valerie Gray, chronic tardiness and talking in class. Kwan, repeated loitering by the girl's locker room."

(Kwan (movie) blushed at that while Dani (movie) and Valerie (movie) glare at him. Danny (movie) looked annoyed)

  • Danny ((movie) thought): (annoyed) 'And I thought Tucker's repeated loitering by the girl's locker room was bad.'

(Tucker (reaction) gives a sly smile at that memory but only to hear fake coughs from the annoyed women (reaction) and the disapproving men (reaction))

  • Maurice (reaction): (disapproving) "Repeated loitering by the girl's locker room?"
  • Angela (reaction): (annoyed) "We'll talk about this later, young man."
  • Dani (reaction): (angry) "PERVERT!"
  • Danny (reaction): (disapproving) "Sweetheart, you don't know how long I waited to call him that after hearing about that."
  • Mr. Lancer (movie): (continuing) "Danny and Dani, both have dropped 34 beakers and are banned for life from handling fragile school property but no severe mischief until today. So gentlemen and ladies, tell me. (he then slams the file on the desk. He then angrily yells) WHY DID THE TWO OF YOU CONSPIRE TO DESTROY THE SCHOOL'S CAFETERIA?!"

(a few people (reaction) flinch at the anger)

  • Danny (movie): (flinching) "Dash started it. He threw-"
  • Mr. Lancer (movie): (interrupting) "Four touchdown passes in the last game and is thereby released from scorn. (Dash (movie) looks smug) However, the rest of you are not."

(everyone (reaction) glares at Mr. Lancer (reaction))

  • Pointdexter (reaction): (glaring) "So that's why he fights back. The school board knows about this."
  • Youngblood (reaction): (agreeing) "Yeah, Danny has had a harsh time."
  • Kitty (reaction): (also agreeing) "Talk about unfairness."
  • Ember (reaction): (also agreeing) "Poor Babypop."

(Jack and Maddie Fenton (both reaction) are angry the most while the principal (reaction) is disappointed)

  • Jack (reaction): (angry) "Even though Dash didn't start the garbage fight, he shouldn't get away with bullying his peers."
  • Maddie (reaction): (also angry) "We should have a talk about this."
  • Principal Ishiyama (reaction): (disappointed) "We are going to have a talk about favoritism."

(Mr. Lancer (reaction) is nervous about this and starts feeling bad for what he did)

  • Mr. Lancer (reaction): (guilt-ridden) "Don't worry, I'll install cameras in the school and make sure there's no bullying but I can't put them in the bathrooms or locker rooms because that's an invasion of privacy. Anyway, Dash will still either be in detention, suspension, or expulsion since he's might've been doing this all the time. (everyone (reaction) shrugs and agrees that's the best he can do. He then turns to Danny (reaction)) Mr. Fenton, I apologize for not dealing with Dash. His behavior should not be tolerated. They're right, I should let them talk with me about favoritism."

(Danny (reaction) nodded. However, Danny (movie) angrily stands up and glares at him)

  • Danny (movie): (angry) "Ok, that's just bulls**t. Just because he's a quarterback, doesn't mean he should get away with bullying. He has picked on me for so long and you didn't do a d**n thing. I just wanted a good school life but when he picks on me, you blame me. You should be ashamed to call yourself a teacher and a vice principal. For shame."

(everyone (both movie and reaction) were stunned by his outburst. Mr. Lancer (movie) just glares at him)

  • Mr. Lancer (movie): (glaring) "I'll map out your punishments when I return. (he goes to the door with Dash (movie)) Mr. Baxter, watch the door."

(Mr. Lancer (movie) leaves the room and Dash (movie) gives one last smirk before he goes outside of the office to guard the door. Danny (movie) just glares at the door but does nothing)

  • Valerie (movie): (concern) "Even though you don't like Sam no more, we got to find her."
  • Kwan (movie): (agreeing) "Yeah and for some reason, I feel like Foley got her kidnapped."

(everyone (reaction) glares at Tucker (reaction) due to this reminder)

  • Sam (reaction): (glaring) "Maybe because he told the lunch lady that I changed the menu. How about that?"

