Bullied by Humans, Bullied by.. well, Angels

Daniel commenting on Julian's statement angels are after them following them fleeing the Hotel Mongtomery following Walter and Gina's deaths.

Daniel Bishop was a graduating senior student of Wakton High and close friend of Whitney Timer's who

Daniel Bishop
American Youth 4
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Family Bishop Family
Status Deceased
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5'10
Affiliation Whitney Timer,

Jennifer Morianis, Gina Truman, Walter Foreman, London Bullies, Fergus Howards, Julian Scott, Michael (Assigned Angel)

Weapons None
Species Homosapien (Human)
Home Homestead, Florida
Appearances Thy Kingdom Come
Quests None
Performer None
accompanied them on the London Trip of June 2012 for the Wakton High School Yearbook Overseas Experience.

He was destined to contribute to the Bridge Traffic Jam paving way for the Collapse to kill millions of people but was subsequently killed by assigned angel Michael.

He is a victim character of Thy Kingdom Come and is portrayed by Callan McAuliffe in the film.


Daniel Bishop was born on August 23, 1993 to Arthur and Ferdina Bishop of Homestead, Florida.

He was raised alongside friend Whitney Timer who was his lifelong neighbour and old crush until she upon reaching high school entered a relationship with Varsity Jock Walter Foreman.

Daniel attended the same Elementary School as Whitney and then went onto the same high school Wakton High School where he drifted apart from her for a period of time upon her gaining boyfriend Walter.

Daniel befriended bullied teenager Fergus Howards who ran a friendship circle of highly intelligent Wakton Students who were regarded by the bully Varsity Jocks and nerds and were constantly the target of bullying.

Pretty girl Jennifer and Whitney would intervene whenever Daniel became the source of bullying and Walter too intervened when he was engaged in a relationship with Whitney in order to impress her.

Daniel harbors a strong resentment towards Walter and developed a later crush on pretty girl Jennifer who was his along with Whitney's across the street neighbour since they were five years old and who also attended the same elementary school as well as Wakton.

Daniel eventually came to be part of the small friendship group lead by Whitney following a period of time after her break up with Walter.

Thy Kingdom Come

Daniel along with the group travelled to London, England in the June Holidays as part of the Overseas demanded experience of the school and to serve as Whitney's travel group to photograph and document for the Wakton Graduating Seniors Travel section of the Wakton 2012 Yearbook.

Daniel was to play part in a forthcoming disaster on the London Bridge by holding up a traffic jam in one of its five lanes paving way for the Big Ben Clocktower to collapse onto the bridge and claim millions of lives.

Daniel was marked an "Accursed One" and was hunted by arc-angel Michael for elimination in order to at all costs prevent the disaster or any form of it.

He was subsequently killed fourth and was the final victim of the film killed on the fictional Pryor Rock situated in Liverpool by Angel Michael's hammer which was propelled at Daniel's head decapitating him and spiralling his body off the rock formation.

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