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Dallas Parker is a main protagonist in the American crime drama, Law & Order: New Orleans.

Biography & Personality

Parker in 1992

Born in Shreveport, Louisiana in January 1970, Dallas Parker grew up in a loving hardworking family. He was the youngest of four sons, and enjoyed playing football and all kinds of sports. He got into Lousiana State University on a full academic scholarship for football, but left the team after tearing his ACL. He later, became interested in police work and joined the NOPD (where he was partnered with Marcus Queen) and later, the MCCIS.

He also married his childhood sweethart Paula Dalton in 2000, and they have three sons, Keith (13 at beginning), Dallas Jr. (8 at beginning), and Richard (6 at beginning).

Parker is shown as dedicated, hardworking, and comedic, and will often throw occasional sarcasm and wisecracks at friends, co-workers, and suspects alike. However, when faced with criminals who abuse women and children, (the kind of people his father, also a cop hated) he will more often than not lose his cool with them and not hesitate to get their faces.

In the first season finale, Travis Cooper, a criminal master mind who he'd caught 11 years earlier, broke prison and took his wife and sons and Queen hostage. After a long chase, Parker and colleagues were able to rescue his family and Parker shot Cooper in self-defense, paralyzing him from the waist down, before arresting him once more.


  • Service weapon: 
    • Smith & Wesson Model 19 (The First Case)
    • Heckler & Koch USP Match (Season 1-)
  • Rankings:
    • Senior Detective (Season 1-6)
    • Sergeant (Season 7-)