(Danny (movie) just gives an annoyed glare)

  • Danny (movie): (annoyed) "Maybe because he told the lunch lady that she changed the menu. How about that?"

(a few people (reaction) laugh at this, making Sam (reaction) blush. However, Kwan (movie) sniffs the air)

  • Kwan (movie): (serious) "That steak's still in the building. Two in the yards tops."
  • Danny (movie): (gasping) "Now I remember. (then he checks the monitors and finds the meat storage room which has a liquid trail) Check it out, meat trail."

(later when knowing Plasmius (movie)'s backstory, Danny (reaction) and Clockwork (reaction) gasped in horror)

  • Danny (reaction): (horrified) "Oh my god, it's him."
  • Clockwork (reaction): (also horrified) "Dan Phantom."

(the hooded enemy unmasked himself and it's indeed Dan Phantom (reaction), the Ultimate Enemy)

  • Dan (reaction): (smirking) "Hello Danny and Clockwork, long time no sea."
  • Danny (reaction): (glaring) "How did you escape?"
  • Dan (reaction): (smirking) "I have my ways."
  • Clockwork (reaction): (glaring) "You won't get away with this."
  • Dan (reaction): (smirking) "Oh no, I'm just getting started. Soon, I'll rule both the human world and the Ghost Zone while enjoying those scream and pleas of mercy. (he then evily laughs, which scared a lot people and even the ghosts) Heck, I still remember how I was created. (he then tells his entire backstory) In an alternate timeline, Danny here got the answers to the C.A.T. and cheated. However, Mr. Lancer could tell what really happened and asked for Danny's parents to come with Danny to the Nasty Burger so they can talk about it. What they didn't know was that the hot sauce there was overheating and I remember what the manager said about what happens when it gets too hot. (he then makes a boom sound, which worried people) Tucker and Sam came along to support him. When they made it there, Mr. Lancer revealed what Danny did and the young boy no doubt decided to reveal his alter ego. Too bad for him, the sauce detonated and the Nasty Burger exploded, killing the Fentons, Jazz, Tucker, Sam, and Mr. Lancer while Danny was left alive and mentally broken. (everyone (reaction) gasped in horror and sadness at this) Having no one else to take care of him, Danny ended up in the custody of his arch-enemy Vlad Masters or as we call him, Vlad Plasmius. (Vlad (reaction) was shocked by this information) Vlad actually felt sympathy for Danny and listened as Danny wanted to get rid of his human emotions so he won't feel any pain anymore. Vlas offered to help out and by using the ghost gauntlets, he ripped me the ghost half out of Danny. However, I quickly turned on them and ripped out Vlad's ghost half. I then merged with it and you can see what I turned into but too bad for you guys, the bad side won and I became the most powerful evil ghost in the entire timelines. As for my human half, I didn't need him anymore and took care of him. (everyone (reaction) looked horrified and tearful that he implied that he killed his human self) I then destroyed the mansion but only kept Vlad alive just so he can tell the tale, otherwise I would've gladly killed him. I then went on a rampage and spread chaos, carnage, and mayhem. I enjoyed hearing people scream and begging for mercy. I then terrorized my old enemies and made them suffer while deciding to destroy the Fenton portal and my old home. (then he glares) However, Clockwork intervened and sent my pathetic counterpart to my timeline to stop me. At first, I was winning by having sent your Danny to my Ghost Zone and impersonating him to make sure my world happens but Danny and Clockwork intervened and stopped me. I didn't count on him getting his ghostly wail before ten years from now. After I was defeated, they kept me in a Fenton Furnace and my timeline is gone because they managed to save the people who were supposed to die. My future and my perfect world is ruined because of them. (then he smirks) However, I'm now back and this time, I will destroy Danny Phantom but first, I will make him suffer as his loved ones die and his precious world burns."

