Dan Jym Ryder is a reboot of the original movie series from 2024-2030. Now, Dan Jym Ryder is played by actor Liam Neeson.


Liam Neeson as Daniel James Ryder

Jennifer Lawrence as Mindy "Deputy Sam" Janet Ryder

Chris Evans as Jordan McClain

Robert Downey Jr. as Evan McClain

Chris Pratt as Han Anderson/Hans Vanderblitz

Chris Hemsworth as Dan Anderson/Dans Vanderblitz

Harrison Ford as Good Han Anderson

Mark Hamill as Good Dan Anderson


It has been 61 years since the birth of Daniel Ryder, and 56 years since the birth of Mindy Ryder. Now, there are evil counterparts of their friends Dan and Han. In 1976, the the father of Dan created the "Dobule-Invaporator-Irator" to create counterparts, and hit Dan and Han. Meanwhile, Jordan and Evan McClain, still on Eris, find their way back to Earth. They defeat the counterparts and peace is restored.

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