Cynognathus (SciiFii)
Cynognathus squatmolupomimus (name meaning "lizard-wolf-mimicking dog jaw") is a species of medium-sized cynodont that originally lived in what is now South Africa, China, Argentina, and Antarctica during the Early Triassic, and was once extinct, but has since been brought back from extinction by SciiFii and now lives in Cretaceous Park located in Sacramento, California. It is a carnivore like most non-mammal cynodonts, feeding mainly on carrion, eggs, smaller synapsids (including small mammals), birds, lizards, frogs, fish, large insects, and pet food. Like mammals, it lacks ribs on its lower body, allowing its body to be more flexible than its more primitive relatives, and, like them, it also has hard secondary palate, allowing it to breathe while eating. However, it has semi-sprawling front legs, unlike mammals, even though it has fully-erect back legs like mammals. It is a semi-social animal, being somewhat solitary except if it is living in its family group or during breeding seasons, when males bite other males until one backs down, and the winner gets a right to mate with females. Due to the tameness, boldness, and friendly nature of Cynognathus squatmolupomimus towards humans, SciiFii is planning on selling some Cynognathus squatmolupomimus to people who want pet non-mammal synapsids.
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