Daniel Jones is a fictional character in the TV series Hunters (TV series) played by Jim Sturgess. He is one of few Monsters hunters called a Hunter.


Dan was born on the 28th of March, 1980 to The Silver Angel and Alice Jones. His mother died when he was eight and his father took it into his own hands to avenge his wife, by becoming the Silver Angel, a powerful Hunter. When he was twenty-three he joined forces with William Riley and Tara Anderson. His girlfriend Jessica Mathews is frequently possessed by the demon X'arn, and he is deeply troubled by this and vows to destroy X'arn.

Season One

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Jim Sturgess as Dan Jones

Dan is introduced as a young man caught up in the middle of a lot, his girlfriend is possessed by a demon. Early in the first season (Pilot/Demon Within) and (Bloody Revenge), he is seen to be wearing a pentagram necklace and comments that he wears it partly because he thinks he looks good with it. When the necklace is destroyed in The Church by Xerida the succubus, he takes it personally and kills her himself. Dan seems to also be a big fan of Jason Vorhees, and comments that the ghost of Jimmy Vaughn in Bloody Revenge is like a "jack-ass" version of him. Dan appears to like other horror films such as Nightmare On Elm Street, which he claims he watched when he was six, and Dracula.

Season Two

In season two Dan seems regularly "pissed off" with the constant appearance of the Dark Cult, and tries to kill their employees or "piss them off in return". In Serpentine he visits a "magic shop" and buys a new pentagram necklace, but he says it is only "fifty out of fifty" to his old one. In Serpentine and Fuel, Blood, Dan seems confronted by Lee Carnigan. He however grows to accept Lee and often jokes with him, even when they are both imprisoned by the Demon Council in Fate and Damned, the season two finale episodes.

Season Three

Season Four

Season Five

Season Six

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