[1] OSTER project, CosMo, Megurine Luka and some Kids host the Vocaloid Dance Along, where they dance and play Vocaloid songs that involve dancing.


Gina, Mike, Big Bird, and the kids participate in a dance show called The Sesame Street Dance Along, where they show various dance moves and take requests for certain dances. The Count arrives and talks about a dance that he does on Bat Day ("That's the day I go to the baseball game and get a free bat"). This dance is The Batty Bat. Oscar has a request: Stop Dancing! Unfortunately, Gina has a dance called Stop Dancing, which disapoints Oscar. Eventually, everybody does the "Any way you feel like dance", where the music changes and everybody dances however they feel like dancing. The Birdland Jump is the closing number, and that is intercut with a skit and linking footage, running through the ending credits.

segments included:
A New Way To Walk (with The Oinker Sisters, Old mcDonalds introduction cut, interrcut with footage of the cast dancing along)

A Very Simple Dance (with Mike and the kids)

The Batty Bat (with The Count and the bats, interrcut with shots of the cast dancing along, I think The Counts opening line is cut as well)

Stop! Dance! (film segment where people say when to stop and when to dance, this is the dance that Gina refers to as "stop dancing")

The Birdcall Boogie (with Hoots The Owl)

ABC Disco (with Grover)

Doin' The Pigeon (with Bert)

The Birdland Jump (with Joe Williams at Birdland, intercut with shots of the cast dancging, only the first verse of the segment is seen, after he shouts "one more time!", we just see the cast dancing while we hear him singing, and th credits roll at this point)

*It would have been great if these segments could have been shown uncut, instead of having scene sreplaced with shots of the cast dancing.
*It also would have been nice if Bruno had brought Oscar to the studio.
*it's too bad this video didn't have any songs with Ernie or Kermit. Ernie has done a few dance songs, like Dance Myself To Sleep and Do De Rubber Duck, while Kermit has sung Disco Frog and Do Op Hop.

Segments Edit

  • Around the World
  • Double Lariat
  • The Batty Bat
  • Stop Dancing
  • The Birdcall Boogie
  • Buchigir ni Shite Ageru - ft. Kagamine Rin
  • Doin' the Pigeon
  • The Any Way You Feel Dance
  • The Birdland Jump
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