Cutuyories is a 1998 american-japanese found footage horror-comedy film it star Bella Sana, Niki Kolocrusto, Matthew Broderick, Rikko Hikikina, Elizabeth Banks and Fikiti Kilamo


a japan people and a american people are recording the forest who get eaten or killed by the candys


a long ago Jiki (Niki Kolocrusto) and her sister american Jill (Bella Sana) in a aircraft to land to the island and recording with a camera and she in the island and Kilo (Rikko Hikikina) and Hiko (Fikiti Kilamo) in the forest and recording a video and now there a 2 people in the lose it Ian (Elizabeth Banks) and Ferb (Matthew Broderick) was recording a video and camping too and they all sleep and "ONE NIGHT" Jiki hear a mysteries sound in the wood and go and see it.

there a sound cute and pretty and it a monster-like cute candy it yummy and tasty and it a killer candy and jump at Jiki and the one candy pushes Jiki in the dirt and Jill find Jiki and smash the candy with her foot "SIX DAY" Jill and Jiki swimming in the water and clean her itself and eating a sandwich with meatloaf.

Jill peeing in the tree and the candys go to get Kilo and eaten almost her and Jill locked in the bathroom and touch the Door and open. the candy chasing Jill in the wood Jiki was cried with brake teeth and Hiko get killed by the big candy.

Jiki and Ferb was get some weapon Ferb get pushed by the big candy and eat her.

Ian in the plants hiding and the candys find her and killed and eaten her

the films ending is Jill and Jiki find the aircraft and go to and the candy chase Jiki and Jill and Jill and Jiki now survive and never come back and the candys said "I WILL BE RETURN TO YOU JILL AND JIKI"


  • Bella Sana as Jill
  • Niki Kolocrusto as Jiki
  • Rikko Hikikina as Kilo
  • Elizabeth Banks as Ian
  • Matthew Broderick as Ferb
  • Fikiti Kilamo as Hiko


  • Ferb- pushed and eaten
  • Kilo- eaten by the big candy
  • Ian- hiding and get killed
  • Hiko-get eaten and killed by the big candy


  • Jiki
  • Jill


Rated R for Bloody Contest, Funny Violence and Gore Violence

Strong Word and Deaths Scenes

Bloody, Gore and Funny

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