Danny Phantom: 2 Phantoms is the sequel to the 2016 film, Danny Phantom. It is about Danny Phantom defeating his evil future self, Dark Danny. It stars Chris Evans, Liam Hemsworth, and Jennifer Lawrence.


Chris Evans as Danny A. Fenton/Danny Phantom

Liam Hemsworth as Dark Danny Fenton/Dark Danny Phantom

Jennifer Lawrence as Samantha Manson

Kevin Hart as Tucker Foley

Jennifer Gardner as Jasmine Fenton

Scarlett Johannson as Mrs. Fenton

Chris Pratt as Mr. Fenton and Vlad Plasmius

Jonah Hill as Clockwork

Channing Tatum and Logan Lerman as Observers

Ed Helms as Mr. Lancer

Alison Brie as Valerie Gray


Danny Fenton is told he has to take the C.A.T. test. He soon battles ghost which causes him to get the answer key into his hands. He is suddenly transported to the future. It is revealed he becomes an evil villain after doing the test and accidentally killing his friends, family, and teacher. Danny must stop this.

Danny meets Clockwork, a ghost of time. He tells him what happened and why he sent the ghosts to fight him. He shows that Dark Danny kills Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, and Mr. Lancer. He must find a way to stop this.

Meanwhile, Dark Danny goes to the past and meets up with his old sister Jazz. Jazz asks him who he is after Dark Danny reveals his identity. He gives her 4 choices to how Danny will get out of the ghost zone, which he thinks the answer is D: None of the above, when the answer is B: His billionaire arch-enemies ghost portal.

Danny Phantom is sent back to the past, just when Dark Danny is taking the C.A.T. test on Saturday. Dark Danny sends a ghost of him out to confront Jazz. She knows it isn't Danny Phantom because the Boomerang didn't go into Dark Danny's ecto-signal.

After Dark Danny takes the C.A.T., Dark Danny, Jack, Maddie, and Mr. Lancer go to the Nasty Burger. Dark Danny reveals his true identity to Jack, Maddie, and Mr. Lancer. Danny Phantom and Jazz in the Ghost Peeler arrive, when Jazz, Maddie, Jack, and Mr. Lancer are put on the Nasty Sauce, which is getting overheated which could cause an explosion.

Sam and Tucker then arrive, being trapped on the Nasty sauce. Danny battles his evil self, defeating him with the ghostly wail. The 6 on the Nasty Sauce are destroyed, but Clockwork saves them. He gives Danny another chance to take the C.A.T., and Danny gives Mr. Lancer the answers back.

Jazz finally tells Danny she knows about his ghost powers, and Danny goes off to fight a ghost.


There will be a 2021 sequel, Danny Phantom 3: Plasmius.

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