Danger Is An American Supernatural Horror Film Starring Leighton Meester, Courteney Cox, Dylan McDermott, Julianna Guill, Chris Zylka, Brian Geraghty, Mason Cook, Mackenzie Foy, Danielle Panabaker And Gerard Butler.


When 4 friends play with an ouiji board they brought an evil ghost. Now the ghost taunts them and haunts them but they have put themselves in danger and their family. Can they get rid of the ghost before it's too late.


Gwen (Danielle Panabaker) is in her room and up against the wall crying and somebody is trying to get the door open and it stops. Gwen goes closer and is pulled out from the room and has every bone in her body broken. It then skips to 4 friends driving to Karen's (Leighton Meester) house to unpack her stuff. When she gets out, Lydia (Courteney Cox), her mother and Brian (Dylan McDermott), her dad come out of the house and hug her. Karen and Maria (Julianna Guill) go to Karen's room and unpack her stuff, Maria asks her if she's coming to the party and she says "what party" and Maria says that she's having a party at her house and Karen says that she'll go.

Karen and Vince (Brian Geraghty), her boyfriend, get out the car but see Maria's house with no lights on, they knock on the door and Maria and Billy (Chris Zylka), Maria's boyfriend answer the door and invite them in. Karen says "where is everyone" and Maria says that it's just them and that Billy and her bought an ouiji board and that they will play with it, Karen disagrees for a second but then changes her mind and they play with it. They ask questions, they then ask the ouiji board if they're in danger and the ouji board spells out "yes", then it spells out "you will all die very soon" and they put the ouiji board away.

At night, Karen goes to take a bath, she is pulled under and is almost drowned. Lydia knocks on the door to see if she's okay and Karen replies yes. Karen then goes to her room and is attacked by a ghost, Lydia comes in and comforts her while she's crying.

Karen wakes up the next morning and finds her room trashed and screams for her parents, they rush upstairs and she hugs them and says that she didn't do it. Karen then meets Maria, Billy and Vince at Maria's house, Karen tells them that she was attacked 2 times and that someone trashed her room. Billy then says that it was a ghost and Maria tells him to shut up and to leave, which he does. Vince then tells her that everything is gonna be fine, he kisses her forehead and he leaves. Maria then says she could stay here for the night and she does. Karen and Maria are sleeping and the door opens which Karen wakes up to and it slams shut. Maria then wakes up and goes to where Karen is and the door slams shut several times. Karen then screams "leave us alone" and the door stops. Maria is dragged away outside, Karen runs after her and grabs her hand before Maria can reach the dark, Karen comforts Maria all night.

In the morning, Maria drops Karen off at her house, Maria says to Karen if she's gonna be okay and she replies "yes" and asks Maria the same question and she replies "yes" and Maria drives off to Billy's house. Karen then enters her house, to which Michael (Mason Cook) and Violet (Mackenzie Foy) have huge scratches on their back and are driven to the hospital. Lydia then sends Michael and Violet to their grandmother's house. Billy and Maria are sleeping and Billy wakes up to get water. While he is getting water, someone passes by and he goes to check who it is, Billy is then lured to the basement and someone knocks him unconscious, he then wakes up only to find a rope tied around his neck and standing on a chair, he screams and the ghost pushes his chair and he is hanged. Maria then wakes up from hearing him scream and goes downstairs to find him, she sees the basement lights on and goes downstairs, she calls for him and sees him hanging and starts screaming.

It then pans to Karen listening to music and gets a call from Maria, she answers it and Maria says that Billy is dead and she rushes to Maria. When she gets there Maria hugs her and tells her that she found him in the basement hanged and starts crying more. Karen then lets Maria stay at her house for the night and they drive away.

