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Cyber Hackers is 2017 cyber thriller film


After her brother and sister was killed by the assassin when they hackers the computer. Abby Carlson is a brilliant student who is studying in university end up hackers the computer and uncover the systems and the NYPD is getting suspicious at her so they choose detective Duncan Connor to protect her when the assassin are after her.



  • Sam Worthington as Detective Duncan Connor
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Abby Carlson
  • Tina Fey as Detective Emma Young
  • TBA as TBA
  • TBA as TBA
  • Trevor Grentie as Miles Carlson/Abby and Riley's brother was killed in the opening scene
  • Carly Chalken as Riley Carlson/Abby and Miles's sister was killed in the opening scene


The Opening Scene

  • (Riley and Miles run)
  • (Gunshot)
  • (Riley open the door and Riley run)
  • Miles: Get down.
  • (Miles and Riley jump)
  • Miles: Are you OK, Riley, are you hurt.
  • Riley: No, I am OK, Miles, what the hell is going on here.
  • Miles: We are so dead.
  • Riley: I am calling our parents.
  • (Phone ring and beep)
  • Riley: Shit, signal is down.
  • Miles: Oh god.
  • Miles: Riley, do you trust me.
  • Riley: Yes, you are my brother.
  • Miles: Listen to me, we are doing safe thing to protect our parents and our sister.
  • Riley: What.
  • Miles: Trust me for this.
  • (Miles hold the gun and give the gun to Riley)
  • Riley: I can't.
  • Miles: Take it.
  • (Riley hold the gun)


It will distributed by Universal Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment