DC trinity/ the Shadow is a 2023 action adventure superhero movie released by warner bros. and DC based on the DC trinity of superman, batman, and wonder woman as well as the shadow. it was directed by sam rami and stared Richard Madden, Karl Urban, Alexandra Didario, and Zachery Quinto.



Richard Madden as Clark Kent/ Superman

karl urban as bruce wayne/Batman

Alexandria Dadario as diana prince/Wonder woman

Zachery Quinto as Kent allard/lamont cranston/The Shadow

Maurice Lamarche as the voice of the shadow

Anna Kendrick as lois lane

Timothy Dalton as alfred pennyworth

Carey Mulligan as margo lane

Bruce Campbell as Moe "Shrevvy" shrevenitz

Wentworth miller as harry vincent

Troy baker as the voice of Burbank

maggie smith as margaret G. Gibson

George takei as Dr. roy tam

ted Rami as Maxwell grant

Robert Carlyle as Edward Nigma/ The riddler

Mark Addy as Oswald Cobblepot/ The paguin

Natalie Dormer as Pamela Isely/ Poison Ivy

Ralph finnes as Dr. Rodil Mocquino/ the "voodoo master"

Joel Edgerton as Simon Gregory/Benedict Stark/Mr. Remorse/ The Prince of Evil


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