Karen wakes up and looks at her clock, it reads 8:00 AM, she goes downstairs to eat breakfast and finds Lydia sitting and holding a knife, she tells Karen that it's her fault that this is happening to them and that she put them in danger and she comes at her with the knife and Brian pulls Lydia away, he calls for a psychiatric hospital she tells Brian that Karen put them in danger and is taken away. Karen runs upstairs crying, Maria comforts her. At night, Karen and Maria then call Vince to pick them up so they can destroy the ouiji board, they go to Maria's house and find the ouiji board, Karen breaks it in half and burns it and they leave. The fire then goes out and the ouiji board is put together. Karen, Maria and Vince are driving, they crash and Vince goes threw the front windshield and is attacked by a ghost. Karen starts crying, the ghost comes closer to her and says "you must kill your friend to end it", she looks back to find Maria alive but hurt, the ghost gives her a knife, she raises it and says to Maria "i'm sorry" and stabs her in her stomach 3 times and she dies. Karen then calls 911 and they come and check if she's okay, Brian hugs her and takes her home, she goes to her room and falls asleep.

At the psychiatric hospital the next day, Lydia is eating lunch and leaves. In her cell, she starts screaming and a security guard opens her cell and tells her to calm down and she attacks him, grabs his pocket knife and guts him with it. She then lets all of the patients out and the patients kill all of the doctors and nurses and Lydia laughs maniacally, she gets in a truck and drives away. Lydia then enters her house and screams for Karen and Brian, Karen goes to Brian's room and tells him that Lydia is here, they turn around and Lydia is at the doorway standing with the same kitchen knife she tried to kill Karen with, Brian tells her to put it down and she attacks him, stabs him in his chest and slits his throat, Karen screams and runs downstairs, Lydia runs after her with the knife, she looks around for Karen but can't find her, she looks at the closet, where Karen is hiding, Lydia opens the closet and Karen hits her with an umbrella, grabs the kitchen knife and runs. Lydia gets up and goes to find Karen, she goes to the kitchen and goes behind the counter, Karen stabs her in her leg and stabs her multiple times and Lydia dies. Karen starts crying over Lydia's body, their house phone rings and Karen answers it, she says "hello" and a police officer tells her that Maria is still alive and Karen starts crying and is dragged away into darkness.

Police officers then come in and take Karen to the hospital, when she wakes up she goes outside of her room and searches for anyone but find no one there she walks further and see dead bodies everywhere and starts crying, she sees a ghost and screams and runs back to her room and locks the door. The ghost tries to open the door and stops, the ghost then barges it down, Karen screams and the ghost pushes her out the window and she falls onto concrete and wakes up from her nightmare. She sits up and says to herself it was just a dream, she then reaches for her phone and looks at a picture of her, Maria, Vince and Billy and smiles, a hand then comes out from a wall and trys to reach for her and the screen fades to black leaving her fate unknown.


Leighton Meester as Karen Foster- The main protagonist, Lydia and Brian's daughter who played with the ouiji board.

Courteney Cox as Lydia Foster- Karen, Michael and Violet's mother and wife of Brian.

Dylan McDermott as Brian Foster- Karen, Michael and Violet's father and husband of Lydia.

Julianna Guill as Maria Sanders- Karen's best friend and Billy's girlfriend who played with the ouiji board.

Chris Zylka as Billy Reed- Maria's boyfriend and Vince's best friend who played with the ouiji board.

Brian Geraghty as Vince Jenkins- Karen's boyfriend and Billy's best friend who played with the ouiji board.

Mason Cook as Michael Foster- Lydia and Brian's son.

Mackenzie Foy as Violet Foster- Lydia and Brian's daughter.

Danielle Panabaker as Gwen Reynolds- A girl who played with a ouiji board and died

Gerard Butler as Security Guard


Gwen Reynolds- Every bone in her body broken

Billy Reed- Hanged

Vince Jenkins- Attacked by a ghosts

Security Guard- Gutted with a pocket knife by Lydia

Doctors and Nurses- Killed by the patients

Brian Foster- Stabbed in chest and throat slit with a kitchen knife by Lydia

Lydia Foster- Stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife by Karen

Karen Foster?- Hand comes from a wall trying to grab her


Karen Foster?

Maria Sanders

Michael Foster

Violet Foster

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