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Damned till Dawn is a 2012 American action horror film written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. It is a crossover of Rodriguez's El Mariachi, From Dusk till Dawn and Machete film franchises.


Machete Cortez is hired by Padre Guillermo Del Toro to protect an isolated Mexican town plagued by what turn out to be vampires. Their trail leads him to a biker bar/strip club in the middle of nowhere, the Titty Twister. Meanwhile, the guitar-wielding vigilante known as El Mariachi is in pursuit of drug lord Armando Barillo, who had cheated death and made a deal with the vampires to resurrect his daughter as the new Santanico Pandemonium. And fugitive Seth Gecko, still haunted by his past encounter with the undead, heads back to the Twister to confront his demons one last time.



  • Danny Trejo plays both Machete and Razor Eddie (reprising his role from From Dusk till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money). To hide the characters' physical resemblance, Razor Eddie appears in full vampire make-up throughout the film.
  • Seth is revealed to be in possession of Sex Machine's codpiece gun, which El mentions he had sold to Sex Machine when he first attempted to retire after the events of Desperado.
  • Cheech Marin's Padre Del Toro in this film is not the same character as Padre Benicio Del Toro in Machete. The connection between the two namesake priests is never stated.