(he then evily laughs, horrifying people (reaction) by how much of a monster he is and they hate him right now)

  • Dani (reaction): (glaring) "You're a monster."
  • Dan (reaction): (smirking) "Thanks for noticing."
  • Jack (reaction): (glaring) "Danny will stop you."
  • Maddie (reaction): (also glaring) "You'll never be him."
  • Dan (reaction): (laughing) "Oh please, no one can stop me."
  • Danny (reaction): (glaring) "I will stop you and make sure you never escape."

(later after Sam (movie) kisses Dash (movie), a heartbroken Danny (movie) glares)

  • Danny (movie): (glaring) "Ember, I feel like my heart has been ripped out but I know who to take it out on."

(Dani (reaction) looks surprised)

  • Dani (reaction): (surprised) "He's gonna hurt Sam emotionally."

(Danny (reaction) and Ember (reaction) were confused but the others (reaction) connected the dots and were worried)

  • Kwan (reaction): (worried) "Oh s**t, this is not going to end well."
  • Valerie (reaction): (also worried) "Don't do it, boy."
  • Danny (reaction) and Ember (reaction): (both confused) "What?"

(he storms up to Ember (movie), grabs her, and kisses her on the lips, much to everyone (both movie and reaction)'s surprise as they gasp but what surprises them is that she returns the kiss. However, Jack (reaction), Maddie (reaction), Jazz (reaction), and Dani (reaction) start cheering, Clockwork (reaction) smiled, and Danny (reaction) blushes along with Ember (reaction) but Dash (reaction) and Sam (reaction) just snarl. Later when Danny (movie) is about to park the Fenton RV, he sees Mr. Lancer (movie)'s car and starts getting angry)

  • Danny (movie): (angry) "Oh Mr. Lancer. I hate that ignorant old man. I hate him. I hate him. I f**king hate him. He's supposed to be protecting the innocent. You know what, f**k it. (he then drives the RV in reverse and prepares to do something) MEET THE WRATH OF DANNY MOTHERF**KING FENTON! (he then starts speeding forward, turns, and hits Mr. Lancer (movie)'s car. He then smirks) There, now stick that up your a**."

(he then gets out and all the unpopular students (both movie and reaction) start clapping while Danny (both movie and reaction) bows to them. Later after Vlad Plasmius (movie)'s news story was told, Danny (reaction) gasped)

  • Danny (reaction): (horrified) "It's him. Dark Danny. I thought he was gone for good after I chose to not become him."
  • Dani (reaction): (shocked) "He's you?"
  • Danny (reaction): (explaining) "Yeah, from an erased dark future. (he gives them a ghost file of that monster and everyone (reaction) was horrified. That evil ghost is a monster, he harmed innocent people and murdered them for his own pleasure. They can understand why the bad guy's a threat) But sometimes, he was nicknamed Dan Phantom or Dan Plasmius. He is my second arch nemesis and most dangerous enemy."

(they can see why. His enemies (reaction) are shocked that they were planned to be harmed by him in a dark future where he has become a murderer. Later in the mid-credits scene, J. Jonah Jameson (movie) appears in a live-action video, which annoys them)

  • Danny (reaction): (annoyed) "Now what?"
  • J. Jonah Jameson (movie): (serious) "The media as usual tried to sell y'all a load of bulls**t. (then a picture of Danny (movie) pops up) This half-man half-ghost is responsible for the brutal murder of Amity Park's beloved mayor Vlad Masters. (then a picture of Percy Jackson (movie) stand on the water wielding his sword pops up) Just during the summer, this godly man took vengeance out on some important people who stood up to him. (then a picture of Sam (movie) strangling animal smugglers with vines pops up) And not to mention last week, some kind of plant lady choke these people out with some mutated green ropes. They are all out there, (then pictures of Moon Knight (movie) and Ron Stoppable (movie) pop up but the sixth picture has a question mark, leaving it unknown who that person is) they are all waiting, and they all ARE GONNA EAT US FOR F**KING BREAKFAST UNLESS WE GET OUR S**T TOGETHER AND DO SOMETHING!"

(then the video turns to static and goes back to the end credits. Everyone (reaction) rolls their eyes at that)