DC: The New Frontier is a 2014 superhero action film based on the DC Comics superhero team the Justice League. It stars Michael Trucco, Eric Bana, Famke Janssen, Nathan Fillion, Chris Pine and Laurence Fishburne. 


In 1954, Superman encounters Wonder Woman in Vietnam for the first time, where she is celebrating with a group of women whom she helped avenge the massacre of their village. Superman is horrified to learn that she assisted them in committing murder and they argue before he leaves. In Las Vegas, Valerie Perez is on the phone to her boyfriend Wally West when Captain Cold takes the casino she is at hostage. Wally is actually the Flash and he races to Vegas, where he confronts Cold. Cold reveals that he has planted six bombs around Vegas. Flash disarms them all and captures Cold before he can flee. Suddenly, Cold is taken over by an unknown entity, who asks Flash why he is faster than the other 'lesser beings.' Flash is confused and the entity then leaves Cold, sucking the life from him as it does.

Elsewhere, Batman is investigating a kidnapping related to a cult who worship something referred to as 'The Center.' Batman raids the attempted sacrifice of a young boy, which is also raided by the police, led by Detective John Jones. Together, they defeat the cult and save the boy but Jones becomes helpless when a fire is started. Batman later confronts Jones in his apartment and reveals that he has figured out his true identity; he is the last of the Green Martians, J'onn J'onzz. They decide that they need to work together to take down the rising cult.

Two former United Air Force Pilots, Hal Jordan and Ace Morgan, who were present at the casino during Cold's attack, walk through the desert, the destination kept a secret by Ace. Hal explains that he is still haunted by what happened one year previously. He claims that he is unable to get a job as a result. The two then arrive at Ferris Aircraft, where Hal is to be received as a test pilot due to Ace's recommendation. Hal begins to train under Colonel Rick Flag, and is introduced to Carol Ferris, who acknowledges his potential as a pilot. 

Back in Central City, Flash is targeted by the government and chased throughout the city. He then begins to contemplate resigning as a superhero. Accidentally stumbling upon a newscast, he decides to end it there and then and announces his retirement publicly. J'onn interrogates a Ferris employee who committed murder while possessed by the Center. While the employee rambles, he lets slip something about a launch to Mars. King Faraday, the overseer of the project, then arrives and escorts the employee away. J'onn looks into King's mind and learns of plans for a Mars launch. He approaches Batman and explains that due to recent events, he has lost faith in humanity and is going to try and go home. Batman bitterly informs him that not everyone has the opportunity to simply leave the earth.

At the launch pad, Carol reveals to Hal that his true mission is to pilot a spacecraft to Mars while J'onn stows away on board. As Hal and Col. Flag launch the rocket, Faraday spots J'onn on a security monitor and fights him on the launch pad. The rocket takes off as J'onn saves Faraday from the exhaust but is badly damaged after leaving the atmosphere. Hal tries to land, but Flag reveals that the ship contains nuclear arms and refuses to risk it. Hal is ejected from the cockpit and rescued by Superman, but Flag accidentally blows up the rocket.

J'onn is imprisoned by Faraday, who is berated by Superman and points out that J'onn is choosing to be held captive; he could truly escape anytime. A wounded Hal is found by Abin Sur, the mortally injured Green Lantern of Sector 2814 and given his ring. Sur warns Hal of the Center, a monstrous being which is waging war on humanity, before dying.

Superman arrives at the Batcave to review J'onn's research and he and Batman hear a report from Lois Lane on the radio about a pterodactyl appearing at Cape Canaveral. Superman sets out to fight the creature, and then witnesses Wonder Woman's jet crashing. He approaches and Wonder Woman warns him of the Center before passing out. J'onn looks into Faraday's mind and learns that he believes in a future where there is no fear and hate. This restores his fate in humanity and he decides to stay on Earth and battle the Center. He also befriends Faraday.

A huge floating island appears on the Florida Coast and attacks it. wally is confronted by Valerie, who convinces him to come out of retirement to take on the Center. He meets with the other heroes on an army base, along with Faraday. Hal is found by Carol, and he finally reveals his trauma; one year beforehand, he and Ace where flying over Korea at the end of the war. Some enemy pilots, who had not yet received word of the ceasefire, attacked, forcing Hal to eject. He was then forced to kill a Korean soldier and ultimately wound up in a mental ward for six months. He and Carol share a kiss before the heroes gather.

Batman introduces Ray Palmer, a scientist who has created a ray which shrinks things, but also destabilizes it. When questioned, Batman reveals the objective is to destabilize the Center. Hal and Ace lead a bombing mission against it, but are attacked by mutant dinosaurs. Batman then appears in the Batwing, allowing them to continue. The Center gains a psychic hold of J'onn while the ground team is nearly overwhelmed by rampaging dinosaurs. Faraday runs to his friend's side but is attacked by a dinosaur. As he is devoured, the shock allows J'onn to break the Center's grip and he and Wonder Woman turn the tide of the ground battle. Hal and Ace make their way to the monster's core but are nearly suffocated during a hallucinogenic attack. Hal seems lost as Ace sacrifices his plane. Suddenly, he is rescued by Hal, now the Green Lantern, and they escape. Flash uses the ray whilst racing across the creature, thus destabilizing it. The Center realises that it is doomed but makes a move for the shore, hoping to take humanity out with it. Using his power ring, Hal picks up the Center and throws it into space where it is destroyed in a brilliant explosion.

Superman, thought to be dead, is carried out of the ocean, alive, by Arthur Curry. The whole world then celebrates the Center's defeat. The heroes all attend a ceremony where they are honoured, their photo making the cover of the Daily Planet. As JFK's titular speech plays, the film ends with a closing montage of numerous heroes and villains and the formation of the Justice League.


Michael Trucco - Clark Kent/Superman

Eric Bana - Bruce Wayne/The Batman

Michelle Monaghan - Princess Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman

Nathan Fillion - Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Chris Pine - Wally West/The Flash

Laurence Fishburne - J'onn J'onzz/Martian Manhunter

Alexander Skasgard - Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Cobie Smulders - Lois Lane

Michelle Monaghan - Carol Ferris

Anna Kendrick - Valerie Perez

Rhys Ifans - Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

Mark Harmon - King Faraday

Mark Strong - Cult Leader

Tony Todd - The Center (Voice)

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