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A boss in SSBSW
Universe Super Smash Bros.

Cykulk is the first boss who appears at the beginning of Rise of an Unleashed Army. He doesn't hail from any particular series and is unique to Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars.

Creature Description

Cykulk appears to be a huge demon tank, with lots of laser turrets, missile launchers, a huge cannon, and a skull for a head. He also has eight wheels.

Role in Rise of an Unleashed Army

As Cykulk rides through the canyon, he is confronted by Starkiller, who has been sent by Darth Vader to defeat the tank as part of his training. Starkiller and Cykulk then engage each other in a battle. Starkiller remained victorious, and destroyed the entire tank by throwing his lightsaber into the cannon.

Cykulk's Attacks

- Booster

- Lasers
- Missiles
- Big Cannon Fireball
- Skull Laser Beams
- Jump & Stomp
- Skull Boomerangs