Cyberchase: The Movie is a 2004 live action/2D animated hybrid adventure movie was produced by Nelvana Pictures and Thirteen/WNET and was distributed by Paramount Pictures and was released on October 8, 2004 in honor of PBS Kids Go! along with a 2004 short film Arthur's Summer Vacation.


  • Jacqueline Pillon as Matt, an 11-year-old British-born Scottish-American boy who likes skateboards and collecting things and the only human male member of the Cybersquad.
  • Novie Edwards as Jackie, an 11-year-old African-American girl who loves to keep things neat and organized in order to figure things out.
  • Annick Obonsawin as Inez, a 9-year-old Latin-American girl who has an excellent vocabulary, for which the others often tease her.
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Digit, a "cybird", who works for Motherboard and is the kids' best friend.
  • Christopher Lloyd as The Hacker, a main antagonist and a mad scientist bent on taking over Cyberspace, but he is thwarted each time by the Cybersquad.
  • Len Carlson as Buzz, a small spherical cyborg with a large mouth and scrawny limbs, but he seems to think he is a big tough guy; however, he can be kind at times and loves doughnuts and one of Hacker's henchmen.
  • Rob Tinkler as Delete, a skinnier and taller one of Hacker's henchmen. He is loyal to Hacker. Unlike Buzz, who is more rough around the edges, Delete is softer and more vulnerable to trickery and deceit.
  • Kristina Nicoll as Motherboard, a benevolent ruler of Cyberspace and lives in Cyberspace Control Central, and the mentor to Jackie, Matt, Inez, and Digit.
  • Richard Binsley as Dr. Marbles, a smart and brilliant inventor who serves Motherboard.
  • Tim Hamaguchi as Slider, a serious and James Dean-style 13-year-old skateboarder in Radopolis who builds and repairs skateboards and bikes and he is Matt's best friend.
  • Craig T. Nelson as Christopher Hastings, Matt's father.
  • Holly Hunter as Jenny Hastings, Matt's mother.
  • Frank Welker as Boomerang, a bearded dragon who is Matt's pet lizard.
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Spike, an armadillo girdled lizard who is Matt's pet second lizard.
  • Dee Bradley Baker also voices as Sharky and Fins, the 2 african water frogs who are Matt's pet frogs.
  • Frank Welker also voices as Obi Won Kadoggie, a golden retriever and yellow lab mixed breed dog who is Matt's pet dog.
  • Dee Bradley Baker also voices as Bettina, a horse who is Obi Won Kadoggie's master and she is Matt's pet horse.
  • Frank Welker also voices as Atta, a scarlet macaw who is Obi Won Kadoggie's other master and she is Matt's pet macaw.
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Marlin, Jackie's father.
  • Kimberly Adair Clark as Darlene, Jackie's mother.
  • Frank Welker also voices as Brandy, a wheaten terrier who is Jackie's pet dog.
  • Dee Bradley Baker also voices as Truman, a blue and gold macaw who is Brandy's master and he is Jackie's pet macaw.
  • Frank Welker also voices as Gatito, a tabby cat who is Inez's pet cat.
  • Dee Bradley Baker also voices as Bayberry, a hamster who is Gatito's master and she is Inez's pet hamster.
  • Frank Welker also voices as Pota, a cockatiel who is Gatito's other master and she is Inez's pet cockatiel.
  • Dee Bradley Baker also voices as Fifi, a female doberman pinscher who is the secondary antagonist of the film.
  • Jim Cummings as Mr. Hastings, Fifi's owner.


  1. Cyberchase Theme Song (Extended Version) – David W. Shaw and Steve Pecile
  2. It's My Life – Bon Jovi
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