Nickname Princess of Sarasaland
Special Moves Superball (Neutral), Daisy Bomber (Side), Flower Parasol (Up), Vegetable (Down)
Final Smash Crystal Smash
First appearance Super Mario Land (1989)
Voice actor Deanna Mustard

Daisy (デイジー, Daisy) is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. She is the fourth princess character who was confirmed along with Peach, Rosalina & Luma and Zelda. Daisy was confirmed in the Summer of 2017 alongside Donkey Kong Jr., Dixie Kong, Young Link and the Ice Climbers. Daisy is currently voiced by Deanna Mustard which uses her voice clips from various Mario games.

Trophy Description

The princess of Sarasaland who has been kidnapped by the evil alien named Tatanga. Mario ventures through four worlds in Super Mario Land so that he can rescue her. In the Smash Bros. era, Daisy has her cool moveset from various games that would be suitable for hand to hand combat. Did you know that everyone is so excited that she's confirmed in this fighting game?

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